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Most of our CDs have been imported from Europe or Asia. They are not all shrink-wrapped, and I am not going to con you by wrapping them here just to make you think they have been sterilized in America. I guarantee that the CDs and the contents are all brand new and in perfect condition. Whenever I can, I use recycled shipping materials. They may not look as pretty on the outside, but they save money and keep the trash dumps a little bit emptier.
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Enzo Favata Tentetto (featuring Tenores di Bitti) - The New Village
Sardinian musician and composer Favata has been roiling the roots-jazz of Italy for decades now, recording Cds and playing more than 2,000 concertsaround the world. He fuses tradition with a contemporary sense, forging a new music form folk, jazz and avant garde elements that are strictly original. He has studied classical and jazz saxophone, plays the soprano, sopranino and tenor sax, and the bass clarinet, as well as other ethnic wind instruments from Sardinia and elsewhere. Adding Latin, African and middle eastern influences, he has come up with a creative and original new sound that pays homage to the jazz greats while being beholden to no one. This recording features the incredible Tenores di Bitti, who offer not only their voices, but the inspiration of their melodies that are infused into the very core of Favata's new compositions.

Tancaruja - Isettande
This is music refreshing, rhythmically interesting and musically well played. This ensemble from Sardinia has found their path by abandoning the electronics in favor of more wood and sinew. It has one truly treacly moment, but otherwise, I think the music speaks strongly for itself.

Denanni, Porcu, and Matzau - Boghes e chiterra (Ethnica 29)
Canti a chitarra del Logudoro (Sardegna) presents Sardinian singers and guitarists Gianni Denanni, Antonio Porcu and Tore Matzau in ten traditional songs from the island.

Various artists - Real World 25 (3 CD set)
A RootsWorld Music of the Month selection, donated by Real World Records, and all proceeds go to support the magazine and radio program. 3 CDs, 38 tracks trace the rich and diverse history of one of the major 'world music' labels - from the polyphonic singing of Sardinia to the gospel music of Alabama; from modern Indo vocals experiments to the women of Finland, from traditional Tanzanian harps to global fusions fostered by Real World's studio encounters.

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