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Elin Kĺven - Jinkon on musihkka (Frozen music live - DVD)
DVD: Live concert of the Sami / Norwegian pop-roots singer and her band. Surfing the same musicial seas as Bjork, Kate Bush and Marie Boine, she sings in Sami, backed by a rock band, violins, horn and more. The DVD also includes a few other features including a new music video of music from an upcoming new album.

Sofia Jannock - áššogáttis (by the embers)
The Swedish Sami singer will bring a number of references to mind, from the energy of Varttina to the jazzy sophistication of lena Willemark. But ultimately, she can stand on her own. This is her second recording, and its mix of sami roots, pop and jazz has many moods, from pure pop to complex new music. A fine singer, a great band and a willingness to experiement make this one well worth your consideration. Give her a listen.

Jienat - Mira
An exploration of Sami roots that is totally non-traditional, completely global and thoroughly original. Composed, arranged and recorded by Norwegian musician Andreas Fliflet, the musicians and singers on this project explore the world to find new ways to express old emotions and ideas.

Wimme and Rinne - Human
Two of Finland's bravest artists, Tapani Rinne and Wimme Sari, join forces again to explore the limits of human voice and human instruments. Based on the ancient Sámi joik singing, the two artists stretch the boundaries to find beauty, energy and occasionally, the dissonance of the music, propelled by Tapani Rinne's clarinets and electronic processing, aided on some tracks by additional voices, fiddle, piano or percussion. This was the Music of the Month pick in RootsWorld for July, 2017.

Solju - Odda Aigodat (New Times)
Ulla Pirttijärvi is familiar to many who follow the music of this part of the world, having forged a long career in both folk and art music circles, bringing the voice of the Sapmi people to the world. Her daughter adds a more contemporary voice to the mix on this new album, Odda Áigodat (New Times), where they are also joined on some tracks by throat singers, percussionists, cello, bass and some keyboards, and members of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. At the heart of it is always the sound of the unique and mesmerizing vocal technique called joik and songs in the Sapmi language. They present raw, primal folk chants, gorgeous folk songs and some outer-fringe new sounds throughout the recording.st-wamato

Inga Ravna Eira and company - Gilši / Skilful
Gilši presents what the artists call "ElectroJazz YoikPoetry" from the north of Scandinavia. Inga Ravna Eira's poetry about the women's situation in today's Sami reindeer herding is woven with powerful traditional yoik-chanting by Ravna Anti Guttorm and Biret Risten Sara who fully master the classical yoik technique. These three women have grown up with reindeer herding. They comment on the change from their childhood to today's regulated reindeer herding business and the consequences for women, both for those inside and those who dropped out. Inga Ravna is a well-established Sami writer with several published books. Ravna and Biret Risten are renowned yoikers who have participated in numerous CD projects, toured and performed on stage as artists. Patrick Shaw Iversen has composed the music inspired by the poetry and the catchy Karasjok yoik melodies. He is a composer and flutist since 1977 and has participated in numerous musical projects both abroad and home. He has earlier collaborated with Inga Ravna when

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