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Edison Studio and Mahamad Ghavi-Helm - Zarbing
Music for electronics and Persian percussion - The electronic musicians of Edison Studio join Persian percussionist and vocalist Mahammad Ghavi Helm in an exploration of commonalities and conflicts between ancient and modern tools, ideals and philosophies.

Shmuel Ruzbahan - River of Truth
Contemporary compositions based on Persian classical themes, performed on santur, ney, kemenche, zarb and bendir

Alain Brunet Didgeridoo Orchestra and Shargh Ensemble - Paris Tehran Project
The 21st of June is 'The Day of Music' in France, a phenomena that is spreading and now more than 100 countries are celebrating music on this special day. Hermes Records of Iran and the Cultural Center of the French Embassy celebrated by organizing a live concert at the Niavaran Cultural Complex in Tehran. This event offered a remarkable opportunity for these two ensembles to come together and share their cultures and talents, to make a whole new music full of rich drones, Persian percussion and strings, and European jazz.

Munir Bashir - ...and the Iraqi Traditional Music Ensemble

Ensemble Esfahan - Golbar

Tri Muzike - Treo

Sharma, Rahul - Native Signs

Peeni Waali and Schildpatt - Sha
The 2006 brainchild of the amazing Fizze of Switzerland. He says: 'Sound-stalking through Alpine and Persian inflections, drum n' bass oriental improvisations, remixes, dubs, ambiances,collages and genuine creations...' Features santur master Alan Kushan.

Mamak Khadem - The Road
Iranian born singer and composer Mamak Khadem and an ensemble that include Jorge Strunz, Ardeshir Farah, Mino Cinelu and a Balkan brass band, continues her search for new and innovative settings for the poetry of Rumi. This is a RootsWorld music choice, and all of your purchase price goes to supporting the magazine and radio programs.

Various - Qeshm Island
The unique nature and culture of the fascinating Island of Qeshm (in the Persian Gulf), with its strong influences from Iranian, Arabic as well as East-African traditions is explored by an impressive groups of musicians including Mohammad Reza Alogholi, Saeed Ansari, Christophe Rezai, Peter Soleimanipour, Reza Asgarzadeh, Ali Boustan, Frahad Asadian and Karan Homayounfar. They offer personal interpretations on these cross-cultural roots.

Mahsa Vahdat - A Cappella: The Sun Will Rise
The record is a pilgrimage to a beauty marked by stains of love and dreams. In old churches, castles and halls - in Van, Istanbul, Oslo, Wroclaw, Provence and Alhambra, Mahsa's voice fills rooms of hidden stories and mysteries. Her orchestra is just the echo from walls and vaults, floors and columns in the rooms she and her engineer and producer Erik Hillestad chose for recording the voice-only songs. A RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' recording.

Forabandit (Karpienia, Ozdemir and Chemirani) - Forabandit
Singer and mandole player Sam Karpienia is the co-founder of famed band Dupain. Forabandit is "a musical work bridging Occitan and Anatolian traditions" that combines the lyrical tradition of Occitanian troubadours with a contemporary approach. Singer and baglama player Ulas Özdemir perpetuates the song style of the Anatolian wandering troubadours while Bijan Chemirani's Persian rhythms subtly blend with the song of these new poets. Karpienia's deep, emotional, rasping voice and the soft, quiet voice of Özdemir reveal the living poetry of these pieces about love, commitment, and contest.

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