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Various Artists, Sacred - Under the Moroccan Sky, The Fes Festival, Volume 3.
Sacred music from Algeria, Morocco, India, Egypt, Iran and Senegal, recorded live in Fes. Featured artists include Aruna Sairam (India); Houria Aichi (Algeria), Ensemble Ibn Arabi (Morocco); Musa Dieng Kala (Senegal); Dufay Collective (United Kingdom), Tekameli (France); Nass El Ghiwane (Morocco); Qaderi Dervishes of Kurdistan.

Various Artists - Moroccan Street Music
A rich and diverse collection that includes performances by some of Morocco's greatest street players, and features traditional Moroccan instruments.

The Aissawa of Fes - MOROCCO. Trance Ritual. The Aissawa of Fes

Chalaban - Al Baraka
Starting with what they refer to as Arabian music, the band then diverges down their own pathusing instruments like Brazilian birimbau, Gypsy cymbalom, Bulgarian gadulka and modern DJ tools to formulate their vision.

Saïd Chraibi - Oud Du Maroc
Born in Marrakech in 1951, Chraïbi has been playing the ud since he was thriteen, and is a recognized master of the instrument. This set of performances present music he has composed, on instruments he has desiogned in cooperation with the luthier Khalid Bel Hayba of Casablanca. He is acompanie din riqq (tambourine) by El din Abdel Shams, from Egypt.

Nass Marrakech - Bouderbala (with Omar Sosa and Jorge Pardo
a true multi-culti second release by this Moroccan troupe incorporates the piano of Omar Sosa, the Cuban jazz sax and flute of Jorge Pardo,plus a world of violins and gadulkas, Brazilian percussion, Senegalese djembe, etc

Al Andaluz Project - Al-Maraya
The Al Andaluz Project weds the main female voices fromEnsemble Estampie (Sigrid Hausen), Aman Aman and L'Ham de Foc (Mara Aranda), together with Iman Kandoussi (from Morocco) to a tapestry of lush acoustic instrumentation evocative of the Iberian Middle Ages. Al-Maraya is the Al Andaluz Project's second CD.

Gansan - Elegie Berbere
Elégie berbère is a unique collaboration of Belgian and Moroccan musicians, born out of the love of an instrument - the ribab - and the sound of the Berber music of South Morocco. This is a marriage between ribab and violin of Bouhssine Foulane and the soprano saxophone of Ludovic Jeanmart, joined by a fine ensemble of guitar, bass, percussion and drums. Listen to 'Elegie Berbere' and 'Tamount Ifassen'

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