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Jaojoby - Mila Anao - $16.99
(cdRoots# buda-32776344)
Mila Anao is Jaojoby's seventh album. A master of the salegy, the emblematic rhythm of the Malagasy High Plateaux, he has earned international recognition to this musical genre. A great lover of soul music and R&B, he naturally and successfully blends it with rock music. This album presents all the facets of Jaojoby's talent, even including two songs from his old repertoire, featured on his first single in 1976. Musicians include Eusèbe Jaojoby: vocals/Elie Lucas Jaojoby, Raledey Vink Bamouaz Tafara, Jeannot, Jean Philbert: guitar/Jackson Jaojoby, Bruno Camara: bass/Baba; Augustin Radaonandrasan, Jimmy Rakotoson, Do: drums/Rarivomahafehy Andriamaro: synthesizer/Hubert Andriamihamina, Seta Ramaroson: sax

Kari Iveland - Avtrykk (impressions) - $17.99
(cdRoots# kkv-avtrykk)
Norwegian singer Iveland and her band perform with musicians and singers from Madagascar in an interesting experiement in crossing cultures to create a new art music. Anders Rønningen (guitar, valiha), Rune Arnesen (drums), Sveinung Hovensjø (bass) and Øivind Christiansen (harmonium). are joined by the Malagasy choirs Anakoro, Feon `ny fifohazana Mahavatse, KTKT and Lova; and musicians Patrice Ratsimbazafy and Jean Batiste Ranaivoarisoa on flute and drums. The CD was recorded in the Cathedral of Tulear.

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