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Oswin Chin Behilia - Bendishon Disfrasá
Recorded in local studios on the island of Curaçao, Bendishon disfrasá is the first international release of the classic songs of one of the finest singer-songwriters from the Dutch Caribbean. It includes lyrics in Papiamento with facing English translations.

RAM - Ram 6: Manman M Se Ginen
These rhythms don't walk alone. They come with melodies and songs and spirits and knowledge. They come with rituals. says Richard Morse, leader of the Port au Prince band RAM. The Haitian ensembles 6th album is a fine piece of work, fusing local instruments and rhythms with contemporary enrgey and politics. This is a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' selection.

Aurelio - Darandi
Celebrating 30 years of Garifuna music by one of the region's most important contemporary artists, Darandi is a tour de force of Latin American music. The CD is packaged in an illustrated hard-cover book with historical and biographical notes, as well as notes on each of the songs.

Lakou Mizik - Wa Di Yo
The band was formed by musicians young and old from Jacamel, Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. Their brand new recording is titled Wa Wi Do 'You Tell Them - We Are Still Here.' Says band member Steeve Valcourt: “We have nearly lost everything - but we’ll never lose our culture.” This is a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' selection for 2016, donated by the record label to support the magazine. (The bar code has a small mark over it to indicate it was donated.)

Serenada - Flor di Amor
The ten piece Grupo Serenada draws its repertoire from the history of African, European and regional Caribbean influences that have shaped Curacao's music, often resurrecting old songs from libraries and archives or by consulting old timers - making contemporary arrangements in their inimitable a cappella style or accompanied by acoustic string and percussion instruments. Serenada performs the classics of popular song in the Papiamento language.

Orchestre de Biguine et al - Album d'Or de la Biguine
Dance-music from Guadeloupe by Orchestre Traditionnel De La Guadeloupe , Maurice Edouard , Lirvat Al , Brisacier Joseph , Stellio Alexandre , Ensemble De Quadrille Guadeloupéen. These recordings of this important folkloric heritage used sixties and early seventies- era studio technology that was quite superior to the material used to produce the 78's of previous decades. As a result, the record has already become a cult biguine-album for a new generation.

Philip Blackburn - Habanera, A Soundwalk Through Old Havana, Cuba
What better way to get to know the intimate details of a culture than through your ears and your shoes? Environmental sound artist Philip Blackburn ambled through Old Havana, a city full of sounds. Blackburn's path takes us past alleys, buildings and streets where you can hear Fidel waffling on and on, cigar black-marketers, flamenco dancers, kids playing, Santeria and Catholic chanting, and the nightly canon fire. Wear headphones for the full binaural effect and turn out the lights (the CD cover glows in the dark) and walk with Blackburn through Havana 2004.

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