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Frank London's Klezmer Brass All-stars - Carnival Conspiracy

Various - Ifi Palasa - Tongan Brass
Part of Pan Records brass band series, these are recordings made in Tongo by Ad and Lucia Linkels between 1982 and 1990 includes conch shell masters, Christian hymns, dance tunes, disco, marches and community performances pieces.

Schal Sick Brass Band - Maza Meze
The 3rd recording by Schäl Sick Brass Band is another carnival of noise from Europe, still strong on the Balkan side, but with other flavors generously added to the mix. Released in 2000 and still as hot now as it was then!

Ostblocket - Yes We Are A Swedish Balkan Band...
Everybody's doing it, from New York's Zlatne Uste to Japanese jazz artists.... so who not the Swedes. Östblocket join their fellow Swedes The Cerro Esperanza Band in exploring the joys of Balkan rhythms and brass, and succeed rather brilliantly. Far more often focused on authenticity than the Esperanza crew, Ostblocket offer a rollicking, hard edge brass-band sound that can compete with some of the great bands who live on the original turf. fRoots says it is 'a distinctive new mix... [and] smart stuff.'

Habadekuk - Hopsadaddy
The idea of fusing a brass section to a folk group is hardly a new one - think New Orleans street bands, Balkan brass, Hazmat Modine's NY harmonica and tuba blues, Sweden's Filarfolket or British folk-brassers Bellowhead. But this is as fine an example as any of them, the Danish roots flowing naturally into not only a traditional dance band sound, but also into rock and jazz and R&B. Modern dance music from ancient roots? Their motto is "We blow you away." Indeed. Highly Recommended!

Boban Markovic Orkestar - Millennium
the 2000 release by the Balkan brass band king

Fanfare Ciocarlia - Gyspy Brass Legends (PAL-DVD)
The Story of the Band' includes a one hour concert in Berlin, the one hour documentary film "Iag Bari" plus various other text and grpahic goodies

Mikata - Ayer y Hoy
Ten new arrangements of salsa dura and Latin jazz classics from the 1960's and '70's to the present day, featuring plenty of brass, percussion and virtuoso solos.

Home Service - Wild Life
The live recording from 1992 by 'The greatest British rock'n'folk band of them all' with brass blazing, lead guitar screaming and a rock solid rhythm section.

Various Artsists - Travellin' Companion 3: A Musical Journey to Germany
A collection of new and unexpected roots music from Germany includes ULMAN, Schal Sick Brass band, Di Grine Kuzine, Jams and a dozen more.

Hazmat Modine - Extra-Deluxe-Supreme
This NYC bad of brass, harmonica, guitars and rhythm defies easy description wit their original blend of American roots music with whatever crosses their path. Give it a listen! A RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' recording.

Habadekuk - Kaffepunch
The second recording by this dynamic Danish roots mini-big band follows up their epic Hopsadaddy rather brilliantly, with more great brass, strings and reeds, some new attitude and solid musicianship, as expected.

Habadekuk - Mollevit
Here's the 10th Anniversary recording from one of Denmark's best folk big-bands, pulling out the stops on traditional Danish fiddle tunes arranged for fiddles, brass, percussion, keyboards, bass and accordion.

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble - Year of the Snake
Led by saxophonist Ken Field, Revolutionary Snake Ensemble is a costumed funk/street beat improvisational brass band performing a unique blend of original and traditional music.

La Lionetta - Arzan
La Lionetta, a band that mirrors the multiethnic nature of their home in Turin, returns after many years with another roaring, rousing mixture of Italian folk (on accordion, bagpipes, bouzouki and more) and trans-European brass band music.

eLZef - Mais d'Ou Vient le Vent
Here is a carnival of sounds from France from a brass band with accordion that has some real bad atitude, some great humor and top-notch musicianship. This is tossed about with North African sounds, French chanson and musette, analog-electronic effects in what they call bidouillages. Unique and unclasifiable.

Banda de Armada Portuguesa - Antologia do Centenario 1903-2003
The Portuguese Navy Band is presented in a series of songs dating back to the earliest days of recorded music and coming right up to 2003. Brass bands and vocal groups in true navy band styles and a few surprises.

Banda di Avola - A Banna!
A HUGE band of horns, reeds, woodwinds and percussion from Sicily offer a series of spirited, tongue-in-cheek marches from the 1920s, capable of captivating both players and audience alike. For those who enjoy Banda Ionica, here is a different look at the Sicilian brass band tradition, more raucous, more abandoned and wild.

Hua Family Shawm Band - Walking Shrill
The Pan anthology of brass band music volume 7 presents music from Shanxi Province, China. This recording focuses on the percussion and shawm 'walking band' tradition.

Os Diplomaticos - Komunikando
'Os Diplomaticos have been going since 1989, getting mixed up quite early on with Mano Negra and subsequently Manu Chao. Put them in a bracket that runs from those names to Madness - accordeons, brass, punky ska rhythms, catchy upbeat rootsy songs... guest appearances from Susana Seivane's gaitas, Uxia's vocals, African female vocal group Batuko Tabanka, members of Berrogüetto and many more...' - fRoots

Mamak Khadem - The Road
Iranian born singer and composer Mamak Khadem and an ensemble that include Jorge Strunz, Ardeshir Farah, Mino Cinelu and a Balkan brass band, continues her search for new and innovative settings for the poetry of Rumi. This is a RootsWorld music choice, and all of your purchase price goes to supporting the magazine and radio programs.

Tummel - Transit
The Swedes seem to have a new passion for Balkan and other eastern European music, and Tummel present their own brand: tough, raw, often harshly electric, but always soulful and full of the original 'heavy metal' of the European brass band. Klezmer, Balkan dance tunes, Arabic touches and a defiantly original streak define this band's music.

Ammasu Akapoma Group - The Music of Ammasu - Brong-Ahafu Ghana 1976
A musical portrait of the Village of Ammasu in the Brong-Ahafu region of Ghana. The Ammasu Akapoma Band is the hottest funeral band in the region and on this album you will find ritual and recreational drumming, singing in sorrow and happiness, children's music, a brass band and more. Includes a 28 page booklet with text and pictures.

Basco - Big Basco
The quartet from Denmark, comprised of musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Scotland, comes back, with a horn section and a bracing new sound. Here's what they have to say for themselves: "Big Basco is a melting pot of wood and brass, with tasty and powerful music well suited to any audience. At the heart of this new constellation is the Danish quartet Basco, known for their insistent energy and fine compositions. Basco have now pulled three wonderful horn players out of their hats, three lovely and conveniently compressible veterans who, when not playing mighty folk, are known for their work with Denmark's Radio Big band, Swedish/Danish world music phenomenon Tummel and the Odense Symphony Orchestra. Folk, Jazz and Classical music, all stirred in together in a magical mess, with Basco's beautiful tunes and songs at its centre."

Bellowhead - Hedonism
Formed in 2004 by duo John Spiers (melodeon, concertina) and Jon Boden (vocals, fiddle), this 11-piece big band fuses a wide range of individual musical talent into something unique and truly uplifting. With fellow band-members Pete Flood (percussion); Justin Thurgur (trombone); Brendan Kelly (saxophone, bass clarinet); Andy Mellon (trumpet); Paul Sartin (oboe, fiddle); Rachael McShane (cello, fiddle); Ed Neuhauser (helicon, tuba); Benji Kirkpatrick (guitar, mandolin, bouzouki) and Sam Sweeney (fiddle, pipes) Bellowhead honor centuries of English musical tradition while at the same time constantly pressing forward into the future. On this 2010 studio album the music is a delirious amalgam of schooled musicianship and anarchic abandon.

Zulya - Tales of Subliming
Somewhat of a departure from Zulya's previous albums, Zulya revisits the fairytales of her childhood, creating her most adventurous work to date. She explains, "Subliming has two meanings; turning from a solid into a gas instantaneously - like dry ice, or becoming finer, purer. There's often a transformation in fairy stories. They are about our journeys to achieve individuality in a symbolic form. Some say each of us identifies with our own fairy story or with a character from one. Tales of Subliming is a collection of vignettes from these characters' lives, little scenes from their journeys." Her vocals float above a musical backdrop that features brass arrangements (courtesy of newest band member Eamon McNelis); a Tom Waits inspired tuned and mallet percussion; plus newer sounds courtesy of percussion loops, manipulated piano tones and hurdy-gurdy. The end result sees Zulya breaking new sonic ground on her 2010 recording.

Klezmic Zirkus - 13, chemin des mandarines
At 13, Chemin des Mandarines, a poetic song crosses the nearby rue des Pierres. One can hear in the far, the frantic brass of a freylach, the eclectic sounds of Montreal, some ritornellos with their memories still full of eastern Europe. A journey in Klezmic Zirkus 's contrasted world. Here or there. Yesterday or today. Eyes half shut or wide open. It doesn't matter, the intensity does. As years have been passing by, Klezmic Zirkus (Aurélie Charneux : clarinets and compositions, Julien de Borman : accordion, Adrien Lambinet : trombone, Pierre Greco : double-bass and guitar, Wouter Roggemans : drums) has created its own idiom, which has patiently matured during some 150 public performances. Klezmic Zirkus finds its identity between tradition and modernity, structure and improvisation. Its unbridled rythms apeal to the body, its soulfull melodies to the heart, its sometimes elaborated structures to the mind. It's musicians' sincerity and synergy are delightful to see over and over. Listen

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