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alvarezabala: Halo de Luz
Item # alv-halo - Price: $13.99

The Argentine duo of Cecilia Zabala (guitar, requinto, charango, kalimba and voice) and Emiliano Alvarez (clarinet, bass clarinet and voice) offer music as bright as the album's name, in a series of duets that have folk roots but explore and expand them into new, unusual acoustic music. Their interplay is tight, intuitive, and often inspired. They are acompanied on only a few tracks by Gabriel Luchetti (djembé, udu drums).

Los Amados: Rutilantes
Item # hm-wv498019 - Price: $15.99

A musical journey through boleros, mambos, cha-cha-chas, congas and danzones. Making its World Village début, Los Amados presents Rutilantes ("The Sparklers"), an intoxicating mix of songs that recapture the sounds of the Latin Orchestras of the 1950s and '60s. Los Amados (The Beloved) is based in Buenos Aires and its band members come from different corners of Latin America: Uruguay, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guyana... In concert, the musicians dress in the style of the period which they explore in their music. The CD includes 12 infectious tracks, opening with the gorgeous bolero "Soy tu esclavo" and featuring a bonus video track, "Noche de Ronda."

Zenobia: Midnat
Item # go-1208 - Price: $15.99

Zenobia is a Danish folktrio that plays well-known Danish folksongs and original compositions. With varied backgrounds in folk, jazz, popular song, Argentine tango, the trio of Louise Støjberg - vocal; Mette Kathrine Jensen - accordion; and Charlotte Støjberg - piano offer a unique and subtle new music.

La Chicana: Cancion Llorada
Item # gal-lachic06 - Price: $15.99

This Argentine ensemble, a vanguard of the new 'new tango,' is a house favorite at cdRoots. Canción Llorada is part retrospective, part compilation. It includes unreleased tracks as well as songs fro their previous recordings. Even if you already have their wonderful Tango Agazapado, this one is a must-have.

Yayo Caceres: Exteriors
Item # gal-yayo - Price: $16.99

Argentine composer, accordionist and guitarist really challenges your preconceptions about chamame, tango and other folkloric traditions with a recording that is part roots, part avant art music and always surprising.

Renato Borghetti : Fandango!
Item # rd-8147 - Price: $16.99

Accordionist Borghetti is a local superstar in Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil. The musicial gaúcho has revised, adapted and modernized the regional music. he combines the sounds of the Argentinian pampa with central European, Italian and French elements into a modern mix of milonga, polka, TexMex and musette with Brazilian and global pop, jazz and tango, adapting each of those forms to his accordion. Artful, elegant and full of energy!

La Chicana: Lejos
Item # gal-chicana07 - Price: $16.99

This Argentine ensemble continues breaking the aesthetic barriers of the vocal tango in 17 songs that span Latin American roots and reframe the metaphysical and philosophical dimension of the tango. The voice of Dolores Solá, more and more seductive, and the compositions of the ingenious and poetic Acho Estol take a turn towards a darker and eclectic strength.

La Camorra: 12 Postales
Item # gal-camora12 - Price: $16.99

The Argentine group takes a step away from Piazzolla this time, with a set of their own compositions, that moves between the classic music of cámara, jazz and of course, the omnipresent tango.

Dino Saluzzi, Jon Christensen: Senderos
Item # ecm-1845 - Price: $16.99

The Argentine bandoneon master and the Norwegian percussionist join forces in a striking series of duets.

Tango Trio Skanstull: Tango Trio Skanstull
Item # cda-skanstull - Price: $17.99

The Swedish bandoneon virtuoso Mikael Augustsson, together with the Argentine tango musicians Juan Esteban Cuacci, piano, and Lila Horovitz, bass present original works and those of masters like Astor Piazzolla. Together the trio takes a new look at tango - and the result is a musical meeting where you get moved as well as amused! They deeply understand and care about the essence of tango - but they never hesitates to explore and develop it.

Tango Negro Trio: La Vuelta del Malon
Item # rd-8131 - Price: $17.99

Conceived by pianist, vocalist and composer Juan Carlos Caceres, with "El Tero" Buschini and Marcelo Russillo, the trio explores an alternative history of tango, a body of work Caceres has been restlessly building since 1968, the year in which he moved from his native Buenos Aires to Paris. In the liner notes, Caceresdeclares that wuth this new recording he wants to update the cultural traditions still present in the region of the Rio De La Plata estuary in Argentina.

Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles: Tierra
Item # hrbe-6076 - Price: $17.99

Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles is a Mexican musician who has lived in Belgium for more than 20 years. After playing and recording with different multicultural groups in a number of countries, Osvaldo composed original works for this first album, on the theme of the Earth living on borrowed time. The different pieces in which poetry intertwines with melodies are served by a range of instruments from diverse indigenous and Afro-Latin American traditions, blended with Arabo-Andalucian and Armenian tones. Osvaldo is accompanied by three musicians from very different backgrounds: Patricia Van Cauwenberge (Belgian) on different percussion instruments, including the Argentinean bombo, the Peruvian cajón, the Brazilian pandeiro, Venezuelan maracas, and so on. Karim Baggili (Jordanian-Serbo-Croatian-Belgian) on the Arab oud, the acoustic guitar and vocals. Vardan Hovanissian (Armenian) on the doudouk and different Armenian flutes. Listen

Chango Spasiuk: Tarefero de mis Pagos
Item # hm-pir1895 - Price: $17.99

Accordion master Chango Spasiuk has come to be seen as the guardian angel of chamamé, the most influental champion of the 'music with the deepest swing in Argentina.' In many ways his contribution to the revitalisation of these folk traditions can be compared to the influence that his fellow countryman Astor Piazzolla has had in the contemporary development of tango. Tarefero de mis Pagos was produced on location in Buenos Aires by Ben Mandelson.

Liliana Barrios: Epica
Item # hm-wv498036 - Price: $18.99

Epica is a tribute to the brothers Virgilio Exposito (1924-1997) and Homero Exposito (1918-1987), two of the most important creative artists of Argentinean music. The Expósito brothers were born in Zarate, on the banks of Paraná river - a very important city in the development of tango. They created thousands of tango songs, many of them becoming standards. On this new recording, Liliana Barrios covers tango, milonga, candombé and bolero, and she is accompanied by some of the most important Argentine tango players.

Serguei: Revolucion Tanguero
Item # bd-tango - Price: $19.99

Born in Buenos Aries and now living in Paris, Serguei is both a gifted tanguisto and an illustrator for the world's number one French language newspaper, Le Monde. He brings his music and vision together in this unique graphic package, Révolucion Tanguero.

Dino Saluzzi Group: El Valle de la Infancia
Item # rwm-ecm14 - Price: $21.00

Argentine bandoneonist-composer-improviser Dino Saluzzi returns to his roots. Recorded in Buenos Aires, it's the first of his discs to feature his "family band" since 2005. Here Dino is heard with his brother Felix on tenor sax and clarinet, his son José María on guitars and nephew Matías on basses. Friends joining the party are 7-string guitarist Nicolás "Colacho" Brizuela and drummer Quintino Cinalli, brought in by Dino to gently expand the sense of freedom that informs his music. This is a RootsWorld Music of the Month CD donated by ECM Records. All proceeds go to suppport the magazine and radio program.

Anna Saeki: Tango clásico y moderno
Item # rien-66 - Price: $27.99

I was dubious, too. A Japanese tango singer.. surely a gimmick. But her 20 years of singing experience, and her wise selection of orchestras and small ensembles make these recordings a nice little addition ot a complete tango collection, an acknowledgement of the international influence that Argentine music has had. To be sure, she sings these classica nd modern songs like no one else, and there is a distinctive sound to it all, and perhaps that is why I was most attracted to it.

Cuarteto Cedron: de cada dia (1964-2004)
Item # hm-cedron2 - Price: $33.99

2 CD set covers the 40 year history of the seminal Argentinian ensemble Cuarteto Cedrón: Juan Cedron (vocals and guitar), Cesar Stroscio (bandonèon), Jorge Sarraute (bass) and Miguel Praino (viola, violin). De Cada Día includes 40 tracks of musical poetry that spans an impressive career.

Sexteto Mayor: Passion du Tango
Item # hm-mayor6 - Price: $36.99

To celebrate the group's 30th anniversary, a double album charting their unparalleled career, including 13 new tracks recorded exclusively for this anthology. Instrumental pieces are included alongside sung tangos featuring Adriana Varela, whose smoky voice and emotive power have made her one of Argentina's leading vocalists. The set's broad repertoire ranges from the early classics of Carlos Gardel to the music of revolutionary innovator Astor Piazzolla. One of the CDs is designed specifically for tango dancing.

Paul Raackow: Mi Refugio
Item # ww-raackow - Price: $10.99

new tangos for solo musician, from this Berlin based bandoneon (accordion) player

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