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Catriona McKay and Olov Johansson - Foogy
They met in Stockholm 2002 to share a concert with their bands, Väsen from Sweden and Shetland based Fiddlers’ Bid. Backstage before the concert Catriona asked Olov “Do you know this one?” and played Eric Sahlström’s Spelmansglädje. Join their exploration of traditional and new music from Scotland and Sweden, the sound of Scottish harp and Swedish nyckelharpa.

Olov Johansson and Catriona McKay - The Auld Harp
Swedish nyckelharpa and Scottish harp come together in the hands of two leading players of the instruments from their respective countries. The repetoire includes traditional Scots and Swedish songs and original compositions by both players.

Vasen - Brewed
The Swedish acoustic juggernaut returns with a 2017 release of 15 original pieces, from the tradition but not bound to it. Olov Johansson's nyckelharpa (Swedish keyed fiddle) and Mikael Marin's 5-string viola are once again pushed along by the rhythm of Roger Tallroth's 12-string guitar.

Olov Johansson, Erika Lindgren Liljenstolpe and Robert Larsson - Maskin
Three masters of the craft of Swedish fiddle playing focus on the Uppland tradition. The common love for the light, swinging and yet high energy fiddle style that Viksta-Lasse, Eric Sahlström, Curt Tallroth and Bosse Larsson championed brings us a wonderful recording of Swedish strings.

Rudiger Carl and Sven-Ake Johansson - Djungelmusik med sång
Swedish experimentalists Rüdiger Carl (accordion, clarinet) and Sven-Åke Johansson (accordion, drums and voice) push the limits on this 1997 recording, made live in a Stockholm bookstore. Their free-association approach to music makes this challenging for those in need of a countable beat, but the mood is elegant, bizarre or beautiful at each turn and the results are nothing short of unique.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 7 - Harmonica and Accordion
Performers: Jonsson, Elias / Jordahl, Per Ludvig / Danielsson, Nis Karl / Andersson, Ivar / Johansson, Gunnar

Jonas Simonson - Till Tranland
The Swedish fluatist is joined by Emma Johansson on the flute, and Ellika Frisell and Mia Marin on the fiddles and viola. 'To Craneland' is a tribute to the water bird and its migratory patterns, and features compositions from all of the ensemble's members.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 8 - Ancient Swedish Pastoral
Performers: Karlsson, Anna / Lisslass, Elin / Edvardsson Johansson, Karin / Larsson, Tjugmyr Maria / Moraeus, Anna

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 4 - Adventures In Jazz And Folklore
Performers: The Bengt Arne Wallin orchestra, / The Jan Johansson Quintet, / The Georg Riedel orchestra, / The Bengt Hallberg orchestra, / The Georg Riedel ensemble

Oleman - Oleman
Oleman is a Swedish-Norwegian trio consisting of three melody players and a singer. Together they make playful, lively and danceable music of forgotten and unforgettable songs from the border between Sweden and Norway. Emma Johansson voice and flutes (Sweden), Olof Misgeld, fiddle and viola (Sweden), and Anette Thorsheim, diatonic button accordion (Norway).

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 25 - Folk Music In Transition
Original recordings of singers and folk musicians followed by their respective adaptations, beginning in the 19th century and continuing to the present day. Included are music and arrangements by Richard Dybeck, Hugo Alfvén, Hilding Rosenberg, Ingvar Lidholm, Jan W. Morthenson, Karin Rehnqvist, Johansson/Wallin/Hallberg , Folk och Rackare and Hedningarna.

Mats Eden - Struling
The great Varmland fiddler's first solo recording. It features lots of great solo fiddling from Eden (and a bit of accordion, too), plus ensemble work with a then-as-now all-star cast of musicians: Tina Johansson, Ellika Frisell, Rickard Astrom and Stefan Ekedahl offering percussion, violin, piano and cello. The music runs from strict traditional Swedish tunes to a tribute to Gambian musician Alagi M'Bye. This was cutting edge when it was made, and it is still unique and powerful music all these years later.

The Secret Carpet Club - Village
Village presents three well-established folk musicians, deeply rooted in their local traditions and, not least, in their own individual musical expression. Guitar, fiddle and various flutes weave together to make a rich, rhythmic and dynamic musical fabric, with Emma's voice in the foreground and Carl and Vidar providing the harmonic background. Songs and instrumentals are here in equal measure. Emma Johansson, vocals and flutes; Carl Nyqvist, fiddle and backing vocal; and Vidar Skrede, guitar and backing vocals.

Jonas Knutsson and Horn Please - Horn Please!
Swedish folk and horn music on six saxophones, bass and percussion.Led by saxophonist/composer/arranger Jonas Knutsson, some of the prominent younger Swedish folk musicians are presented in music that goes from the traditional to the newly composed, and from the strictly arranged to the wildly improvised. The horn players: Alexandra Särström, Å sa Johansson, Hanna Wiskari, Klas Toresson, Daniel Carlsson; plus Bengt Jonasson and Petter Berndalen on bass and percussion. Compositions by Knutsson and traditional music from different parts of Sweden and South India. Highly recommended

Fjarin - Mixtur
Fjärin is a trio of two Danish musicians - Søren Stensby (violin) and Kasper Ejlerskov Leonhardt (guitar) - and Swedish/Estonian bass player Johannes Vaht. On their second album they also feature three additional musicians - on accordion and flute Rune Cygan Barslund, who plays in the band Kasír; on the piano it is Oscar Johansson, who plays jazz in Copenhagen; and the Norwegian singer Mia Marlen Berg, who last year won a Danish Music Award with the group IKI for best vocal jazz release 2011. All the compositions on this album are new material . Fjärin believes that folk music has not stagnated, but can and will renew itself and be mixed with other genres. Violist Stensby explains the title of the album: "'The album is a mixture of all the music which has inspired us though the years." Fjärin belong to the new generation of folk musicians, searching their individual musical roots, to create a musical expression that gathers music traditions of Sweden, Denmark and Estonia, but also keep themselves open to improvisation and new thinking.

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