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Camilla Granlien and Kristin Sevaldsen - Aftenstemning
From Norway, traditional singer Camilla Granlien and saxophonist Kristin Sevaldsen join together for an unusual collaboration, titled in English, "Evening Mood." The songs are new melodies and arrangements of poems by Bjorn Bjornson, accompanied by Morten Reppesgård, Harald Skullerud and Jo F. Skaansar.

Camilla Granlien - Begjaer
On Begjær the Norwegian singer offers a gorgeous a capella performance of traditional folk songs

Camilla Susann Haug - Noen ganger blått
Camilla Susann Haug's first album is filled to the brim with poetry and potent jazz. Her CD "Noen ganger blått" (Sometimes blue) puts her in the long ranks of talented artists making their debut on the KKV label. Camilla has written all the melodies and some of the lyrics herself. Other lyricists include famous Norwegian poets Inger Hagerup and Stein Mehren. Helge Lien on piano heads the trio accompanying and developing Camilla's themes with playful and bold enthusiasm, creating the record's tasteful and inspired jazz expression, with Frode Berg on bass and Knut Aalefjær on drums. The album was recorded at Fagerborg Studio in Oslo. Her debut as a composer was at the Prøysen festival/"Blåklokkevikua" (The Bluebell Week) in 2002 with new melodies set to texts by Norwegian favourite Alf Prøysen for children in a show called "Vet du hva du kommer til å få" (Do you know what you'll get). She has also participated at a number of folk song festivals and given a solo concert where she sang her own songs. Camilla has

Camilla Granlien Band - Jarnnetter
Two great poets from Lom: Tor Jonsson (1916–1951) and Olav Aukrust (1883–1929). Though their views of rural life were far apart, it held a great influence on them both. Tor Jonsson faced much hardship in his youth and came to be critical of the closely-knit rural society, while Olav Aukrust, a champion of religious and national causes, held a more positive view of rural communities, people and lifestyles. Differences notwithstanding, it is obvious from the titles and form of their poems that both drew inspiration from traditional music. We have set some of their poems to traditional tunes both old and recent, and included a few songs they might have heard at home.

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