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Congo River
- Coco Sukali
(cdRoots# mayom-coco)
Fernand Tchikounzi is a Congolese born New Yorker and lead vocalist for the group Coco Sukali. In addition to a brilliant band, the CD includes guests that would make any soukous king jealous: Lokassa Ya Mbongo, Daly Kimoko, and Nguma Lokito. This is the cool side of rumba from the old-school of Franco and Tabu Ley, sung in both English and Lingala.

Live in Denmark 2013 (Part Two)
- Dwight Lamb, Jensen and Bugge
(cdRoots# go-1114)
Since their first CD in 2010 the fairytale with Dwight Lamb has continued and has taken trio trio far and wide. Jensen & Bugge went to Quebéc to play at a festival and at a restaurant in town Mette started talking to a Scottish accordion player. He started telling her a story that he had heard at a festival in California: two young Scandinavian musicians found an old forgotten treasure of a folk music repertoire out on the Midwest prairie.

Live at the Great American Music Hall
- Ry Cooder and Corridos Famosos
(cdRoots# rwm-cooderlive)
The first live Ry recording released in decades features old classics and new songs, with his usual great backing band from both sides of the border. The purchase of this CD is for a donation to support RootsWorld, the magazine and radio show of the world's music.

From Sweden to America
- Various
(cdRoots# cda-amerika)
Swedish Emigrant Songs: Amerikavisor - Historic recordings from Sweden and the US about emigrants and immigration. All are vocal works, folks songs about the joys and hardships

Ayer y Hoy
- Mikata
(cdRoots# mikata-3)
Ten new arrangements of salsa dura and Latin jazz classics from the 1960's and '70's to the present day, featuring plenty of brass, percussion and virtuoso solos.

Heart of Andes
- Guy Klucevsek
(cdRoots# wtr-gk-andes)
A series of solo accordion pieces by a master of the instrument, compositions by Klucevsek, Philip Johnston, Dave Douglas and Dmitri Shostakovich.

Hawai'i: Under the Rainbow
- various
(cdRoots# wtr-115)
This sound story is an audio 'film' about Hawaii from the point of view of a foreigner making a musical travelogue. Features music from the eighteenth through twenty-first centuries - children's songs, nature songs, sounds from festivals, slack key guitar music, and old hula chants. Beautiful illustrationsin a distinctive and award-winning small-book package. Artists include Halau O Keaunui: hula; George kuo: slack key guitar; Gordon Mark: ukulele; KoAloha Ukulele: ukulele; Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus; Ho'oheno; The 'Ohana.

A Ferd
- Spaelimenninir i Hoydolum
(cdRoots# tutl-06)
On Á Ferð, the Faroese-American band Spælimenninir í Hoydølum are captured in live recordings from USA, Scotland, Orkney and the Faroes. Originally released in 1984, reissued on CD.

Second Avenue Square Dance!
- Margot Leverett and The Klezmer Mountain Boys
(cdRoots# tc-4339)
Clarinetist Leverett and the band expand their repertoire beyond bluegrass and klezmer to rock, jazz, Latin and American music while continuing their unique, hybrid interpretations of standards made famous by Bill Monroe and Dave Tarras, Second Ave. Guest appearances by electric guitarist, Jorma Kaukonen, Hazel Dickens, Tony Trischka, Darol Anger, David Grier, Mike Marshall, David Licht, Hankus Netsky, Carlos Oliviera, Dudley Connell, Ronnie Simpkins, and Bobby Shankin.

Hardingspel Frå Vestre Slidre: Fairbault, Minnesota 1939
- Oscar Hamry
(cdRoots# talik2-043)
Oscar Hamry (Ola O. Reishagen) was the son of Ola Gudmundson Hamre from the tenant farm Hamro, belonging to Midtre Hande in Vestre Slidre. He was born in 1884, and spent his childhood years with his parents at Hamro. He had two brothers, also named Ola. Around 1900, one of the brothers bought the farm Reishagen. After a while Ola moved in there and adopted the farm's name. His other brother emigrated to the USA while still quite young and settled in Minnesota. In 1912 Ola married Ambjørg Sårrbu from Vang. They immediately emigrated to America, and later had a daughter.

- Africando
(cdRoots# st-africando-martina)
Yes, they are back again and their 2003 release show why they are ever the quintessential Afro-Latin connection.

- String Sisters
(cdRoots# sst-stringsisters)
Top fiddlers from the Celtic and Scandinavian traditions gather for a show at Glasgow's Celtic Connections Festival. Featuring Annbjørg Lien, Catriona MacDonald, Liz Carroll, Liz Knowles, Mairead ni Mhaonaigh, and Emma Hardelin. Solo, in various groupings, and sometimes backed by piano, bass, guitar or percussion. Highly recommended!

Gastonia Gallop: Cotton Mill Songs and Hillbilly Blues
- various artists
(cdRoots# sst-oldhat1007)
Piedmont Textile Workers on Record Gaston County, North Carolina 1927 - 1931 features 24 tracks of music traditions heard in the mill villages of Gaston County, North Carolina.

Until the Ocean
- The Horse Flies
(cdRoots# sst-horse09)
The long-lived, wildly original old-time music visionaries in a brand-new CD! Richie Stearns, Jeff Claus, Judy Hyman, percussionist Taki Masuko, bassist Jay Olsa and Rick Hansen on accordion, organ and Moog. "Build a House and Burn it Down," "Carnival Lips," "Baghdad Children," "Drunkard's Child" and more.

Those Pleasant Days
- Stefan Grossman
(cdRoots# sst-grossman05)
A 2 CD retrospective set covering his 8 albums on the Transatlantic label - one disc focuses on the songs, the second on the guitar mastery. Nicely packaged, with sharp liner notes by Colin Harper. A must have for fans of Grossman, the guitar and idiosyncratic American roots music.

- Warren Storm, Willie T and Cypress
(cdRoots# sst-cypress2)

The Player: A Retrospective
- David Bromberg
(cdRoots# sst-brom06)
The guitar player's guitar player, Bromberg forged a unique path with his first recordings. This is a collection of the best of those, and includes brilliant work like 'Sammy's Song," "Sharon", "The Holdup," and "Dehlia" as well as a good dose of his humor, and some traditional songs, too. If you wore out your old LPs, here's the replacement.

Good For What Ails You: Music Of The Medicine Shows, 1926-1937
- various
(cdRoots# sst-ails)
2 CDs, 48 old-time classics in a nicely designed trifold digipak and a well-illustrated 72-page booklet with extensive notes, period photos and much more. A musical document of the old-time medicine shows, with Gid Tanner and Riley Puckett, Pink Anderson, Sam McGee, the Memphis Sheiks, Emmett Miller, Carolina Tar Heels, Henry Thomas, Mainer's Mountaineers, Cannon's Jug Stompers, Charlie Poole and many others

Solidarity, It Can't Be Beat
- The Solidarity Singers
(cdRoots# solidarity)
In the economic and political times that are on the horizon, it's probably more important than ever that the average folks stick together and sing. That's what The Solidarity Singers of the New Jersey Industrial Union Choir are doing, adapting classic songs of labor and liberation to the new times; the age old folk-process in action. It's neither slick nor what you'd call professional, but homespun, genuine and personal.

a la una (in the beginning)
- Sarah Aroeste
(cdRoots# sa-1)
An fine and promising debut release by a young American singer exploring Sephardic music in the modern world. The music ranges from traditional folk forms to jazz, rock and many of the hyphens-in-between, supported by a strong ensemble using traditional and modern instruments.

The Well
- Chava Alberstein and The Klezmatics
(cdRoots# roun-3185)

- Klezmatics
(cdRoots# roun-3184)

Gypsy Killer
- Sanda Weigl
(cdRoots# rien-76)
Bucharest, Berlin, New York: The life of Sanda Weigl is a mirror of recent European history. In her native Rumania, she was a child star singing gipsy songs on national TV. A relative of Helene Weigel, Brecht's widow, she fled to Eastern Berlin with her parents in 1961. As a member of the rock band Team 4 she made it to the GDR charts. When she protested against USSR's invasion of Prague, she was banned from performing in public and later deported to Western Berlin. There she started a career in theatre which led her to work with Luc Bondy, Jürgen Flimm, Peter Zadek and Robert Wilson. Meanwhile Weigl lives in New York and got back to the music that characterized her youth and kept her alive in GDR prison: the passionate songs of the Roma and Sinti Gypsies that came over in the interpretation of the gifted Romanian singer Maria Tanase. Listen

- Laye Sow
(cdRoots# orange-sow)
OK, it has been done before, and done well, so why should you listen to another Malian-blues collaboration? Perhaps because this one really works well, because the players are excellent, no one tries to steal the show, and the songs are always the primary focus of this collaboration between Senegalese singer and guitarist Laye Sow and American guitarist Richard Caswell and American bass/percussionist Steve Marshall. No flash, no funk, no pyrotecnic displays of gadgetry and wizardry, just some musicians getting together to share their roots and diversity.

The People United Will Never Be Defeated
- Frederic Rzewski
(cdRoots# oo-a)
The composer Frederic Rzewski's seminal work for solo piano with 36 variations on iEL PUEBLO UNIDO JAMAS SERA VENCIDO! in an intense and sparkling performance by Yuji Takahashi. Jap(anese import.

La Linea (Border)
- Lila Downs
(cdRoots# nar-linea)
Border forges a bridge between cultures and time. It's a collection of stirring songs inspired by border life, the plight of migrant workers, and the hardships endured by indigenous peoples. Accompanied by pre-Colombian and Mexican folk instruments, Downs infuses jazz, gospel, and hip hop influences into traditional cumbias, creating powerful music in any language. The artist dedicates this recording to the Mexican migrants, to the spirits of those who have died crossing the line.

Flying Saucers
- Mad Tea Party
(cdRoots# mtp-1)
True Americana by a quirky crew from North Carolina delve into old blues, hokum and folk tunes, with a touch of coutry pop music from the 20s and such. Ami Worthen (vocals, ukulele), Jason Krekel (vocals, guitar, fiddle, and kazoo) and Lora Pendleton (vocals, bass) recorded this little gem of American roots in their home in North Carolina and the energy and spontaneity overflow in every tune, from the clever novelty of "Flying Suacers" to the warmth of the old country standard, "Walking on the Kings Highway." I was priveleged to have these folks on my radio show in CT in 2005 and fell in love with their personable and witty approach to all kinds of American roots music. Highly recommended.

Songs of my People
- Peter Garcia and The Garcia Brothers
(cdRoots# motw-garcia)
From San Juan Pueblo, in Northern New Mexico, comes a sound rich with history and honor for the living Earth. San Juan has been an active ceremonial center for seven hundred years and Songs Of My People is a collection of music to accompany ceremonial dances. The solo and group songs are sung by men with deep, penetrating voices and the instrumentation consists mainly of double-sided drums and gourd rattles.

Voodoo without killing chicken
- Knut Reiersrud band
(cdRoots# kkv-340)
The Norwegian composer and guitarist goes full tilt into the music of New Orleans in an agressive and unique way, rife with his energetic playing an d a gang of top nothc blues, jazz and rock ifluenced musicians. This album features 11 songs that Reiersrud's distinctive signature, and with six of the lyrics co-authored with Jeff Wasserman.

Songs Across Walls of Separation
- various
(cdRoots# kkv-336)
We have built walls around ourselves for centuries, trying (futilely) to protect ourselves from 'contamination.' This recording seeks to expose the emotional dimension around what building of walls do to individuals in a growing number of countries, presenting artists from Palestine, Morocco, Syria, Kashmir, Cyprus and Mexico performing together with American and European artists presenting their interpretations in English of the original songs. Artists include Rim Banna (Palestine), Mahmoud Gania (Morocco), Abdul Rashid Farash (Kashmir), Esmaeel Mdah (Syria), Michael Tterlikkas (Cyprus), Natacha Atlas (UK/Egypt), Tom Russell (USA), Mimi Goese (USA), Sarah Jane Morris (UK), Eva Dahlgren (Sweden) and Morten Harket (Norway). Produced by Erik Hillstad (Lullabies form the Axis of Evil) with musical direction by Knut Reiersud.

Gyokereink (Our Roots)
- Eletfa
(cdRoots# kalmag-roots)
US based Hungarian band preserves the roots for a new generation, bringing the music, stories and dances of eastern Europe to life

Szep Szivarvany (Beautiful Rainbow)
- Eletfa
(cdRoots# kalmag-rainbow)
Focused on the voice of Natalia Zagyva, this CD is a collection of village folk songs with instrumental accompaniment by Kalman Ocsi Magyar and the Elefta ensemble.

- Kalman Magyar
(cdRoots# kalmag-exposed)
The noted Hungarian musicians steps out of his usual role as ambassador of Hungarian village music to show off not only his musicianship but also his diverse musical interests, in a recording of Hungarian, Romanian, Balkan and Gypsy songs. Kalman performs all the parts on this studio recording, and impresses throughout.

Live in Florence
- Naftule's Dream
(cdRoots# innova-572)
a live concert performance by one of the most agressive and innovative of the 'new Jewish fringe' bands

On the sensations of tone
- Tom Heasley
(cdRoots# innova-566)
California Bay Area-based Tom Heasley is an internationally active composer, performer, tubist, improvisor and recording artist whose compositions for electro-acoustic tuba create 'a rich and sonorous aural experience that flies in the face of all the dumb cliches about what tuba music is.' From cathedrals to bars, from barns to conservatories, Heasley is…the ambient tubist.

- Marc Anderson
(cdRoots# innova-557)
A percussionist with a global perspective but a unique personal style, Anderson has created a record finally worthy of the oft-butchered term world fusion. Working with an unusually diverse group of musicisans from world, folk, jazz and experimental backgrounds, Anderson's dream-like creations are thoroughly unique.

Once upon a time in Chinese America
- Fred Ho
(cdRoots# innova-550)
Combining music, theater and fantastic Chinese martial arts, Once Upon a Time in Chinese America is a heroic 17th Century martial arts legend of the betrayal of the legendary Shaolin Temple by a renegade monk. It is composer Fred Ho's action-adventure music/theater/ballet epic.

Mahkato Wacipi (2CD set)
- Lakotah and Dakotah artists
(cdRoots# innova-547)
This two-disc set brings together traditional songs, dances, and stories from the native peoples of southern Minnesota in the form of a two-day Wacipi (or Pow-wow).

Habanera, A Soundwalk Through Old Havana, Cuba
- Philip Blackburn
(cdRoots# innova-204)
What better way to get to know the intimate details of a culture than through your ears and your shoes? Environmental sound artist Philip Blackburn ambled through Old Havana, a city full of sounds. Blackburn's path takes us past alleys, buildings and streets where you can hear Fidel waffling on and on, cigar black-marketers, flamenco dancers, kids playing, Santeria and Catholic chanting, and the nightly canon fire. Wear headphones for the full binaural effect and turn out the lights (the CD cover glows in the dark) and walk with Blackburn through Havana 2004.

The Second Act of Free Being
- Richard Hunter
(cdRoots# hunter2)
The American harmonica player's second recording of original material and standards.

The Act of Being Free in One Act
- Richard Hunter
(cdRoots# hunter1)
Innovative harmonica works by one fo the US' best players.

Sube Azul
- Sofia Koutsovitis
(cdRoots# hm-wv498035)
Argentinean-born singer Sofía Rei Koutsovitis is considered one of New York's most passionate, charismatic and inventive vocalists. The listener is treated not only to the depth and fullness of a riveting voice but also to her formidable skills as a songwriter and arranger. The album is a collection of mostly original Spanish-language songs that reflect Koutsovitis' immersion in modern and progressive jazz while also responding to the pull of ancestry and the appeal of organic, pan-musical connections. She brings to bear the folkloric traditions of Argentina and its regional neighbors, tying together diverse influences in a program full of complexity, melody and romance. Just as Sube Azul reconciles the artist's worlds, her North and South American homes, the album strikes other balances in turn - the polish and professionalism of a seasoned artist, the hunger and wide-eyed energy of youth and the simple, sensual qualities that can spring only from the heart.

- Marta Topferova
(cdRoots# hm-wv468090)
The music of Marta Topferova, the Czech-born, New York-based singer and songwriter, fuses a range of Latin American musical styles and rhythms that Topferova has studied and mastered since her childhood in Prague. Described as "a leading light of the nueva cancion movement," Topferova's blends of folk and jazz is conveyed through her silky hypnotic vocals and her crisp cuatro and guitar playing. Trova, her latest release on World Village, continues this extraordinary artist's growth and development of her own unique and decidedly sexy Latin groove.

Book One
- New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
(cdRoots# hm-wv468079)
Founded in December 2002 by its current artistic director, Irvin Mayfield. They perform and present educational programs that draw upon the rich musical and cultural traditions of "the birthplace of jazz," where the group is based. Book One, the group's debut recording, is a showcase of Irvin Mayfield's original compositions for big band and features cameos by vocalist Johnaye Kendrick, R and B singer John Boutté and a singing/scatting turn by orchestra member Leon "Chocolate" Brown.

Is This Tomorrow (2 discs)
- The Henrys
$temp out of stock-15.99
(cdRoots# henrys-tomorrow)
The Henrys returned in 2011 with this wonderful, quirky package of musicial art. Guest vocalists are Mary Margaret O'Hara, Martina Sorbara and Becca Stevens. Each woman brings a unique musicality to the project and a chance for the band to create Henrys-style soundscapes to complement their singing. The band is largely based around slide guitarist Don Rooke and a rotating cast of characters, including John Sheard and Hugh Marsh. The 2-disc CD/DVD set is about 2 hours of music, copious photography, home theatre (5.1) sound, a pdf file with song info, and as the band puts it, "the tactile kicks of the 3x2 panel recycled paper digipak packaging." Highly Recommended

Desert Cure
- The Henrys
$temp out of stock
(cdRoots# henrys-desert)
Back in print! The third disc from this Toronto combo firmly establishes Don Rooke as one of acoustic guitar's greatest unsung heroes. Rooke is a startling original who seems constitutionally incapable of resorting to slide cliches.' - Guitar Player

Live in Denmark 2010
- Dwight Lamb, Jensen and Bugge
(cdRoots# go-0411)
American one-row accordionist Lamb and Danish duo Mette Kathrine (five-rowed accordion) and Kristian Bugge (fiddle) present more than 100 years of their musical and family history - from Vendsyssel DK to the Northern USA and back again. They are joined on some tracks by Vagn Dahl Hansen (piano) and Karl Skaarup (five-rowed accordion) in a wonderful set of live tunes from the tradition.

- Hazmat Modine
(cdRoots# gecko-2)
The best damned band in NYC, says Cliff. Harmonica, brass, drums and guitar stomp and romp through a unique collection of songs. On this second recording ,they are joined by special guests appearances including Natalie Merchant, Kronos Quartet, and most importantly, the absolutely essential Gangbé Brass Band from Benin. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

A Man About A Horse
- Steve Tibbetts
(cdRoots# ecm-1814)
American musician's eighth ECM release continunes his explorations of sound and aural space

The Danubians
- The Danubians
(cdRoots# danubians)
Amy Denio, Pavel Fajt, Csaba Hajnoczy and Gaby Kenderesi

Further Definitions of the Days of Awe
- David Chevan and the Afro-Semitic Experience
(cdRoots# chevan6)
"Never before have I heard this lyrically powerful a fusion of Jewish and jazz souls on fire.” So says Nat Hentoff and I can't agree more. For most of the past decade the Afro-Semitic Experience has played the midnight Selichot service with Cantor Jack Mendelson at his synagogue in White Plains, NY. Theey have, in the process, created a new way to accompany cantorial music and they document it in this rousing recording of three concerts in August, 2010 just before the High Holy Days, one in New York City, one in New Haven, Connecticut, and one in Greenfield, Massachusetts. It features the band with special guests Cantor Jack Mendelson, Cantor Lisa Arbisser, Cantor Erik Contzius, cantorial soloist Danny Mendelson, and trumpeter Frank London.

Plea for Peace
- The Afro-Semitic Experience
(cdRoots# chevan2)
This African-Jewish jazz alliance offers a unique perspective, both musically and philosopically. Using tools expected and unexpected (bass, horns and drums are met by dobro, violin, African percussion and clarinet) they make a music that will grab the ear of mainstream jazz and Jewish fusion fans because no matter the genre, it is genuine, original and surprising.

- David Yengibarjan and Frank London
(cdRoots# bmc-087)
David Yengibarjan - accordion; Frank London - trumpet; József Barcza Horváth - bass; András Dés - percussion; with guest guitarist Gábor Gadó.

Mandolin Boogie
- The Armstrong Twins
(cdRoots# arh-9046)
Stars of radio, records, and TV, the Armstrong Twins performed on the Louisiana Hayride, KXLA Pasadena, CA, Cliffie Stone's Dinner Bell Round Up and his legendary TV show "Town Hall Party." For the first time on CD the sound of their classic country brother duets featuring their first recordings from the late forties to the early fifties, and a reunion session in 1979. And a nice price, too!

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