Gyspy Brass Legends (PAL-DVD)
- Fanfare Ciocarlia
(cdRoots# yy-fanfaredvd)
The Story of the Band' includes a one hour concert in Berlin, the one hour documentary film "Iag Bari" plus various other text and grpahic goodies

Waltz Rromano
- Earth-Wheel-Sky Band
(cdRoots# hm-earth)
After almost 40 years on stage, Olah Vince, a musical legend in Novi Sad, is taking a big step forward with his group, Earth-Wheel-Sky-Band. The group's instrumentation is pretty basic for a gypsy band: guitar, violin, cimbalom, double bass, percussions, voice and no electronic gadgets or keyboards. In their musical world, expression is everything. Olah Vince, a Gypsy activist, is helping others, trying to establish Gypsy radio in Novi Sad, and much more. This band's last recording was a big hit here at cdRoots. This one lives up to expectations!

Radio Romanista
(cdRoots# hm-atr2009)
Band leader Dragan Ristic says of their new project: "We went from being this tiny Belgrade band to touring Europe and the US, hearing DJs blast our music in clubs, playing festivals, getting to spread the word and music of the Roma. What you get here is our live sound. We spend a lot of time touring and playing clubs along the Danube, bars that put on live music. This has really shaped our sound, it's Rock'n'roma! I strongly believe this album leads a new wave of Gypsy music." Serbian rapper Marcelo cameos with the band on the first track.

- La Cherga
(cdRoots# hm-art2711)
These Balkan music innovators have a sound that mixes dub, Balkan brass, jazz, drum 'n' bass and electronic, broadened on this new recording to include funk and soul. Adisa Zvekic from Bosnia, the band's new front woman, is using her powerful voice to lead the band into a new era. As its title implies, the album deals with transformations and renewals, always rooted in the diversity of their home countries of Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Jamaica.