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Rydvall / Mjelva - Vardroppar
Swedish nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) player Erik Rydvall and Norwegian Hardanger fiddle player Olav Luksengård Mjelva are both counted among the foremost folk musicians of their generation in Scandinavia. Vårdroppar was recorded at a church in Hallingdal, Norway

Einar Mjolsnes - Slattar etter Anders Sagen
Norwegian Hardanger fiddler Einar Mjølsnes presents 21 tunes played by Anders Sagen,, plus two of his own compositions inspired by Sagen. Booklet notes are in Norwegian and English.

Elisabeth Vatn - The Color Beneath
Originally created to accompany light installations in an old water reservoir in Norway, this improvised works feature her on bagpipes, reeds, harmonium and other instruments, performing with Anders Røine (Norwegian dulcimer, langeleik, jew'sharp, violin).

Kirsten Bråten Berg, Astri Rysstad, Kari Rolfsen - Stev For Dagen
A true Norwegian folk singing primer, this is a CD and a beautifully illustrated 150 page book (in Norwegian only) with 365 traditional Norwegian folk songs (stev), one for each day of the year. The folk songs are mostly originated in the 18th century and are presented together with the art work of Kari Rolfsen, a Norwegian illustrator, painter and sculptor.

Annbjorg Lien - Drifting Like a Bird
The Norwegian fidler, singer and songwriter's 2016 recording presents a collection of songs about life at sea and on land around the North Sea Basin, based on interviews with sailors and seamen to collect stories and impressions. With keyboards and production by her long time collaborator Bjørn Ole Rasch, she is also joined by Irish singer Cathy Jordan (Dervish), Norwegian vocalist Tori Wrånes, Swedish cellist Anders Löfberg (Nordic, Majorstuen), Swedish guitarist Roger Tallroth (Väsen), and drummer Rune Arnesen.

Annbjørg Lien - Khoom Loy
2012 release by the Norwegian fiddler, produced by Bjørn Ole Rasch and featuring a fine group of guests including Pat Broaders, Per Hillestad, Per Elias Drabløs, Rolf Kristensen, Bjørn Charles Dreyer, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen, Bjørn Ole Rasch and Orsa Spelmän.

Knut Hamre - Ferd
Solo works for the hardinfele (hardangar fiddle) by one of Norway's most repsected fiddlers.

Tigerlily - Tigerlily
This young Norwegian band fuses and melds folk, rock, ambient grooves and jazz into an unusual whole, driven by Elisabeth Vatn's bagpipes and clarinets, Harald Skullerud's percussion, and Olav Torget's plucked strings (including guitar, bass, banjo Senegambian konting and Chinese moon guitar).

Honndalstausene - Frie Former
Traditional dance music from western Norway played by 7 hardangar fiddlers, all women, known as 'The women (wenches) of Hornindal.' The 2001 release, 'free forms' (frie former), is an excellent recording of the lush, full sound of the Nordic fiddle orchestra.

Various Artists - Fortal - Traditional Songs From Honindal

Jan Eggum - Hjertnuser
Norwegian singer-songwriter is known as "the face of the melancholy" with songs of lovelorn lives, loneliness and sorrow, and occasionally a social critic. Accompanied by a small ensemble of percussion, bass, occasional horns, he can move run from raw to schmaltzy, from pop rock to jazz. (Songs sung in Norwegian)

Mari Eggen and Helene Høye - sprell Levande
1993 recording by two of Norway's best young fiddlers.

Ofsdal/Berg/Jacobsen - Seljefloyta
Well-known Norwegian artists Steinar Ofsdal, Hallgrim Berg and Hans Fredrik Jacobsen expore the sound of the seljefløyta, the willow flute, in a recording of solo folk pieces recorded in 1997.

Per Saemund Bjorkum - Berg og Vatn
A super recording of Norwegian newly-composed folk music, led by violinist Per Sæmund Bjørkum, with harpist Tone Hulbækmo, organist Kåre Nordstoga, bassist Bjørn Kjellemyr and fiddler Oystein Rudi, in a tribute to two central musicians from the North-Gudbrandsdalen area: Pål Skogum and fiddler-historian Torger Olstad.

Sinikka Langeland - Har du lyttet til elvene om natta?
Sinikka Langeland (born 1961) is a kantele player, singer and composer from Finnskogen in eastern Norway. Her family, however is from Karelia, Finland, and this unique mix of musical cultures is the signature of her music.

Jon Anders Halvorsen and Tore Bruvoll - Nattsang
Night Song' is the debut recording by Jon Anders Halvorsen and guitarist Tore Bruvoll. This album consists mostly of Norwegian mediveal folk ballads, but with some modern twists reflecting guitar player Bruvoll's diverse musical background. This is a special order CD.

Knut Hamre, Åse Teigland and Frank Rolland - Håstaboe slåttar
Another beautiful set of solos, duets and trios from the Norwegian hardangar fiddle tradition, performed to perfection by three of Norways most respected traditional fiddlers. This recording focuses on the work of the respected old fiddler, Ola Håstabø (1826-99) and was recorded in honor of the 100th anniversary of his passing.

Tore Bruvoll and Jon Anders Halvorsen - Trillar For To
Norwegian vocalist Halvorsen and guitarist Bruvoll, joined by Christian Svensson, Jorun Marie Kvernberg, Oslo Fagottkor, Sondre Meisfjord

Siri Nilsen - Alle snakker sant (They All Speak the Truth)
Distinctive voice and edgy arrangements by this Norwegian pop singer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZhiqfySwF4

Steiner Ofsdal - [pip]
Ofsdal pulls down all the flutes he has collected around the world and plays the in traditional and non-traditional settings, mostly solo, occasionally accompanied by percussion, guitars and lyre.

Sinikka Langeland - Andreas Liebig - Stjerneklang
Sinikka Langeland sings folk songs and improvises with Andreas Liebig, who performs on the historic Wagner-organ (1741) in Nidaros Cathedral, in Trondhjem, Norway. They present Bach's organ chorales for Christmas in a unique and passionate way.

Braten-Berg, Mazur and Willemark - Stemmenes skygge
Norwegian Kirsten Bråten Berg (vocals, jew's harp), Sweden's Lena Willemark (vocals, violin, viola), and Danish percussionist Marilyn Mazur join together for is going to be one of the great Nordic recordings of 2005. 'Voices' Shadow' is a pure trio recording, unadorned and yet ornate in structure, deeply rooted in tradition and yet almost avant garde in performance, and a total joy to listen to.

Sinikka Langeland - Runoja
This album pushes Sinikka closer to modern jazz and the avant garde than her previous recordings. Using her voice and kantele, with her Norwegian and Finnish traditions as the starting point, she works with an ensemble of bass, percussion and trumpet to create a dynamic new sound for the runic songs that are at the heart of her work.

Rusk - Rusk II
Rusk is a Norwegian folk trio of singer Unni Lövlid, accordionist Frode Haltli and violinist/hardangar fiddler Vegar Vårdal. On their second recording (2006), they focus on the music of the southeastern part of Norway. The roots are traditional, but they play in a uniquely rough and modern style.

Rusk (Unni Løvlid, Vegar Vårdal, and Frode Haltli) - Rusk
Norwegian folk music from the area Solør and Finnskogen. Traditional dance music, songs and psalms in new arrangements. Singer Unni Løvlid, fiddle player Vegar Vårdal and harmonium and accordionist Frode Haltli.

Sven, Ashild Breie and Ingfrid Breie Nyhus - Tre Nyhus (3x Nyhus)
Sven Nyhus (fiddle), Åshild Breie Nyhus (fiddle, viola) and Ingfrid Breie Nyhus (piano, zither) join the family name in a wonderful trio exploration of true Norwegian 'roots,' as only a family of musicians can find them.

Unni Lovlid - Vita
A beautiful recording of solo voice by the Norwegian singer Unni Løvlid (a member of the ensemble Rusk), made in a remarkable crypt below a church in Norway. Phenomenal voice matched by phenomenal sonic space... it can't get much better.

Tone Hulbaekmo - Konkylie
Tone Hulbækmo is considered to be one of Norways finest singers, and this 1995 recording is a prime example of her formidible vocal talent, a series of tradition-based original songs written by she and Hans Fredrik Jacobsen, performed in a contemporary, art-music style, accompanied by flutes, harp, bagpipes, kantele, percussion, accordion, guitar and ud.

Ingebjor Sorboen - Fuggel'n
Young Norwegian hardangar fiddler Ingebjør Sørbøen is from the region of Hallingdal and she carries on the local traditions on a recording of solo traditional tunes and occasionally accompanied flute, accordion or voices. Pure and simple.

Gjermand Larsen Trio - Reise
2013 release by the Norwegian fiddler with Andreas Utnem on piano and harmonium and Sondre Meisfjord on bass. English notes by Fiona Talkington included.

various artists: Norway - Norske Turdansar 5 - Turdansar Frå Trøndelag
performers: Einar Olav Larsen; Vegar Vårdal; Hilde Sørnæs; Geir Egil Larsen; Einar Olav Larsen Trio

Bukkene Bruse - Spel
Selected live recordings from the group's '03 Norwegian national tour features some guest appearances by the classical string quartet Vertavo, joining Lien and her ensemble in a new series of adventurous interpretations of traditioanal and original Nordic music.

Kirsten Braten Berg - Syng Du Mi Royst
Kirsten Bråten Berg's 2001 recording, 'Syng Du Mi Røyst,' is a contemporary work, with an ensemble of piano, percussion, guitar, bass (Arild Andersen), hardingfele, violin, viola d'amore and bouzouki. The roots are deep, but the sound is distinctly modern. Fans of Lena Willemark's jazz and modern recordings will find this irresistible.

Benedicte Maurseth - Alde
One of the great new artists of the Norwegian folk movement, she plays hardinfele (Hardangar fiiddle), viola d'amore and sings. Born and educated in Eidfjord in Hardanger, she now lives in Bergen and works as a freelance musician. She has made a name for herself as both a great traditionalist as well as a composer of new songs. This is her first solo recording.

Slattejazz - Slattehjerte
Slåttejazz is Helene Høye and Ole Sigvard Lunnan, and their 2011 release of duets, Slåttehjerte, brings traditional Norwegian music to life on fiddle and piano.

Gjermund Larsen Trio - Aurum
One of the young lions of Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, Larsen creates a folk-rooted but modern music. He is joined on this recording by Andreas Utnem - piano; and Sondre Meisfjord - bass. Larsen has composed all the songs, and although traditional music provides his main source of inspiration, he doesn't compose in a strictly traditional style, being influenced by Baroque music, jazz, contemporary music, pop, rock, bluegrass and other Scandinavian folk music.

Seven Winds (Lovlid, Aw and Nystrom) - Seven Winds
Unni Løvlid, Becaye Aw and Rolf-Erik Nystrøm form the unique Seven Winds trio with roots in Senegal and Norway. Thoroughly modern in conceit, they blend the languages and music of many parts of the world into a seamless tapestry that is at once familiar and unique.

Annbjørg Lien and Bjørn Ole Rasch - Come Home
With Lien on fiddle, hardanger fiddle and nyckelharpa (and a bit of vocal) and Rasch playing harmonium, the duo offers both traditional and original material on this 2010 release.

various, Norway - Norsk Brygg
A nice collection of "new routes" from Norway, some old, some new, from a 1979 chestnut to 2011 "up and coming" music. Valkyrien Allstars, String Sisters, Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag, Blåmann Blåmann, Tre Nyhus, Gjermund Larsen Trio, Dvergmål, Åse Teigland, Sven Nyhus Kvartett, Slinkombas, Bruvoll And Halvorsen, Bukkene Bruse and others

Gjermund Larsen Trio - Akomst
Gjermund Larsen on fiddle, Andreas Utnem on piano and harmonium, and Sondre Meisfjord on bass

various - Bridges: Live In China
A cross cultural concert by Norwegian and Chinese musicians: Terje Isungset (Percussion, Ice Percussion), Unni Løvlid (Vocals), Frode Haltli (Accordion), Lu Yingmei (Vocals), Wu Chuan Ping (Vocals), Pan Xin Zhi (Vocals), Wu Anhua Dongliang (Vocal, Dong Pipe and Flute, Ox-bone Fiddle, Lusheng).

Turid Spildo - Nykkjen
Turid Spildo is best known as the vocalist and hardang fiddler from the Norwegian ensemble Dvergmål. Here she is in solo mode, singing songs from the West-coast of Norway, accompanying herself on hardanger-fiddle andorgan. The tunes were collected by a schoolteacher from Sogn og Fjordane, North-West in Norway: Olav Sande (1850-1927) in the period 1880-1904. 16 of the tunes, mostly ballads, keep the old tradition alive in this simple and lovely recording.

Gunnar Halle and Espen Eriksen - Meditations on Christmas
Trumpet and piano duets improvise on both familiar old Christmas songs, traditional favorites and lesser known Swedish works

Frida Annevik - Synlige Hjerteslag
Norwegian folk pop

Anne-Marie Giortz - Pa Egne Vegne
With a stripped down ensemble sound (featuring marimbas, bass, percussion, banjo, keyboards and guitar), Norwegian composer and vocalist Anne-Marie Giørtz creates a completely unique recording, rooted in jazz, pop and folk, but beholden to none. Highly recommended!

Unni Lovlid - Rite
Norwegian vocal musc extraordinare. RootsWorld says: "Every once in awhile, an album emerges that is so singular that it appears to have dropped out of the sky like a diamond meteorite. Such is the case with the Norwegian vocalist Unni Lovlid's latest CD, Rite. In these days of post-folk, where bedroom laptop gurus deconstruct guitar chords and gauzy field samples, the human touch has migrated to anonymous microchip forests. Unni Lovlid's chief instrument, however, is her remarkable voice, as pure as a stream's refracted light and as lulling and seductive as a ripe moon. On Rite, Lovlid takes her voice into the dark organic wildwood of an imagination shadowed with possibilities: she gives birth to an art music of soothing strangeness."

various - 4th International Jew's Harp Festival
2 CD set of performances from the 4th International Jew's Harp Festival in Rauland, Norway in 2002 features artists from around the world, from Norway to North America to Vietnam to Tuva and eastern Europe. Listen!

Various Artists - Stjerner Lyser Hvite: The Songs of Jens Gunderssen
This double CD release marks the 100 years since the actor, director, theater manager, composer, singer and poet Jens Gunderssen was born. Jens Gunderssen became nationally known through radio, phonograph, live events and tours. His soft-spoken, warm and melodic folk songs, often to his own guitar or lute accompaniment, represented an almost separate genre when he came on the phonograph market in the 1940s.

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