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Goran Mansson & Friends - Ol'Jansa
The friends being Emma Ek Ahlberg, Patrik Kallstrom, Karin Nakagawa, Martin von Schmalensee and Olof Jonsson, in a lively set of songs, tunes, dances and compositions that set Månsson's many flutes against ensemble arrangements with fiddle, pump organ, guitar, melodica, koto, bass, percussion and some documentary recordings used as a starting point for new interpretations.

Boot - Soot
Boot is Hållbus Totte Mattsson (mandora, Baroque lute, from Hedningarna), Ola Bäckström (violin, bouzouki, well known fiddler and member of Swap) and Samuel Andersson (percussion, hurdy-gurdy, octave violin; from Hedningarna, Godrun), three well respected Swedish musicians who are familiar with tradition in a powerful new trio recording.

Per Gudmundson - Sakpipa
Swedish folk music played on the bagpipe. The bagpipe is not well known in Swedish folk, but Gudmundson plays a type not too uncommon in the late 19th century and early 20th. He is joined by an ensemble of vocalists (Agneta Stolpe), violin, the lira, zither and harmonica played by Magnus and Ola Bäckström, Jan Winter and Erik and Ingrid Ingels. Heady stuff, originally recorded in 1982 and quite radical at the time.

Sofia Jannock - áššogáttis (by the embers)
The Swedish Sami singer will bring a number of references to mind, from the energy of Varttina to the jazzy sophistication of lena Willemark. But ultimately, she can stand on her own. This is her second recording, and its mix of sami roots, pop and jazz has many moods, from pure pop to complex new music. A fine singer, a great band and a willingness to experiement make this one well worth your consideration. Give her a listen.

Oddjob - Folk
Swedish jazz quintet of trumpet, alto saxophone, bass, piano, and drums. On Folk, Oddjob is inspired by and is improvising over ancient Swedish pastoral Music. Cow herdings and goat callings mixes fantastically well with the contemporary jazz played by this five piece band.

Moller, Willemark and Gudmundson - Frifot
The first recording by this trio, from 1990, is still considered one fo the classic of the new-folk movement.

Frifot - Jarven
Ale Möller, Lena Willemark and Per Gudmundsen created the ensemble Frifot to explore the roots of Swedish folk music in daring new ways

Ale Moller - Bouzoukispelman
This is one of the first recordings that turned me on to the folk revival of the 80s in Sweden. It includes an absolutely marvelous group of traditional and neo-traditional songs, as well as his infamous, high-spirited medley of Paul Simon songs (Mrs Robinson and 59th Street Bridge Song). It's a classic and the other musicians on the album are Ellika Frisell, Per Gudmundson, Totte Mattsson, Bill McChesney, Katarina Olsson, Simon Simonson, and Röjås Jonas, so it's a bit of a Filarfolket/Groupa/Nordan thing, as well. Highly recommended and brilliant, good fun.

Johan Hedin and Gunnar Idenstam - Låtar II - Swedish Folk Tunes
Gunnar Idenstam, organ and Johan Hedin, nyckelharpa, play tunes, reels and other dances in this second volume of duets.

Johan Hedin and Gunnar Idenstam - Låtar - Swedish Folk Tunes
Gunnar Idenstam, organ and Johan Hedin, nyckelharpa, play tunes, reels and other dances in eighteenth-century late Baroque style, a waltz tinged with the Spanish Renaissance, a dance from Italy and a number of original compositions. A unique combination and a unique recording. (Hybrid CD/SACD)

Music From Vietnam Vol 5 - Minorities of the central highland and coast
These recordings were made with a modern mobile digital studio by Swedish Radio in the Central Highlands and on the coast. The music is primarily vocal, accompanied by drums, flutes, horns, shawms, bamboo and porcelain instruments, with a strong emphasis on gongs handed down through many generations.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 1-2 - The Medieval Ballad (2 CDs)
The Nordic medieval ballad heritage is transmitted here through the medium of unique recordings. This double CD features 41 ballads, several in different versions.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 3 - Traditional Folk Music
A survey of the whole breadth of Swedish folk music. Many of the recordings were made in the field - from 1942 onwards - in the summer pastures and in the homes of folk musicians and singers. Others reflect the Swedish folk music of the present day, partly in traditional form and partly in the vigorous mixture of musical styles developed during recent years. Among those contributing are Karin Edwards, Pelle Jakobsson, Eric Sahlström, Gössa Anders, Pål Olle, Susanne Rosenberg, Per Gudmundson and Marie Selander as well as folk music groups Norrlåtar, Väsen, Frifot and Hedningarna

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 4 - Adventures In Jazz And Folklore
Performers: The Bengt Arne Wallin orchestra, / The Jan Johansson Quintet, / The Georg Riedel orchestra, / The Bengt Hallberg orchestra, / The Georg Riedel ensemble

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 5 - Folk Tunes From Orsa And Älvdalen
Performers: Andersson, Gössa Anders / Åhs, Evert / Orre, Lars (1871 - 1954) / Fält, Gereon / Andersson, Elg Emanuel

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 7 - Harmonica and Accordion
Performers: Jonsson, Elias / Jordahl, Per Ludvig / Danielsson, Nis Karl / Andersson, Ivar / Johansson, Gunnar

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 8 - Ancient Swedish Pastoral
Performers: Karlsson, Anna / Lisslass, Elin / Edvardsson Johansson, Karin / Larsson, Tjugmyr Maria / Moraeus, Anna

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 9-10 - Three Traditional Folk Singers (2 CDs)
72 songs recorded by Swedish radio between 1952 and 1963, including jocular ballads, pastoral songs, love songs, drinking tunes, religious songs and songs of the sea. Sung by Lena Larsson (Gullo, Bohuslan), Ulrika Lindholm (Jamtland) and Svea Jansson.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 11 - Fiddlers From Five Provinces
Performers: Pettersson, Svante / Huldt, Sigvard / Berndt, Carl-Eric / Isacsson, Richard / Sahlström, Eric (1912 - 1986)

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 12 - Songs Of Torndalen
Swedish Tornedalen has long had a rich song tradition which was alive and vigorous even into the 1970s - thanks, in large measure, to Laestadianism, a religious movement where worldly things such as radio and television were seen as sinful and therefore prohibited. Here Swedish and Finnish cultures meet in ring games, love songs, satirical ballads, workers' songs and religious songs, all of which have been recorded in Tornedalen.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 13 - Nordic Folk Instruments
Rysstad, Åni / Arfs, Erik / Jonsson, Elias / Jacobsen, Hans Fredrik / Bäckström, Magnus present sonfgs to show the variety of folk instruments in the tradition.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 14 - Folk Tunes From Jämtland / Vall--trall and Lapp-Nils later
Performers: Näsström, Erik Axel / Löfström, Nestor / Mårtensson, Anders / Falk, Olle / Röst, Per Viktor

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 15 - Songs Of Sailors and Navvies
These songs tell of sea journeys and railwaybuildings, of love and broken promises and of Georg Sjöman (George Sailor) whose comrades ate him up. Most are written by sailors and navvies, some by others who - more or less accurately - tell of their legendary ways of life. The recordings were made in the homes of elderly sailors and navvies - or other bearers of the tradition - in the 1960's and 1970's.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 16-17 - Folk Songs Rättvik, Boda and Bingsjö (2 CDs)
On this double CD we hear Pers Erik and Pers Hans, Göras Anders and Leif Göras, Petters Erik, Påhl Olle, Blank Kalle and Blank Anders, Röjås Erik the elder and the younger, Röjås Jonas, Päckos Helmer, Pekkos Gustaf and Nils Agenmark.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 18 - Folk Tunes From Dala Floda, Enviken and Ore
With the tunes from Enviken and Ore can be heard a close teamwork performance by four skilful players, Nils Agenmark (1915-1994), Pontus Berggren (b 1935), Påhl Olle (Olof Dyrsmeds, 1915-1987) and Alm Nils Ersson (b 1942). The fiddlers' quartet, which actually set a trend for other players, was recorded in 1971 by the Swedish radio producer, Matts Arnberg.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 19 - Blood, Corpes and Tears
Chapbook songs and ballads (skillingtryck) tell tales of unhappy love and sudden death, crimes and passion, horrid mishaps, and all manner of other misfortunes.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 20 - Folk Songs and Tunes From Bohuslän
Bohuslän has always had to make way for the 'great' folk-music provinces of Sweden. Nevertheless there is a diverse and special fiddle and song tradition here. Proximity to Norway gives itself away in much of the music: triplets, double stopping and chords are all elements in the plating technique and a Norwegian dance, halling, will be noticed in the repertoire. Many unusual dances such as lybeckare, engelska and kadrilj are also reflected in the music. This is a reissue of a LP from 1974, completed by songs and fiddle tunes from the archives never made available before.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 24 - Chorales and Wedding Music From Runö
For 600 years, right up to the beginning of the 1940s, a Swedish settlement existed on the island of Runö, off the coast of Estonia. There an archaic form of Swedish was spoken and many old customs and practices continued considerably longer than on the mainland.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 25 - Folk Music In Transition
Original recordings of singers and folk musicians followed by their respective adaptations, beginning in the 19th century and continuing to the present day. Included are music and arrangements by Richard Dybeck, Hugo Alfvén, Hilding Rosenberg, Ingvar Lidholm, Jan W. Morthenson, Karin Rehnqvist, Johansson/Wallin/Hallberg , Folk och Rackare and Hedningarna.

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 26,27,28 - Swedish Fiddlers from the Past (3 CDs)
Documentary recordings of Swedish fiddlers made by ethnographer Yngve Laurell between 1913 and 1920 on old phonograph cyliders.

Various - Music from Cape Verde
Swedish national radio recordings of local folk and popular music including funana (vocal, accordion and metal scraper), finacon (women's vocal music), popular vocal music like morna and coladeras and tracks by the ensemble Simentera

Ensemble SON - To hear with the mouth

Zara Tellander - Himmelens hatt (Heaven´s Hat)
The Swedish singer (member of the folk ensemble Envisa and recently touring with Cirque de Solieil) explores folk music, jazz and improvisation on her new work, joined by Johan Björklund (drums), Jacob Karlzon (piano), Johannes Lundberg (bass), and Lisen Rylander (saxophone).

various Honduaran artists - Music of Honduras 2: Garifuna Music

Anders Eliasson - Horn Concerto / Desert Point / Violin Concerto
Performers include Soren Hermansson (French horn), Jari Valo (violin), The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra. Conducted by Juha Kangas. Recorded in Kaustinen Church in Kaustinen, Finland

Various - From Sweden to America
Swedish Emigrant Songs: Amerikavisor - Historic recordings from Sweden and the US about emigrants and immigration. All are vocal works, folks songs about the joys and hardships

Elise Einarsdotter and Lennart Hellsing - Rosenang
One of Cliff's quirky choices... This is vocal pop music from Sweden, performed by pianist/composer Einarsdotter and singer Hellsing, and a small jazz ensemble and some of Sweden's most interesting singers including Lena Willemark, Olle Persson and the Voice Boys. File under 'other?'

Various - Music from Vietnam 3
The different ethnic groups living in various parts of the country, all have their own languages, religions, customs - and music. This CD includes several examples of the rhythmic music played on a tuned gong, plus love songs, instrumental music and religious vocal music.

Various - Music from Vietnam 2: Hue
The recording features imperial ceremonial music, the seductive, romantic songs of the oarsmen, as they glide along in their sampans, the more ancient traditional music from Huê, but also the infectiously rhythmic music of the Vietnamese cult of the saints.

Various - Music from Vietnam 1
Vietnam is a land with an immense wealth of musical tradition. This CD contains generous samples of the work now being done, with regard to earlier traditions and their renewal.

Various - Music from Uganda 2
Presenting the new music, in which the traditional forms have been developed and popularised. The rhythm here is the centre of a band of about fifteen thumb pianos, a one-man band or a genuine party band playing dance music on modernized harps. Recordings made by Swedish national radio.

Various Ugandan Artists - Music from Uganda 1: traditional
traditional vocal and instrumental folk music from Uganda

Various - Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 2
This music is unique - warm, swinging, close to folk music - now with modern, digital sound quality. Includes the group Tondo.

Various - Music from Macedonia 2
The second edition of the series introduces you to one of Macedonia´s most popular groups in the vanguard for the modernized folk music, Synthesis, but also one of the many local groups that fondly cherish the tradition, Kitka. Goran Alachki , perhaps the foremost accordionist in the country, is featured, as is one of the many fantastic wind orchestras from the town Strumicha, Orkestar Ace, which plays in the Roma tradition at weddings and other festivities. Marija Kostova is a prizewinning singer in the tradition of the Vlachs, one of the country´s cultural minority groups, and Xan Strájani represents the largest ethnic group, the Albanians. One of the country´s best-known figures in traditional music, Stojanche Kostovski makes flutes and bagpipes and demonstrates that he is also one of the foremost to play them.

H3FK - Nubiska Natter
Mixing influences from the likes of John Coltrane and Anouar Brahem with their own unique style, this ensemble offers an unorthodox vision. The group started out as a double trio mixing modern jazz with Arabic folk music, but have now reached a point where the borders are blurred and the feeling is completely natural and original. The compositions are written for the whole ensemble, but also includes trio and quartet pieces, with elements of Arabic, Middle-Eastern, Gypsy and Swedish folk and pop.

Jord - Vaylan Virrassa - Musik från Tornedalen
Folk music from the Torne River Valley of Sweden, both traditional and newly composed by the band's members, performed on accordion, bass, flutes, percussion, guitar and voices

Various - Music from Ethiopia
Swedish national radio recordings give rich samples of the sounds of tradition in urban musical life. Ancient ceremonial music played on the embilta flutes or the ornamented vocal art of Alemayehu Fanta or Gebre Hiwot Lemma represent the older traditions. The Sne Bahel group accompanies traditional dances. Modern pop-music is represented by the Abyssinia band.

Various - Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 1
Swedish national radio recordings: Here the focus is on traditional music, with several groups from two African countries whose music is less well known and highly exciting including a Wagogo women's group

Various - Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 3
The Kilimani Muslim School Choir presents Muslim 'gospel' with lead singers, youth choir and pitched tambourines.

Various Artists - Music from Mozambique
From raw acoustic guitar and percussion to new popular studio recordings, Sweden's Caprice label comes through again.

various - Music of Montenegro
There is not a lot of recorded music from this little country, so this is a welcome addition to the discography of the region. 76 minutes of heroic songs, songs from mountain villages, shepherd songs and songs from cities that are more influenced by central European traditions.

Various artists - Music from Guatemala Volume 2: Garifuna Music
The Garifunas live along the eastern coast of Central America. This music vibrates with old African and Caribbean cultural roots and historic past. Includes several varieties of the music of the Garifuna minority of Guatemala - from the traditional to the modern.

various Honduaran artists - Music of Honduras 1

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