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Bjørn Andor Drage - Via Dolorosa - Korsveien
Organ improvisations weave around Easter's dramatic message. 14 meditations on the organ in Rønvik church in Norway all relating to the suffering of Jesus on the cross, combining themes composed by the artist and familiar strains from the passion hymns. The CD was recorded by Erik Hillestad.

Rim Banna - Seasons of Violet
Palestinian vocalist Rim Banna performsa selection of new Palestinian love songs with a fine international ensemble featuring Eivind Aarseth (guitar), Gjermund Silset (bass), Rune Arnesen (drums) and David Wallumrød (keyboards), in addition to her husband Leonid Aleixenco (acoustic guitar). The title refers to the lilac, a violet flower which in Palestine is a symbol of love. All the songs have been composed by Rim Banna together with Leonid Aleixenco, while her mother has written some of the lyrics.

Knut Reiersrud - Klapp
The Norwegian guitarist and writer continued his exploration of new musical borders in 1995 with music dedicated to yet another overlooked instrument, tha hand of man.

Frode Alnæs, Arild Andersen, Stian Carstensen - Julegløggen
OK, some things I just can't resist. Norwegian musicians Frode Alnæs (guitar), Arild Andersen (bass) and Stian Carstensen (banjo and accordion) join together to give a jazzy yet Nordic touch to some Norwegian folk songs and some global holiday classics, traditional and popular.

Qvale's Ensemble - Gronn
An unusual pop recording from Norway features a unique singer backed by an adventurous ensemble, and produced by Farmers Market legend Stian Carstensen.

Wille Toors - From Dance Halls, Forests, Gipsy Camps and Circus Tents
Finally back in print! Från logar, skogar, zigenarläger och cirkustält - Often called the most creative and original fiddler of Swedish tradition, the Paganini of the Great Forests presents his vision of the countryside in these 25 tunes.

Ulf Storling and Roland Keijser - Kringliga later / Twisted Tunes
Tunes collected from the playing of Snickar Erik Olson, master fiddle of Ovanåker, Hälsingland, performed by Ulf Störling (fiddle) and Roland Keijser (clarinet).

Roland Keijser and Anders Rosén - Kvarplekar
Swedish duo (two clarinets) strikes a blow for musical freedom and ingenuity. 'New' folk tunes composed by the musicans, 31 of them, all on two reeds.

Sigurd Holmberg - Historical Recordings of Swedish Folk Music IV: Silverbasharpa 1
Sigurd Holmberg plays the silver-bass keyed-fiddle, the latest stage in the development of the 'simple' keyed-fiddle.

Anders Rosen, Per-Olof Moll, Kalle Almlof - Hopp Tussilunta, Tunes from Särna II
On half of the tracks we hear solo playing by Anders Rosén. Per-Olof Moll plays first violin on the duo and trio numbers, and also solo violin on some tracks. Kalle Almlöf is heard on the 2nd violin on a few tunes.

Ingrid Bjone, Dr. Jonas Fjeld, Ola B. Johannesen - Neonlys på Wergeland
Neon Light on Wergeland' presents the Norwegian poet and nationalist in an unusual musical light.

Knut Reiersrud - Tramp
Knut Reiersruds first solo album (1993). He collaborates here with West African musicians and the American Gospel quintet, Five Blind Boys of Alabama. The album is a tribute to the world's oldest instrument: the human foot.

Knut Reiersrud - Soul of a Man
The Norwegian guitarist's 1998 take on soul, blues and gospel is, as always distinctive and surprising. Always a step ahead, Knut employed samples of legendary blues performances together with rock-solid band of Paolo Vinaccia, Auden Erlien, Bugge Wesseltoft and Reidar Skår. The album is more of a band album with Knut's electric guitar virtuosity in focus. Three of the songs were written exclusively for him by Mac Rebenack and the late Doc Pomus, and the most convincing song on the recording, the title track, is an original. Completely unique and different.

Camilla Susann Haug - Noen ganger blått
Camilla Susann Haug's first album is filled to the brim with poetry and potent jazz. Her CD "Noen ganger blått" (Sometimes blue) puts her in the long ranks of talented artists making their debut on the KKV label. Camilla has written all the melodies and some of the lyrics herself. Other lyricists include famous Norwegian poets Inger Hagerup and Stein Mehren. Helge Lien on piano heads the trio accompanying and developing Camilla's themes with playful and bold enthusiasm, creating the record's tasteful and inspired jazz expression, with Frode Berg on bass and Knut Aalefjær on drums. The album was recorded at Fagerborg Studio in Oslo. Her debut as a composer was at the Prøysen festival/"Blåklokkevikua" (The Bluebell Week) in 2002 with new melodies set to texts by Norwegian favourite Alf Prøysen for children in a show called "Vet du hva du kommer til å få" (Do you know what you'll get). She has also participated at a number of folk song festivals and given a solo concert where she sang her own songs. Camilla has

Maria Solheim - Will There Be Spring
Norwegian pop, pure and simple, from a fine female vocalist with a quirky sense of timing and arrangement. (Lyrics in English)

Blatur with Jan Eggum - Alle Gjor Det
One of Norway's most talented songwriters with an incredible string of great texts and songs to his name is now releasing a new record. This time he is performing together with the vocal group Blåtur with its four female and three male singers. Under their musical leader Bjørn Holum, Blåtur weaves a funky, rhythmic, vocal backdrop for Jan Eggum's voice and guitar. The CD Alle gjør det features 10 brand new songs by Eggum offering glimpses into a world of stretched, selfish and totally abandoned morals. These highly entertaining vignettes are served against such a world-weary, decadent backdrop that Eggum's appealing music, irony and sharp wit open our eyes to the world around us.In Norwegian, Blåtur means a trip with an unknown destination, or a trip into the wild blue yonder, which is where Eggum whisks us right from the first track on this new CD, produced by Håkon Iversen. On this CD voices dominate as the only instrumentation is percussion and Eggum's guitar. Many of the songs have a playful drive that wi

Maria Solheim - Frail
Solheim's third CD represents an important step in finding her true personal musical style. She has enlisted an entirely new musical ensemble, especially highly profiled young pianist Emil Nikolaisen, with his powerful, expressive style. Other musicians are Tor Egil Kreken (bass), Torstein Lofthus (drums, percussion), Audun Haugeplass and David Wallumrød (keyboards), and Kjetil Steensnæs (guitar). The album was recorded in Hangarsound studio. Maria gives us 10 new powerful and captivating songs on "Frail". Her interpretations and the original sound of Nikolaisen's production create a unique poetic yet raw ambience, simply a world of its own.

Katia Cardenal - Navegas Por Las Costas
The Nicaraguan singer performs the work of the Norwegian poet Alf Prøysen

Knut Buen - Slåttedikt
Traditional fiddle tunes from Norway by one of the old masters. Recorded in 2012.

Agnes Buen Garnas - Draumkvedet
Agnes Buen Garnås sings Norwegian medieval songs accompanied by flute, hardingfele, organ, saxophone and harp. With Harold Gundhus (flute and saxophone) , Knut Buen (hardingfele), Warren Cardstrom (Celtic harp) and Kare Nordstoga (organ).

Sondre Bratland - Draumkvedet (The Dream Ballad)
With Sondre Bratland's new version of this mighty medieval work, an obelisk is being erected in the Norwegian cultural landscape. This is a reference work that ought to be found in every home and at every school in Norway.

Sondre Bratland - Den Blå Gleda
The Norwegian singer is joined by Roar Engelberg (pan flute), Iver Kleive (organ), Malgorzata Mulewska Sundberg (harp).

Solfrid Molland - Katedral for tapte drommer
On Katedral for tapte drømmer [Cathedral of Lost Dreams], the Norwegian accordionist is joined by some great names in Balkan music: Romanian hotshots Taraf de Haiduks, French-Russian gutarist Pascal de Loutcher and Gypsy singer Ionut Guluna.

Fotefar and Håvard Lund - Fest
FEST is the first CD from the folk trio Fotefar (Footprints) and clarinet player Håvard Lund. The trio is Lena Jinnegren, Bendik Lund Haanshus and Ragnhild Furebotten. Lena, from Sweden, has deep roots in rock, folk music and folk ballads. Ragnhild was nominated for the same award in 2008 for her solo CD "Endelig vals" (Finally a waltz). Bendik trained at the music conservatory in Trondheim, and plays in the group KADO and the tango music band Orangutango. Håvard is artist in residence for the cultural centre in Troms county, and now has a permanent position there as a musician, composer and arranger. He has played with the band Farmers Market, with Frode Fjellheim of Transjoik and collaborated with Trygve Seim.

Kari Bremnes - LY
LY (Shelter) features 11new songs spanning a wide range of ideas, visions and musical temperament. Bremnes looks into the nooks and crannies of life, writing about how she sees the world through her eyes, the ugly and beautiful, light and dark,anger and love, about dancing, death, the fate of a strong woman on the polar island of Svalbard, and about finding warmth. In short, about seeking shelter. (In Norwegian)

Solveig Slettahjell and Tord Gustavsen - Natt i Betlehem
Christmas carols and religious songs, in Norwegian and English, both tradtional and contemporary, performed on piano and voice

Knut Reiersrud band - Voodoo without killing chicken
The Norwegian composer and guitarist goes full tilt into the music of New Orleans in an agressive and unique way, rife with his energetic playing an d a gang of top nothc blues, jazz and rock ifluenced musicians. This album features 11 songs that Reiersrud's distinctive signature, and with six of the lyrics co-authored with Jeff Wasserman.

Lars Bremnes - Stayer

Elin Furubotn - Det Som E Na (What is now)

Julius Winger - Kjaerlighet og andre misforstaelser
Love and other misunderstandings' is 9 tracks of down to earth and direct philosophizing on the small and big issues in life, particularly love. The musicians include Andreas Utnem, piano, Mads Eliertsen, bass, Mathias Eick, trumpet, Halvor Lillesund, accordion, Frode Barth, guitar, Trygve Seim, saxophone, Øyvind Brække, trombone, Jan Erik Kongshaug, guitar, Lars Andreas Haug, tuba, Johannes Martens, cello, Kristine Martens, cello, Pia Tjelta, Andrea Bræin Hovig and Silje Lundblad, vocals. The song "Hovedøen" features guest artist Kari Diesen.

Aage Kvalbein and Iver Kleive - Julemeditasjoner (Christmas meditations)
Two Norwegian musicians on piano and cello express the tranquil moods of Christmas. With their extensive experience of interpreting traditional musical material and with a touch of irreverence, these open-minded musicians have toyed with familiar Christmas songs, inserting a classical piece by Vivaldi here and another by Schubert there, to create a mix of well-loved Christmas songs.

Leieboerne - Følg oss hjem, Ole Paus
Leieboerne (The Tenants) take a selection of songs by a legendary Norwegian songwriter, add a classic 70s folk-rock sound and ask Følg oss hjem, Ole Paus (Take us home, Ole Paus). The band says 'If you are a tenant you rent, you don't own. The nice thing about renting is that you can rearrange the furniture a bit and then pretend that you own... Renting from Ole Paus brings you into a fascinatingly huge house full of cellars and attics... But we do want to mention all the fabulous stuff we found in the attic that we dragged down into the living-room, that's why there are many songs from Oles earliest period.'

Kari Bremnes - Live

Henning Sommerro - Sullabullyam
Pianist and vocalist Henning Sommerro sings and plays his own original songs, with lyrics by Edvard Hoem. Since the 1970s Sommerro and Hoem have been collaborating on hymns and songs from Biblical sources to comment on the contemporary world. Hans Fredrik Jacobsen plays flutes and Edvard Hoem recites the lyrics on one track.

Oslo Gospel Choir - Det Skjedde i de dager
The spirit of Norwegian Christmas - Princess Martha Louise reads the Christmas story in Norwegian. Songs are performed by the choir and guest vocalist Sigvart Dagsland, and include Stille Natt, Det Hev Ei Rose Sprunge, Dailig Eg Jorden, Hellige Natt and more.

Iver Kleive - Juleevangeliet

Tone Hulbaekmo and Hans Fredrik Jacobsen - Langt nord I skogen
These selections are for children, as well as adults who remember the advice and wisdom of their grandmother. Tone Hulbækmo plays Norwegian harp, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen plays various flutes and reeds, and Celio de Carvalho on rhythm instruments are the core ensemble, joined by accordion, pump organ, guitar, bass and more in both Norwegian folks songs and influences from around the world.

Arnt Haugen - Arnt Haugens reviderte
One of KKVs great classics is reissued on CD. The aim of the record was to show how well-loved Norwegian revivalist songs were perfect for the dance floor. This release will surely capture as much attention today as it did when it was first released in the autumn of 1982.`

Annbjørg Lien - Annbjorg
the first album by the Norwegian fiddler and her band

Skruk - Starry crowns in heaven
The Norwegian vocal group performs playful and exciting arrangements of American gospel and spirituals and has enlisted legendary conductor Samuel Carver Davenport from New Orleans to help refine and polish their performance of these songs. All the songs are for choir a cappella, and several arrangements are written by another legend of spirituals, Moses Hogan, a personal friend of Davenport. He writes in a dense and spectacular style, exploiting the many ways language can be used to help the music swing.

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