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Srikanth, Svensson, Moberg and Eden - Nordic Raga
Jyotsna Srikanth, Dan Svensson, Par Moberg and one of our favorite artists, fiddler Mats Eden merge Nordic folk music traditions with the improvisational and structural idiosyncrasies of the Indian raga form. What results is not an easternized Nordic music, nor a northerized Indian music, but something completely their own. This is a RootsWrold Music of the Month selection, donated by the artists and label, and all proceeds support the radio show and magazine.

Unni Lovlid - Hymn
Folk music is the core of this project by one of Norway's finest traditional and modern vocalist, this time combining the Japanese gagaku tradition that brings together contemporary and traditional music from Japan and Norway. Musicians on this recording are Hakon Thelin on acoustic bass, Remi Miura on the sho, and Kaizan Harago on shakuhachi.

Erlend Viken Trio - Nykomlingen
Erlend Viken leads his trio on fiddle, Hardanger fiddle and vocals, with Marius Graff on guitar, electric guitar, banjo and lead vocals, and Leo Svensson Sander on cello and vocals. Three tracks include Oyvind Skarbo on drums

Gjermund Larsen - Salmeklang
The Norwegian fiddler explores Nordic hymns as played by fiddler Hilmar Alexandersen (1902-93) and the Norwegian-Swedish cross-border folk music tradition. Performed by the Gjermund Larsen Trio (Sondre Meisfjord, double bass · Andreas Utnem, grand piano), with the trio Nordic - Magnus Zetterlund (mandolin), Erik Rydvall (keyed harp) and Anders Löfberg (cello).

Sandén-Warg, Berglund, Rydberg, Lund, Gorset and Claeson - Schodsbergs Notebok
Daniel Sandén-Warg, Mats Berglund, Lisa Rydberg, Vegard Lund, Hans Olav Gorset and Ludvig Claeson present the music of Johannes Nielsen Schodsberg, born on the Schodsberg farm in Aremark, Østfold county, in 1799. A small manuscript consisting of 160 pieces of music exists from these years. How was Johannes Nielsen Schodsberg's music played? On this cd, we would like to illustrate two different versions, which have their origin in the two distinct musical worlds that converge in his tune book. Seldom does one see such a good example of a cultural convergence as the young musician's notes, in which his own folk tradition from the border regions stands side by side with minuets, quadrilles, and marches from the milieu of the trained musician. Mats and Daniel play tunes from the manuscript with an emphasis on dance fiddling, and the Schodsberg Ensemble plays arranged versions inspired by early classical textures and harmony.

Per Anders Buen Garnas - Seljord Anno 1935
Per Anders Buen Garnås, born in Bø, Telemark, in 1980, was the 'Norgemeister i hardingfele' (Landskappleiken 2010). His teachers form a stellar list that includes his uncles Knut and Hauk Buen, Bjarne Herrefoss, Eivind Mo, Gunnar Innleggen, and Hallvard T. Bjørgum, to name but a few and he has had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest folk musicians in Norway

Hekla Stalstrenga - Makrame
Hekla Stålstrenga is an ensemble that reinvents the folk music of northern Norway into something new, with a contemporary energy that never loses sight of its roots. Makramé is their 2011 release. The musicians are Ragnhild Furebotten (fiddle), Tore Bruvoll (guitar), Anne Nymo Trulsen (vocals), Ole-Jakob Larsen (drums), Trond-Viggo Solås (bass) and Eivind Steinholm (audio engineer).

Sudan Dudan - Kari Og Ola
Norwegian duo of Marit Mattisgard and Anders E. Røine , now called Sudan Dudan, finally bring us a second recording, with old songs from Norwegian and Anglo folk traditions, played on guitars, langeleik (Norwegian zither), fiddle, banjo, mandolin and voices.

various- Norway - Håvardspel - Slåttar Etter Håvard Gibøen
The music of the old Norwegian master performed by Gunleik Smedal, Høye Kvåle, Trygve O. Vågen, Eivind Mo, Olav S. Løndal, Olav K. Øyaland, Olav K. Øyaland and many other.

Jan Beitohaugen Granli - På Beitohaugen

Oscar Hamry - Hardingspel Frå Vestre Slidre: Fairbault, Minnesota 1939
Oscar Hamry (Ola O. Reishagen) was the son of Ola Gudmundson Hamre from the tenant farm Hamro, belonging to Midtre Hande in Vestre Slidre. He was born in 1884, and spent his childhood years with his parents at Hamro. He had two brothers, also named Ola. Around 1900, one of the brothers bought the farm Reishagen. After a while Ola moved in there and adopted the farm's name. His other brother emigrated to the USA while still quite young and settled in Minnesota. In 1912 Ola married Ambjørg Sårrbu from Vang. They immediately emigrated to America, and later had a daughter.

Unni Boksasp - Songar frå Havdal
The artist says: 'On my ongoing musical journey, Magnhild Almhjell's songs have always been shining like stars. Both because they are comforting in their familiar use of our mutual local dialect, but also because every song is touched by Magnhild and turned into shining gold. I always strive to do as much as possible of what she does in her songs ­ the way singers often do with their most precious sources.'

Kjetil Løndal - Løndalsspel II
The Løndal style represents a unique branch of Norwegian traditional music, distinguished by what Tuddal writer O.J. Rui called "its supple, clean playing style and effortless fingerings." Numerous fiddlers have seen the Løndal style as an ideal and emulated its characteristic, lyrical sound. There's hardly a fiddler in Telemark that hasn't been influenced by the Løndal style, and this is true for a number of other districts as well.

various - Landskappleik:Hallingtimen
This CD was made to commemorate the national competition in folk music in Norway called Landskappleiken and includes various traditional music from the mountain district of Hallingdal, were the competition was held in 2007.

Ole Olsen Fykse - Religiøse folketonar
Born in 1879 in Fykse, Kvam on the north side of the Hardanger fjord in Norway. This is a collection of religious songs, sung a capella by Fyske in various locations, that exemplify the church music of the region form the early part of the 20th century. Excellent nots in English and Norwegian.

Leif Aasane - Bygutt
From Kongsberg in Buskerud, he had his roots in the municipality of Flesberg, Numedal. Leif's father played the hardanger fiddle, too, so he was steeped in the round dance tradition from an early age, and became a fiddler through the influence of Ole Nærlieie (1887–1955). This is a collection of recordings made by NRK (Norwegian national radio).

Berit Opheim, Nils Okland and Bjorn Kjellemyr - BNB - ein song frå dei utsungne stunder
Berit Opheim, Nils Økland and Bjørn Kjellemyr are inspired by a wide variet y of classic styles but find common ground in the field of improvisation.Berit Opheim has won the traditional Landskappleiken with her shining vocal. Nils Økland is an extraordinary music who plays fiddle, hardanger fiddle and viola d ’amore. Bjørn Kjellemyr's double bass and his recent fondness of the colascione, a bass lute from the Renaissance, adds the appropriate gravity to this recording, performed live in the Ullensvang church in Norway. There is a deep tradition here, but also an untamed avant garde, and together they make BNB a highly recommended CD.

Knut Kjok and Dag Garden - Fra folk te' folk
Knut Kjøk (violin) and Dag Gården (accordion) lend a new energy to the traditional tunes of Norway.

Mari Eggen and Helene Høye - Glod (Glow)
Two Norwegian fiddlers bring together a high level of musianship and a lively sense of the tradition in a series of folk tunes and tunes inspired by the Norwegian fiddle heritage.

Vintermane - Vintermåne
Exciting and beautiful new music from Norway. Anne Gravir Klykken (vocal), Frøydis Grorud (sax) and Torjus Vierli (keyboards) flirt with tradtion, but keep it personal and unique.

Vrang - SaeterSoul
Lee Blackstone writes, 'The Norwegian trio features Jon Hjellum Brodal, Tuva Faerden, and Maja Gravermoen Toresen on hardanger fiddles, fiddles, lyres, and the occasional mandolin. Their full-length debut is beautifully produced, with plenty of space and depth that let the low mellow tones of the hardanger fiddle grow and the sprightly lyres shine. They combine a minimalist approach and a sly pop sensibility. They can sometimes remind the listener of Groupa with tunes that nod to their coloring and percussive romps. Vrang sparkle, and they are a band full of promise.' This is the RootsWorld Music of the Month selection for May, 2017. Highly recommended!

Olav Steffen Eide - Kjømeistersongar: songbok, notar og song (2 CDs and book)

Hallgrim Berg and Erik Roine - Munnharpa
Hallgrim Berg and Erik Røine celebrate the munnharpe (jew's harp / tromp) in solo and duet pieces.

Ola Boe - Hardingfelespel Frå Vestre Slidre
Hardangar fiddler Ola Bøe (1910-1986) lived in Vestre Slidre (western valley of Valdres in Norway). His father, a noted fiddler himself, passed on the family tradition. Ola Bøe was an exceptional dance fiddler, and won the National Championship in 1969. These recordings (issued by Heilo in 1999) were made by the national radio in the 1950s and 60s.

Kirsten Bråten Berg - Songen
The legendary Norwewgian singer's 2010 recording features a fantastic ensemble including Annbjørg Lien, Arild Andersen, Stian Carstensen, Bjørn Ole Rasch, and Leiv Solberg

Moldestad and Merete Kroken - Spindel
Norwegian fiddlers Sigrid Moldestad and Liv Merete Kroken present a traditional repetoire for the hardangar (hardingfele) and standard fiddle, with some some accompaniment on bass, percussion and keyboards.

Egeland, Molsky and Jarvela - Rauland Rambles
American Bruce Molsky, Finn Arto Järvelä and Norwegian Ånon Egeland join together in a traditional music tour de force. Fiddles abound, along with banjo and touches of ukelele, kantele and jew's harp. They play each others folk music like a natural part of their DNA. It's seamless and vibrant. And it is all recorded at a live concert.

Tindra - Moder Norge
'Moder Norge' (Mother Norway') is the new album from the Norwegian female folk trio, a collection of vocal treasures from Rogaland - traditional folk songs with love, tragedy, fantasy and humour. The musicians are Tindra is Aashild Vetrhus (vocals), Jorunn Marie R. Kvernberg (violin / fiddle), and Irene Tillung Voss (accordion).The artists write: 'On the album Moder Norge, we wish to present folk music from Rogaland played our way. For many years, Ruth Anne Moen has collected, transcribed, and transmitted tunes and songs for the folk music archive in Rogaland. We owe her and her sources a debt of gratitude, as we've greatly enjoyed exploring the archive's collections in the development of this album.'

Floating Sofa Quartet - The moon we watch is the same
Their repertoire is a mixture of original compositions and traditional pieces from their respective countries; sweet melodies and feisty dance tunes are performed with intriguing harmonies, intensity, humor and the warm acoustic sound of wooden instruments. Floating Sofa Quartet is: Mads Kjøller-Henningsen [DK] - wooden flute & swedish bagpipes; Leija Lautamaja [FI] - 2,5-row melodeon & harmonium; Clara Tesch [DK] - fiddle; Malte Zeberg [SE] - double bass

Groupa - Kind of folk - vol. 1 Sweden
The 2016 release by one of the most important and revolutionary groups in the Nordic roots movement. Terje Isungset, drums, perc, mouth harp; Mats Eden fiddle, viola d'amore, accordion; Jonas Simonson, flutes, bass clarinet.

Groupa - Silent Folk
Groupa plays its own brand of Nordic music. Giving the music freer rein and new colours, Groupa excels in the joy of expanding to new musical dimensions. The original band was founded in 1980, and has along with other groups been a vanguard of the progressive folk music scene in Sweden since the 80’s. Ever since the start, Groupa has been a very popular live band. Mats Edén on fiddles; Jonas Simonson on flutes and Terje Isungset on percussion. The purchase of this CD is for a contribution to support RootsWorld, the magazine and radio show of the world's music.

Rydvall / Mjelva - Vardroppar
Swedish nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) player Erik Rydvall and Norwegian Hardanger fiddle player Olav Luksengård Mjelva are both counted among the foremost folk musicians of their generation in Scandinavia. Vårdroppar was recorded at a church in Hallingdal, Norway

Einar Mjolsnes - Slattar etter Anders Sagen
Norwegian Hardanger fiddler Einar Mjølsnes presents 21 tunes played by Anders Sagen,, plus two of his own compositions inspired by Sagen. Booklet notes are in Norwegian and English.

Fru Skagerrak - Fru Skagerrak
This trio of women from Denmark, Sweden and Norway call their music 'Scandinavian Raw Folk,' and their repertoire consiste of music and songs chosen among the rich music and song traditions of Scandinavia, as well the members' original compositions. They play fiddles and 5 -stringed fiddle, recorder and vocals.

Mahsa Vahdat - A Cappella: The Sun Will Rise
The record is a pilgrimage to a beauty marked by stains of love and dreams. In old churches, castles and halls - in Van, Istanbul, Oslo, Wroclaw, Provence and Alhambra, Mahsa's voice fills rooms of hidden stories and mysteries. Her orchestra is just the echo from walls and vaults, floors and columns in the rooms she and her engineer and producer Erik Hillestad chose for recording the voice-only songs. A RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' recording.

Elisabeth Vatn - The Color Beneath
Originally created to accompany light installations in an old water reservoir in Norway, this improvised works feature her on bagpipes, reeds, harmonium and other instruments, performing with Anders Røine (Norwegian dulcimer, langeleik, jew'sharp, violin).

Skruk and Nymark Collektive - Dype, stille, sterke, milde
'deep still strong mild' is a captivating choir record that highlights what Skruk is all about. This album presents Norwegian popular religious songs performed with a small jazz ensemble.

Inga Juuso and Steinar Raknes - Headland - Skaidegeahci
Joik singing from Sami vocalist Juuso is countered by the contemporary bass playing of Steinar Raknes in an interesting give and take of new and old.

various (2 CDs) - Højbystævnet 2009: Musik fra forsamlingshuset
Live performances in denmark in September 2009 for dancers and musicians by Danish, Norwegian and Swedish artists - Kristian Bugge and Band, Gässbiköllor, BØG, John Ole Morken and Jørgen Nyrønning

Truls Ørpen - Spel under Norefjell (2 CDs)
Truls Ørpen (1880-1958) was from the region of Krødsherad, in Norway. He is considered one of the masters of hardingfele (hardangar fiddle), who in turn learned is craft from two earlier masters, Torkjell Haugerud and Gunnulf Borgen of Telemark. The first CD is music from Krødsherad and incluudes a video clip from the 50's. The second CD features music from Telemark and Numedal and ends with original compositions by Ørpen himself, eight tunes in some unorthodix tunings. These recordings are all from the archives of Norwegian radio NRK, recorded from the 1930s through the 1950s.

Elin Kåven - Jinkon on musihkka (Frozen music live - DVD)
DVD: Live concert of the Sami / Norwegian pop-roots singer and her band. Surfing the same musicial seas as Bjork, Kate Bush and Marie Boine, she sings in Sami, backed by a rock band, violins, horn and more. The DVD also includes a few other features including a new music video of music from an upcoming new album.

Alfred and Mattias Bismo - Fele
The twin brothers Bismo were born in 1918 in Bismo, Skjak, Norway. This CD includes 27 tunes recorded by NRK (Norwegian national radio) in the 1970s and 80s.

Hans Togersen Haugen - Fele
The music of Norwegian fiddler Hans Tøgersen Haugen of Susendal was captured on tape in the summer of 1955 by Rolf Myklebust for national Norwegian radio.

Trygve Bolstad - Aleis
These contemporary recording of Trygve represent an older fiddling tradition with a personal style in modulation, ornamentation, and tone shading. Through his fiddling we experience a rich folk tradition and Valdres music at its best.

Bjørn Andor Drage - Via Dolorosa - Korsveien
Organ improvisations weave around Easter's dramatic message. 14 meditations on the organ in Rønvik church in Norway all relating to the suffering of Jesus on the cross, combining themes composed by the artist and familiar strains from the passion hymns. The CD was recorded by Erik Hillestad.

Rim Banna - Seasons of Violet
Palestinian vocalist Rim Banna performsa selection of new Palestinian love songs with a fine international ensemble featuring Eivind Aarseth (guitar), Gjermund Silset (bass), Rune Arnesen (drums) and David Wallumrød (keyboards), in addition to her husband Leonid Aleixenco (acoustic guitar). The title refers to the lilac, a violet flower which in Palestine is a symbol of love. All the songs have been composed by Rim Banna together with Leonid Aleixenco, while her mother has written some of the lyrics.

Ryfylke Visegruppe - For olja kom
Før oljå kom (before the oil came) is a recording from 1981 of folk songs from the Rogaland district of Norway, collected in the Ryfylke district in the 19th and 20th centuries, performed by the seven piece Ryfylke Visegruppe on guitar, mandolin, vocals, banjo, bass, and accordion.

Annbjorg Lien - Drifting Like a Bird
The Norwegian fidler, singer and songwriter's 2016 recording presents a collection of songs about life at sea and on land around the North Sea Basin, based on interviews with sailors and seamen to collect stories and impressions. With keyboards and production by her long time collaborator Bjørn Ole Rasch, she is also joined by Irish singer Cathy Jordan (Dervish), Norwegian vocalist Tori Wrånes, Swedish cellist Anders Löfberg (Nordic, Majorstuen), Swedish guitarist Roger Tallroth (Väsen), and drummer Rune Arnesen.

Knut Reiersrud - Klapp
The Norwegian guitarist and writer continued his exploration of new musical borders in 1995 with music dedicated to yet another overlooked instrument, tha hand of man.

Frode Alnæs, Arild Andersen, Stian Carstensen - Julegløggen
OK, some things I just can't resist. Norwegian musicians Frode Alnæs (guitar), Arild Andersen (bass) and Stian Carstensen (banjo and accordion) join together to give a jazzy yet Nordic touch to some Norwegian folk songs and some global holiday classics, traditional and popular.

Qvale's Ensemble - Gronn
An unusual pop recording from Norway features a unique singer backed by an adventurous ensemble, and produced by Farmers Market legend Stian Carstensen.

Sondre Bratland - Syng Meg Heim
The great Norwegian singer and his ensemble tackle something completely different: the American country music songbook, sung in Norwegian. It is, to say the least, unusual!

Iver Kleive - Hyrdenes tilbedelse

Knut Reiersrud Og Iver Kleive - Bla koral
Knut Reiersrud and Iver Kleive's Blå Koral (Blue Choral) features Knut's earthbound guitars coupled with Iver's pipe organ in a meeting between the religious European organ tradition and Norwegian and American folk tradition, where salms and folk melodies are performed in unorthodox, unprejudiced and free interpretations. 'A thoroughly interconnected musical triumph' said PULS and 'deserves tremendous words of praise' (Dagbladet). The album earned them the Spellemannsprisen in 1991

Kari Bremnes - Fantastisk Allerede
The Norwegian singer celebrates her 30th year as a recording artist with this compilation of highlights from her career so far. 2 CDs covers a wide range of styles and musical ideas from folk to pop and beyond.

Annbjørg Lien - Khoom Loy
2012 release by the Norwegian fiddler, produced by Bjørn Ole Rasch and featuring a fine group of guests including Pat Broaders, Per Hillestad, Per Elias Drabløs, Rolf Kristensen, Bjørn Charles Dreyer, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen, Bjørn Ole Rasch and Orsa Spelmän.

Knut Hamre - Ferd
Solo works for the hardinfele (hardangar fiddle) by one of Norway's most repsected fiddlers.

Rudl trio - Rudl trio
Håkon Høgemo on Hardangar fiddle, Stefan Bergman on bass, Harald Skullerud on percussion

Teigland, Hamre og Røynstrand - Granvinslåttar

Hekla stålstrenga - Dyrandé
Ragnhild Furebotten (fiddle), Tore Bruvoll (guitar), Anne Nymo Trulsen (voice, harmonium), Trond-Viggo Solås (bass) og Ole-Jakob Larsen (percussion).

Rim Banna - The Mirrors of My Soul (US edition)
The Palestinian singer who gained global recognition as part of the Lullabies from the Axis of Evil project returns with a Norwegian band in a modern recording of Palestinian songs. It veers from emotionally charged, sparsely arranged songs to full-tilt pop-rock, and has the huge advantage of not allowing a drum machine within 4000 miles of the studio. As Arab pop goes, this is throughly unique.

Flukt - Drufiacc
On the second CD by this wonderful Norwegian group traditional Nordic music meets classical and blues, driven by a trio of fiddle, accordion and percussion to produce a compelling and driving sound. The purest of tunes and the simplest of moods exemplifies the mastery of Sturla Eide fiddle (hardangerfiddle), Øivind Farmen (accordion) and Håvard Sterten (percussion).

Marie Boine - Eight Seasons
Boine's most high-tech recording to date, relying heavily on synthesizers and drum loops, will probably make this her most popular recording in a while.

Ingrid Bjone, Dr. Jonas Fjeld, Ola B. Johannesen - Neonlys på Wergeland
Neon Light on Wergeland' presents the Norwegian poet and nationalist in an unusual musical light.

Tigerlily - Tigerlily
This young Norwegian band fuses and melds folk, rock, ambient grooves and jazz into an unusual whole, driven by Elisabeth Vatn's bagpipes and clarinets, Harald Skullerud's percussion, and Olav Torget's plucked strings (including guitar, bass, banjo Senegambian konting and Chinese moon guitar).

Jan Eggum - Hjertnuser
Norwegian singer-songwriter is known as "the face of the melancholy" with songs of lovelorn lives, loneliness and sorrow, and occasionally a social critic. Accompanied by a small ensemble of percussion, bass, occasional horns, he can move run from raw to schmaltzy, from pop rock to jazz. (Songs sung in Norwegian)

Mari Eggen and Helene Høye - sprell Levande
1993 recording by two of Norway's best young fiddlers.

Camilla Granlien - Begjaer
On Begjær the Norwegian singer offers a gorgeous a capella performance of traditional folk songs

Ragnhild Furholt - Lån meg vengjene
With a single exception, all the tunes on this CD were collected by Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (1812­87). The song Hagbard og Signe was transcribed by O.M. Sandvik (1875­1976) after Svein Tveiten from Hovden, Setesdal, in 1919. 'I'm delving into the past, trying to uncover the myths and mysteries ­ that which lies hidden within the old stories and songs. How did people think in the old days, and how is it that the old legends, myths and songs are still alive and meaningful, even today?'

Ragnhild Furebotten Trio - Finally waltz
Music from Northern Norway with Ragnhild Furebotten ( fiddle) with Frode Haltli (accordion) and Gjermund Larsen (cello and viola). With this recording Norwegian fiddler Furebotten delivers an exciting debut under her own name, in a decidely contemporary style of folk music.

Camilla Granlien Band - Jarnnetter
Two great poets from Lom: Tor Jonsson (1916–1951) and Olav Aukrust (1883–1929). Though their views of rural life were far apart, it held a great influence on them both. Tor Jonsson faced much hardship in his youth and came to be critical of the closely-knit rural society, while Olav Aukrust, a champion of religious and national causes, held a more positive view of rural communities, people and lifestyles. Differences notwithstanding, it is obvious from the titles and form of their poems that both drew inspiration from traditional music. We have set some of their poems to traditional tunes both old and recent, and included a few songs they might have heard at home.

Frigg - Grannen
The fifth recording from the fiddle-centric octet based in Kaustinen, Finland. More suprises, more brilliant music, and all the energy and musicianship we have come to expect.

Frigg - Economy Class
Frigg return with their third studio album, advancing their place as young leaders of the Nordic roots music movement. Frigg continue to forge a unique concoction of string music from many cultures through the filter of their native traditions of Finland and Norway. With elements of Appalachian, Celtic, and Eastern European folk influences, this band of fiddles, bass, guiatar, mandolin and percussion delivers another brilliant collection.

Oleman - Oleman
Oleman is a Swedish-Norwegian trio consisting of three melody players and a singer. Together they make playful, lively and danceable music of forgotten and unforgettable songs from the border between Sweden and Norway. Emma Johansson voice and flutes (Sweden), Olof Misgeld, fiddle and viola (Sweden), and Anette Thorsheim, diatonic button accordion (Norway).

Frigg - Keidas - Aase - Oasis
The Finnish/Norway collective returns with their 2005 (and second) release.

Jens Ulvsand and Jullie Hjetland - Ulvsand and Hjetland
The Swedish Bouzouki player Jens Ulvsand and Danish/Norwegian singer Jullie Hjetland started playing together in 2008 in the successful group “KRYSS” and very quickly they found a partnership in there duo playing. They have a common flair for the Nordic sound and with a gentle touch of electronic elements, voice, bouzouki and other instruments, they create a wide spectre of atmosphere's and soundscape's. The duo have been playing several festivals/concerts and with there grounded knowledge of Nordic folk traditions and there own roots they put together traditional Scandinavian songs and traditional music with compositions of there own in a harmonic blend.

Kvarts and Kringkastingsorkestret - Folkemusikk I Symfoni

Anne Hytta - dag, kveld, natt
Solo hardingfele (hardanger fiddle) from Sauland in Telemark, in the south eastern part of Norway.

Harald Fylken - Hardingfele
Historic recordings by Norwegian hardangar fiddler Harald Fylken (1910-1963). The first tracks on this CD are taken from a series of recordings Gudbrand A. Brager made in April 1962, by Arne Bjørndal in July 1957 and by Erik Steine Riste at Harald's home in 1958.

Kristian P. Åsmundstad - a synge gamalt
Recordings by the Norwegian folk-singing legend made in 1937,1954 and 1959 by NRK (Norwegian national radio). He was one of the most significant singers from Gudbrandsdalen, Norway and has had an impact a lot of contemporary young performers of the tradition.

Fridtjof Erneshagen - hardingfele

Haldor Røyne - Hardingfele
Historic recordings by Norwegian hardangar fiddler Haldor Røyne (1908-1979). The recordings used for this CD were made between 1967 and 1974. In most instances it is Haldor Røyne himself who did the actual recording--in his kitchen back home on Ekornveien in Ås near Oslo.

Furnes, Holsen and Sandal - Hardingfele
Archival recordings of three oldtime fiddlers from Norway - Nils Furnes (1901-1990), Johannes Holsen (1910-1992) and Knut Sandal (1913-1964) - recorded by Norwegian national radio NRK.

Einar Londal - Londalsspel - Hardingfele
Einar Løndal is a contemporary old master of the Norwegian hardingfele (hardangar fiddle) whose family has pretty much defined one of the recognized regional styles of playing. He presents 17 traditional tunes, recorded by Norwegian national radio NRK. The audio includes some of his comments on the tunes (in Norwegian, translated into English in the accompanying booklet).

Nordafjells - General
From Oppdal and Lalm in Norway, this fine quartet of accordions, fiddle and bass moves in a similar circle to Finland's JPP, playing traditional dance music with new energy, verve and a bit of humor. There's no fusion or flash, just solid musicianship offered for the simple joy of playing the tunes. A short bonus video shows off that humorous side.

Eivind Mo - Hardingfele
Archival recordings of Eivind Mo (1904–1995), hardingfele player of Telemark, Norway.

Various - Spring in Niavaran
During May and June 2004, everal concerts in Teheran focused on meetings between Iranian artists and European artists Bazar Bla (Sweden), Hamon Martin Quartet (France), Christophe Joneau Trio (France), Persiano (Iran, Norway). This recording features both indivdual works and jamm-session collaborations among the artists.

Ofsdal/Berg/Jacobsen - Seljefloyta
Well-known Norwegian artists Steinar Ofsdal, Hallgrim Berg and Hans Fredrik Jacobsen expore the sound of the seljefløyta, the willow flute, in a recording of solo folk pieces recorded in 1997.

Johanna-Adele Jüssi - Kiilid
"Kiilid" (Dragonflies) features the music of the violinist Johanna-Adele Jüssi, accompanied by Jo Einar Jansen (Norway), Sven Midgren (Sweden), Nicolaj Wamberg (Denmark) and Jalmar Vabarna (Estonia). Produced and recorded by Antti Järvela (Finland), the music is inspired by Estonian islands, Järvamaa and Denmark, her travels, the people she met on her way, and the marks they left, the truths that stuck to her. The song that shares the name of the album, "Kiilid", tells the story of dragonflies with dark blue wings, who fly above water bathed in the sun and remind us to be careful with what we wish for. Musicians: Johanna-Adele Jüssi - violin Jalmar Vabarna - acoustic guitar; Jo Einar Jansen - violin; Sven Midgren - violin; Taavet Niller - bass.

Frigg - Live
The Finnish-Norwegian group produces fresh Scandinavian folk fiddling accompanied by fretted instruments, upright bass and endless energy in this live recording made in concert in 2007.

Flukt - Spill
Newly composed folk music from Norway: Sturla Eide Sundli (fiddle and Hardanger Fiddle), Øivind Farmen (accordion) and Sondre Meisfjord (double bass)

Vidar Skrede Dynamo Band - Happy Monkey
Vidar Skrede presents his Nordic inspired compositions with a new band. The sound is made from hardanger fiddle and ordinary fiddle, together with Finnish musicians Pilvi Järvelä on harmoniom and Jani Kivelä on cittern.

Aamos - Caravan
A Norwegian-Shetland collaboration, Aamos presents new folk music with a flair for good melodies, fine arrangements and an uncanny sense of timing. Kevin Henderson on fiddle; Mark Laurenson on fiddle and mandolin; and Vidar Skrede on guitar and stomp board.

Nomas - Flow
Six musicians from Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden join forces for a new-folk revival - old traditions andnew compositions. Their sound has influences from all the Nordic folk music traditions, jazz, pop, rock and classical music, and not least the musicians' strong personal styles. The artists are Vidar Skrede, Carl Nyqvist, Pauliina Pajala, Christian Stærke, Olli Kari and Michael Graubæk.

The Secret Carpet Club - Village
Village presents three well-established folk musicians, deeply rooted in their local traditions and, not least, in their own individual musical expression. Guitar, fiddle and various flutes weave together to make a rich, rhythmic and dynamic musical fabric, with Emma's voice in the foreground and Carl and Vidar providing the harmonic background. Songs and instrumentals are here in equal measure. Emma Johansson, vocals and flutes; Carl Nyqvist, fiddle and backing vocal; and Vidar Skrede, guitar and backing vocals.

Laget for folkemusikk - Solo og Samspel
Laget for folkemusikk have been the most important organization for folkmusicians in Oslo the last 100 years. Musicians in this collection include Arne Røine, Kjetil Løndal, Magne Myhren, Henrik Gjellesvik, Dagne Groven Myhren (song), Hallgrim Berg (seljefløyte), Håkon Asheim, Magne Manheim, Ånon Egeland, the ensembles Midtgaard-Løndal and Balchen, Bolstad og Bøe and many many more.

Klaus Sande - Hardingfele
Historic recordings by Norwegian hardangar fiddler Klaus Sande (1888 - 1963). This CD presents a selection of the tunes from the recordings Arne Bjørndal and Oddvar Eikelund made of Klaus Sande.

Ola Grihamar - Hardingfele
Historic recordings by Norwegian hardangar fiddler Ola Grihamar (1910 - 1978).

Henning Andersen with Marit Mattisgard - Underlege makter
The songs of the church bells of Valdres, Norway, performed by this duo on voices, fiddles, jews harp, folk flutes, zithers and of course, the bells of Valdres themselves. The artists say: "The bells ring: From time immemorial the church bells have rung in to festival and feat, to sorrow and joy. For people here in Norway the church bells have been a sound and safe landmark for over a thousand years. Over the years they have served various purposes but primarily have been God's voice here on earth. They have summoned the congregation to church service, baptisms, confirmations, weddings and funerals. Gradually they gained other duties than the sacral as they were used to warn of war and mobilisation, accidents and catastrophes. The bells marked the passing hours, the start and end of the working day and the commencement of church holidays when tired bodies could rest."

Ovrevoll Spelemannslag - Spillegal / Gypsy horses
The Fiddlers of Øvrevoll present 'horse-related music' from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Ireland and Iceland, in untraditional performances of traditional fiddle tunes. The ensemble includes two members of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, one gypsy-and folk music player, and one of Norway's most famous jazz musicians. Øvrevoll spelemannslag (in English; the racecourse fiddlers) hope to honor the horse, the symbol of freedom, in a caravan ride through 10 European countries.

Royst - Nordic Initiative
Røyst is a vocal quartet established in Leeds, England by four Norwegian singers - Kari Nergaard Bleivik, Therese Ulvan, Cecilie Giskemo and Maria Jardardottir - who perform original music written and arranged by the members of the group. The repetoire includes a wide-ranging group of styles - traditional Norwegian folk music, vocal jazz, improvisation in a traditional folk vein as well as avant garde free improv, interpretations of ethnic music from around the world and classical art music. The cohesion lies in the unique quality of the voices together, their interest in both tradition and experimentation, and their simple, joyous exhuberance.

Utla - Song
The trio UTLA presents new aspects of sound and imaginary journeys through Norwegian landscapes. Free improvisation and deep folk roots make this a unique sound, performed on saxophones, horns, percussion and hardangar fiddle. This recording also features vocalist Berit Opheim.

Karl Seglem - Nye Nord
Karl Seglem is described as one of the most innovative musicians and composers in Norway. This 2002 release features a larger than usual ensemble in a broad and exciting sound.

Lars Underdal - Gullfakse
Lars Underdal from Vinje in Telemark, has studied with several fiddlers and at the renowed Ole Bull Academy in Voss. He has performed at a number of folk music competitions and at concerts in Norway and abroad. His performance style is powerful and expressive. Gullfakse is a fine selection of fiddle tunes from Telemark, in the tradition of such legendary fiddlers as Myllarguten and Gibøen.

Terje Isungset - Middle of Mist
2003 solo album by the Norwegian percussionist/sound sculptor

Isglem - Fire
Isglem is one of Norway´s leading groups working with freely improvised music. This recording is a duo performance by reedist Karl Seglem and percussionist Terje Isungset.

Akku - Akku
The trio AKKU has been inspired by the musical traditions of the North: its sounds and vocal techniques. Most of the compositions on the album include fragments of traditional music that have been adapted and further developed. Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer, voice; Elfi Sverdrup, voice; Lars Andreas Haug, tuba, voice.

Jon Eberson Trio - Born to be Slow
Norwegian guitarist Jon Eberson with vibraphonist Rob Waring and bassist Carl Morten Iverson.

Tromsø Kunstforsyning - Tur
Experimental new music from Tromso, Norway performed on cello, trombone, electronics, voice, piano and percussion.

Kvarts - Steinsprang
The Norwegian new-trad quartet returned in 2009 with this mareklous group of interpretations of tradition. Three of the tunes here are composed by group members, the remainder are traditional Norwegian folk tunes from east, west, north and south. The members' musical backgrounds range from classical to contemporary, via bluegrass and blues to Norwegian folk.

Knut Reiersrud - Tramp
Knut Reiersruds first solo album (1993). He collaborates here with West African musicians and the American Gospel quintet, Five Blind Boys of Alabama. The album is a tribute to the world's oldest instrument: the human foot.

Knut Reiersrud - Soul of a Man
The Norwegian guitarist's 1998 take on soul, blues and gospel is, as always distinctive and surprising. Always a step ahead, Knut employed samples of legendary blues performances together with rock-solid band of Paolo Vinaccia, Auden Erlien, Bugge Wesseltoft and Reidar Skår. The album is more of a band album with Knut's electric guitar virtuosity in focus. Three of the songs were written exclusively for him by Mac Rebenack and the late Doc Pomus, and the most convincing song on the recording, the title track, is an original. Completely unique and different.

Kari Iveland - Avtrykk (impressions)
Norwegian singer Iveland and her band perform with musicians and singers from Madagascar in an interesting experiement in crossing cultures to create a new art music. Anders Rønningen (guitar, valiha), Rune Arnesen (drums), Sveinung Hovensjø (bass) and Øivind Christiansen (harmonium). are joined by the Malagasy choirs Anakoro, Feon `ny fifohazana Mahavatse, KTKT and Lova; and musicians Patrice Ratsimbazafy and Jean Batiste Ranaivoarisoa on flute and drums. The CD was recorded in the Cathedral of Tulear.

Camilla Susann Haug - Noen ganger blått
Camilla Susann Haug's first album is filled to the brim with poetry and potent jazz. Her CD "Noen ganger blått" (Sometimes blue) puts her in the long ranks of talented artists making their debut on the KKV label. Camilla has written all the melodies and some of the lyrics herself. Other lyricists include famous Norwegian poets Inger Hagerup and Stein Mehren. Helge Lien on piano heads the trio accompanying and developing Camilla's themes with playful and bold enthusiasm, creating the record's tasteful and inspired jazz expression, with Frode Berg on bass and Knut Aalefjær on drums. The album was recorded at Fagerborg Studio in Oslo. Her debut as a composer was at the Prøysen festival/"Blåklokkevikua" (The Bluebell Week) in 2002 with new melodies set to texts by Norwegian favourite Alf Prøysen for children in a show called "Vet du hva du kommer til å få" (Do you know what you'll get). She has also participated at a number of folk song festivals and given a solo concert where she sang her own songs. Camilla has

Frode Alnaes, Arild Andersen, Stian Carstensen - Hostslov
The third in the seasonal song cycles by Norwegian jazz artists Stian Carstensen (accordion), Frode Alnaes (acoustic and electric guitars) and Arild Andersen (bass), Høstsløv explores autumn in original compositions and classics like Try To Remember, Vivaldis Host sequeing into Singing In The Rain, September Song, Harvest Moon, Autumn Leaves and many others from both American pop and Nordic traditions.

Maria Solheim - Will There Be Spring
Norwegian pop, pure and simple, from a fine female vocalist with a quirky sense of timing and arrangement. (Lyrics in English)

Blatur with Jan Eggum - Alle Gjor Det
One of Norway's most talented songwriters with an incredible string of great texts and songs to his name is now releasing a new record. This time he is performing together with the vocal group Blåtur with its four female and three male singers. Under their musical leader Bjørn Holum, Blåtur weaves a funky, rhythmic, vocal backdrop for Jan Eggum's voice and guitar. The CD Alle gjør det features 10 brand new songs by Eggum offering glimpses into a world of stretched, selfish and totally abandoned morals. These highly entertaining vignettes are served against such a world-weary, decadent backdrop that Eggum's appealing music, irony and sharp wit open our eyes to the world around us.In Norwegian, Blåtur means a trip with an unknown destination, or a trip into the wild blue yonder, which is where Eggum whisks us right from the first track on this new CD, produced by Håkon Iversen. On this CD voices dominate as the only instrumentation is percussion and Eggum's guitar. Many of the songs have a playful drive that wi

Maria Solheim - Frail
Solheim's third CD represents an important step in finding her true personal musical style. She has enlisted an entirely new musical ensemble, especially highly profiled young pianist Emil Nikolaisen, with his powerful, expressive style. Other musicians are Tor Egil Kreken (bass), Torstein Lofthus (drums, percussion), Audun Haugeplass and David Wallumrød (keyboards), and Kjetil Steensnæs (guitar). The album was recorded in Hangarsound studio. Maria gives us 10 new powerful and captivating songs on "Frail". Her interpretations and the original sound of Nikolaisen's production create a unique poetic yet raw ambience, simply a world of its own.

Katia Cardenal - Navegas Por Las Costas
The Nicaraguan singer performs the work of the Norwegian poet Alf Prøysen

Morten Harket - Poetenes Evangelium

Per Saemund Bjorkum - Berg og Vatn
A super recording of Norwegian newly-composed folk music, led by violinist Per Sæmund Bjørkum, with harpist Tone Hulbækmo, organist Kåre Nordstoga, bassist Bjørn Kjellemyr and fiddler Oystein Rudi, in a tribute to two central musicians from the North-Gudbrandsdalen area: Pål Skogum and fiddler-historian Torger Olstad.

Sinikka Langeland - Har du lyttet til elvene om natta?
Sinikka Langeland (born 1961) is a kantele player, singer and composer from Finnskogen in eastern Norway. Her family, however is from Karelia, Finland, and this unique mix of musical cultures is the signature of her music.

Jon Anders Halvorsen and Tore Bruvoll - Nattsang
Night Song' is the debut recording by Jon Anders Halvorsen and guitarist Tore Bruvoll. This album consists mostly of Norwegian mediveal folk ballads, but with some modern twists reflecting guitar player Bruvoll's diverse musical background. This is a special order CD.

Liv Runesdatter - Syng Hjerte
Norwegian vocalist accompanied by an ensemble of accordion, hardingfele, saxophone, baglama and bass.

Tore Bruvoll and Jon Anders Halvorsen - Trillar For To
Norwegian vocalist Halvorsen and guitarist Bruvoll, joined by Christian Svensson, Jorun Marie Kvernberg, Oslo Fagottkor, Sondre Meisfjord

Steiner Ofsdal - [pip]
Ofsdal pulls down all the flutes he has collected around the world and plays the in traditional and non-traditional settings, mostly solo, occasionally accompanied by percussion, guitars and lyre.

Bjorset, Teigland and Hytta - Soli
Fiddlers Synnøve S. Bjørset, Åse Teigland and Anne Hytta travel under the name of "Dei Beste Damene" (The Greatest Girls) - all highly skilled performers, each one with a strong individual sound. Their eagerness and passion for the Hardanger fiddle tunes have brought them together on stage where they perform as soloists, showing the great diversity that lies in the mysterious universe of this exceptional instrument and the wonderful traditional Norwegian music for the hardingfele.

Mattisgard and Røine - Sudan Dudan
Two well-respected young musicians from Norway, Marit Mattisgard and Anders E. Røine present their voices surrounded by the stark plucked and bowed sounds of guitars, langeleik (Norwegian zither), fiddle, banjo and mandolin, focusing on strong melodies that are traditional, yet brand new - unknown works found in archives and old transcripts or collected from living sources in remote mountain areas. Sudan Dudanoffers broadside ballads, comic ballads, lullabies and other traditional songs that they have subtitled "folk songs, terribly sad songs of lost love, bitter tears and a rambling father," in a unique and ultimately charming set of duets.

Eirnar Olav and Gjermund Larsen - Sottenpassingen
Don't be decieved by the cover, these two musicians are from the latest generation of young fiddlers from Verdalen, Norway - Eirnar Olav born in 1979, Gjermund in 1981. Spoon fed the music by their fiddler father, they both moved through the musical schools of Norway, formal and informal, often studying with some of the notable old-timers of the region, including many sessions with Hilmar Alexandersen before his death in 1993.

Jørgen Nyrønning - Jorgen Nyronning
Jørgen Nyrønning is a young star fiddler from Holtålen Røros. Driving rhythm, combined with abandoned tonality and play style makes this a wonderful recordings from Røros area. As Jorgen himself says it: On the record, I picked out my favorites- mostly 1800s rock 'n roll music from the islands and the surrounding district.

Jorun Marie Kvernberg and Oyvind Sandum - Tidens losen
Jorun Marie Kvernberg (fiddle) and Øyvind Sandum (accordion) present Tidens løsen. This CD collects some of the many dance tunes from fiddler Ole P. Blø's (1920–2010) repertoire. Ole grew up on the farm Blø on Midøya, an island in the municipality of Midsund in the outermost part of Romsdalsfjorden. He grew up in the midst of a highly active fiddlers' scene. Gamaldans (Central European dance forms brought to Norway in the mid-19th century, e.g. polka, reinlender, waltz, mazurka) was the music at the time, accompanying the locals at dances and weddings and providing entertainment.

Brørneene Sandum - Møyllmål
The Sandum brothers - Hans, born in 1980, and Øyvind, born in 1982 - are from Lalm in Vågå township of Norway. HANS plays fiddle and has been an A-class fiddler since 2001. He has participated in many Landskappleikar (Norway's annual national folk music competition) and smaller kappleikar, and as a member of Kolden and co he won Landsfestivalen i Gammaldansmusikk in 2000. ØYVIND plays accordion, both two-row diatonic and five-row chromatic button accordion. He has taken an education in folk music, studying first in the folk music program in Vinst ra and then at the Ole Bull Academy in Voss. He has played in various gammaldans groups, longest in the group Nordafjells, and won the Landsfestivalen in ensemble playing.

Signe Flatin Neset - hardingfele
Fiddle player Signe Flatin Neset is from Seljord in Telemark, born in 1912. Exceptional recordings in NRK's archive and Norsk Folkemusikksamling.

Olav Moe - Hardingfele
Historic 1937 recordings by Norwegian hardangar fiddler Olav Moe (1872 - 1967).

Fra de mollstemte skoger - Så lengji du kjæm att
The Norwegian trio of Tove Dalbakk (voice, violin, cello), Hege Nylund (voice, washboard) and Annar By (vocals, guitar) have set tone peoms to music, by writers in their home region of Hedmark. They say of the project: "Inspiration for the melodic material include Norwegian and Swedish folk traditions and the powerful, rough and often melancholic traditional music in Hedmark. This is what we thought best fit the poems about short, long awaited summers, long winters and miles of forests has left its mark on both poetry and music." Listen

Camilla Granlien and Kristin Sevaldsen - Aftenstemning
From Norway, traditional singer Camilla Granlien and saxophonist Kristin Sevaldsen join together for an unusual collaboration, titled in English, "Evening Mood." The songs are new melodies and arrangements of poems by Bjorn Bjornson, accompanied by Morten Reppesgård, Harald Skullerud and Jo F. Skaansar.

Ragnhild Furebotten - Never On A Sunday
In this solo project, the Norwegian fiddler joins together traditional music for fiddle with an ensemble of horn players in arrangements by two of the country's top jazzmen. Strong melodies and folk music create a combination of light madness, north Norwegian esprit and delicious Nordic melancholy.

Tindra and Kroke - Live in Forde
The Norwegian folk-root trio meets the driving Polish band in a live concert. Not as improbable a paring as it might seem, they mesh and clash with energy and grace.

Werner Larsen - Aleina på ei naken jord
Blusey folk singer from Norway, kind of in the vein of Berthold Brecht and Tom Waits at times, more American country at others, and occasional traditionally Norwegian. Here's a sampling.

Onkelfolke - Kasta Beinet
Onkelfolke is another good example of the new-folk-wave in contemporary Norway. They play new compositions based on the traditions of their home regions of Nordmøre, Rogaland and Vest-Agder, sometimes combining regional influences into something genuinely new and unique to modern Norway. Folk songs, ballads, springar, pols and halling dance tunes find a new lift in the skilled hands of these musicians playing accordion, flute, guitar, hardinfele, percussion and voices.

Knut Buen - Slåttedikt
Traditional fiddle tunes from Norway by one of the old masters. Recorded in 2012.

Lorentz Hop - Hardangar Fiddle
Back in print! Lorentz Hop lived from 1887 to 1954 and was one of Norway´s leading Hardanger fiddle players in his time. He was from Fana near Bergen. From 1930 until he died in 1954, Hop toured and played in Norway and abroad. The music dates from the 17th century. The Hardanger fiddle music from western Norway has power, strong heavy rhythms, and a very rich explorative tonality. Lorentz Hop is a sound from the past - with something to tell us, today

Håkon Høgemo - Solo
Håkon Høgemo is one of the foremost fiddlers in Norway today. His unique sound and technique have lifted the art of Hardanger fiddle playing to a higher level. His solo album presents Hardanger fiddle music from some of the main areas of this tradition: Sogn, Voss, Hardanger and Valdres.

Moldestad, Mjolsnes, Hogemo - Gamaltnymalt
Three outstanding fiddlers developing traditions into something real new. Sigrid Moldestad, Einar Mjølsnes and Håkon Høgemo are essential performers of the Norwegian fiddle tradition, and here they present their music on the 5-string hardingfele (hardangar fiddle), creating a potent and formidable sound! This recording was awarded the Norwegian 'Spellmannprisen' in 2005.

Farmers Market - Slav to the Rhythm
Only Stian Carstensen, the Norwegian guitarist, accordionist, pianist, organist, kavalist - the list goes on and on - could have come up with such an album. His ability to defy geography and genre is legend and his musical abilities, and those of the people he surrounds himself with, is top notch. Better still, this like every other recording he has made, is completely new and different from what precedes it. Hard pop, global jazz, Balkan dance music, Russian surf tunes and more all collide and collude to make this a compelling piece of progressive roots-pop.

Inga Ravna Eira and company - Gilši / Skilful
Gilši presents what the artists call "ElectroJazz YoikPoetry" from the north of Scandinavia. Inga Ravna Eira's poetry about the women's situation in today's Sami reindeer herding is woven with powerful traditional yoik-chanting by Ravna Anti Guttorm and Biret Risten Sara who fully master the classical yoik technique. These three women have grown up with reindeer herding. They comment on the change from their childhood to today's regulated reindeer herding business and the consequences for women, both for those inside and those who dropped out. Inga Ravna is a well-established Sami writer with several published books. Ravna and Biret Risten are renowned yoikers who have participated in numerous CD projects, toured and performed on stage as artists. Patrick Shaw Iversen has composed the music inspired by the poetry and the catchy Karasjok yoik melodies. He is a composer and flutist since 1977 and has participated in numerous musical projects both abroad and home. He has earlier collaborated with Inga Ravna when

Henricksen, Isungset, Seglem - Daa
Three of the more adventurous musicians in Norway team up to create bold new music with some deep roots but ultimately with an unswerving sense of innovation and a passion for the new.

Tromsø Kunstforsyning - Tur
Øystein Blix, Trombone; Bernt Simen Lund, Cello, Electronics; with guests: Sizzle Othaka, Vocal, Nasra Ali Omar, Percussion, Electronics, Håvard Graff, Piano, Trond Sverre Hansen, Drums. Taking improvisation and free forms in art and music as its starting point, the ensemble has collaborated with musicians from a variety of genres in developing its concept further. Several of these musicians appear as guests on this recording. This work of Tromsø Kunstforsyning (TK), founded in 1999, presents a broad cross-section of the ensemble's intriguing soundscape. It is TK's first CD, and gives the listener an idea of what improvised music can sound like at 70° north.

Karl Seglem and Reidar Shar - Tya
Reidar Skår (piano, keyboards and computers) is an innovative and creative musician, composer and producer working in his own studio in Oslo. He has participated on a numerous list of recordings with Norwegian jazz, pop and rock artists. Skår has been collaborating with Seglem for years - mainly as a studio technician, co producer and composer/arranger. Seglem (sax and horns) has been called one of Norway's foremost saxophonists, with an original and distinctive voice and a unique ability to renew himself. They are joined by an ensemble of fiddle, guitar, accordion, voices, percussion and more in an adventurous set from 1997.

This Norwegian quintet makes music with high energy, presented by two voices, saxophone, percussion and tuba. Akku gives you a daring vocal art performance that crosses many borders. Improvisations both on traditional and unexplored grounds: Both in between the ugly and the beautiful and in between the humoristic and the serious. The sound of AKKU is a clear and opposite statement to intellectual and mechanical music.

Andrea Kvintett - Andrea Kvintett
Andrea offers unusual songs with unusual subjects, beautifully crafted and performed by the singer/composer, along with the three young saxophone players Svein Magnus Furu, Harald Lassen, Kim-Erik Pedersen and Christian Meaas Svendsen on bass.

Stein Versto - Urjen. Slåttar Etter Olav Og Eivind Groven
Solo hardingfele (hardangar fiddle) performances of tunes from Olav and Eivind Groven.

Gabriel Fliflet - Åresong
The Norwegian singer and accordionist strikes again in 2011 accompanied by musicians like Benedicte Maurseth, Kristoffer Chelsom Vogt, Stein Urheim, Per Jørgensen, on guitars, percussion, bass, horns, fiddles, voices and more. While it lacks the sheer madness of the Fliflet-Hamre recordings of the 90s, it's just as exploratory and adventurous, with a touch of romanticism. Highly recommended.

Eplemoya Songlag - Eplemoya Songlag
Eplemøya Songlag is three Norwegian female singers; Liv Ulvik (traditional folk singer), Wenche Losnegård (jazz vocalist) and Anja Eline Skybakmoen (jazz vocalist). The vocal group has developed a specific and interesting sound, exploring the possibilities in the fusion between jazz vocals and Norwegian traditional singing. They sing their own compositions as well as traditional Norwegian material arranged in their own way. Eplemøya Songlag has power and energy. They mix humor, experimental improvisation and storytelling. Their sound is sometimes powerful; sometimes whispering and wondering. Tradition meets innovation.

Sturla Eide - Triller
Sturla Eide was appointed regional artist for Sør-Trøndelag county 2009, and this project is a sort of toolbox the artist developed to improvise music in the regional fiddler style. Sturla and the band are playing around with the Norwegian musical fingerprint, qworking in the tradition while stretching established shapes and styles. The fiddle and hardingfele player Eide is joined by Øystein Sandbukt on guitar, Lasse Sörlin on bouzouki and viola d´amore and Ronny Kjøsen accordion, harmonium and piano.

Glima - Taran
Tårån is the work of three Norwegian artists, Helene Waage, Ragnhild Knudsen, Torunn Raftevold Rue, on cello, hardangar fiddles and viola, stretching the boundaries of folk music traditions in exciting and subtle ways.

Ase Teigland - Stille
Teigland comes from Utne in Hardanger. She is one of Norway´s talented young Hardanger fiddle players, and plays with genuine feeling and grace. She has studied with Knut Hamre, Stein Versto and Leif Rygg. On this solo CD she plays tunes in nine different tunings for the fiddle. Liner notes in Norwegian and English give the history and origin of the tunings and the tunes.

Norchestra - Norchestra
A trio of classical/jazz musicians from Norway, Alf Wilhelm Lundberg on guitar and piano; Kjetil Lundø on bass, and Tore Jamne on drums. Listen

Berit Opheim, Sigbjorn Apeland - Den Blide Sol
Berit Opheim (voice) and Sigbjørn Apeland (church organ) present a series of traditional religious works

Kvarts, Opheim, Myhren and Mistereggen - Skal, skal ikkeje
Music for a Norwegian folk-theater production by the ensemble Kvarts with Berit Opheim, Øyonn Groven Myhren, Birger Mistereggen.

Agnes Buen Garnas - Draumkvedet
Agnes Buen Garnås sings Norwegian medieval songs accompanied by flute, hardingfele, organ, saxophone and harp. With Harold Gundhus (flute and saxophone) , Knut Buen (hardingfele), Warren Cardstrom (Celtic harp) and Kare Nordstoga (organ).

Sondre Bratland - Draumkvedet (The Dream Ballad)
With Sondre Bratland's new version of this mighty medieval work, an obelisk is being erected in the Norwegian cultural landscape. This is a reference work that ought to be found in every home and at every school in Norway.

Kari Bremnes - Over en by
Bremnes 2005 release features fourteen of her own songs, joined by a new band that includes Knut Reiersrud, Bjørn Kjellemyr, Helge Nordbakken and Bengt Egil Hansen, with guests like Nils Økland on fiddle, Arve Henriksen, trumpet and Børge Pettersen Øverleir, guitar.

Sondre Bratland - Den Blå Gleda
The Norwegian singer is joined by Roar Engelberg (pan flute), Iver Kleive (organ), Malgorzata Mulewska Sundberg (harp).

Solfrid Molland - Katedral for tapte drommer
On Katedral for tapte drømmer [Cathedral of Lost Dreams], the Norwegian accordionist is joined by some great names in Balkan music: Romanian hotshots Taraf de Haiduks, French-Russian gutarist Pascal de Loutcher and Gypsy singer Ionut Guluna.

various (Norway) - Våkenatt for Hardanger
various Norwegian singers and musicians offer their "Vigil for Hardangar" in many different styles from pop to traditional folk. Artists include: Ole Paus, William Hut, Herborg Kråkevik, Åsne Valland Nordli, Herborg Kråkevik and Anne Grete Preus, Nils Petter Molvær, Bjarne Brøndbo, Ove Thue, Einar Mjølsnes, Sondre Bratland.

Banna, Barghouti, Murad, Jawaher Shofani - A Time to Cry: A Lament Over Jerusalem
Palestinian singers Rim Banna, Nai Barghouti, Wissam Murad, Jawaher Shofani present songs for Jerusalem, accompanied on traditional and modern instruments with musicians from Norway, the US and the Middle East. The recordings were made in a Palestine home in East Jerusalem that was (in May of 2010) threatened with eviction to make way for new Jewish housing.

Stephen Brandt-Hansen - I Julens Lys
Popular and esoteric Jule songs by the Norwegian singer and a small ensemble with Iver Kleive on piano, plus harmonica, keyboards and a choral group.

Fotefar and Håvard Lund - Fest
FEST is the first CD from the folk trio Fotefar (Footprints) and clarinet player Håvard Lund. The trio is Lena Jinnegren, Bendik Lund Haanshus and Ragnhild Furebotten. Lena, from Sweden, has deep roots in rock, folk music and folk ballads. Ragnhild was nominated for the same award in 2008 for her solo CD "Endelig vals" (Finally a waltz). Bendik trained at the music conservatory in Trondheim, and plays in the group KADO and the tango music band Orangutango. Håvard is artist in residence for the cultural centre in Troms county, and now has a permanent position there as a musician, composer and arranger. He has played with the band Farmers Market, with Frode Fjellheim of Transjoik and collaborated with Trygve Seim.

Kari Bremnes - LY
LY (Shelter) features 11new songs spanning a wide range of ideas, visions and musical temperament. Bremnes looks into the nooks and crannies of life, writing about how she sees the world through her eyes, the ugly and beautiful, light and dark,anger and love, about dancing, death, the fate of a strong woman on the polar island of Svalbard, and about finding warmth. In short, about seeking shelter. (In Norwegian)

Solveig Slettahjell and Tord Gustavsen - Natt i Betlehem
Christmas carols and religious songs, in Norwegian and English, both tradtional and contemporary, performed on piano and voice

Knut Reiersrud band - Voodoo without killing chicken
The Norwegian composer and guitarist goes full tilt into the music of New Orleans in an agressive and unique way, rife with his energetic playing an d a gang of top nothc blues, jazz and rock ifluenced musicians. This album features 11 songs that Reiersrud's distinctive signature, and with six of the lyrics co-authored with Jeff Wasserman.

Lars Bremnes - Stayer

Elin Furubotn - Det Som E Na (What is now)

Julius Winger - Kjaerlighet og andre misforstaelser
Love and other misunderstandings' is 9 tracks of down to earth and direct philosophizing on the small and big issues in life, particularly love. The musicians include Andreas Utnem, piano, Mads Eliertsen, bass, Mathias Eick, trumpet, Halvor Lillesund, accordion, Frode Barth, guitar, Trygve Seim, saxophone, Øyvind Brække, trombone, Jan Erik Kongshaug, guitar, Lars Andreas Haug, tuba, Johannes Martens, cello, Kristine Martens, cello, Pia Tjelta, Andrea Bræin Hovig and Silje Lundblad, vocals. The song "Hovedøen" features guest artist Kari Diesen.

Aage Kvalbein and Iver Kleive - Julemeditasjoner (Christmas meditations)
Two Norwegian musicians on piano and cello express the tranquil moods of Christmas. With their extensive experience of interpreting traditional musical material and with a touch of irreverence, these open-minded musicians have toyed with familiar Christmas songs, inserting a classical piece by Vivaldi here and another by Schubert there, to create a mix of well-loved Christmas songs.

Leieboerne - Følg oss hjem, Ole Paus
Leieboerne (The Tenants) take a selection of songs by a legendary Norwegian songwriter, add a classic 70s folk-rock sound and ask Følg oss hjem, Ole Paus (Take us home, Ole Paus). The band says 'If you are a tenant you rent, you don't own. The nice thing about renting is that you can rearrange the furniture a bit and then pretend that you own... Renting from Ole Paus brings you into a fascinatingly huge house full of cellars and attics... But we do want to mention all the fabulous stuff we found in the attic that we dragged down into the living-room, that's why there are many songs from Oles earliest period.'

Kari Bremnes - Live

Henning Sommerro - Sullabullyam
Pianist and vocalist Henning Sommerro sings and plays his own original songs, with lyrics by Edvard Hoem. Since the 1970s Sommerro and Hoem have been collaborating on hymns and songs from Biblical sources to comment on the contemporary world. Hans Fredrik Jacobsen plays flutes and Edvard Hoem recites the lyrics on one track.

various - En Hildringstime (a tribute to Erik Bye)
A group of Norway's foremost pop artists got together in 2004 on a Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation studio to pay tribute to Erik Bye who had recently passed away. Here the concert is finally released on CD, and on "En Hildringstime" (Magic Twilight) we include a rare gem, the bonus track "Drøm" (Dream), the last song recorded by Erik Bye before he died, and which is a key part of the movie about him ¿ "Giganten" (The Giant).

Ole Paus - Sanger Fra Et Hvitmalt Gjerde I Sjelen
Norwegian contemporary songs. Ole Paus' lyrics tell stories of seduction, vanity, indifference and intimacy, with an ironic twist and a serious tone. The listener might think of the songs as preludes in a minor key to the inevitability and perhaps necessity of a doomsday. Then again, one may also regard them as entertaining or poetically innocuous small sketches of life. From this unique duality comes the power to move the soul, hence the working title's metamorphosis into "Songs from the whitewashed fence of the soul", opening for a much broader and richer interpretation of the songs. 2005 release

Oslo Gospel Choir - Det Skjedde i de dager
The spirit of Norwegian Christmas - Princess Martha Louise reads the Christmas story in Norwegian. Songs are performed by the choir and guest vocalist Sigvart Dagsland, and include Stille Natt, Det Hev Ei Rose Sprunge, Dailig Eg Jorden, Hellige Natt and more.

Iver Kleive - Juleevangeliet

Skruk and Altiplano - Misa Andina
1993 - English language edition

Skruk and Altiplano - Misa Andina
1993 - Norwegian language edition

Sondre Bratland - Rosa Fra Betlehem
Songs for Christmas sung by the great Norwegian artist, beautifully recorded at the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, and accompanied by Knut Reiersrud, Iver Kleive and Paolo Vinaccia.

Tone Hulbaekmo and Hans Fredrik Jacobsen - Langt nord I skogen
These selections are for children, as well as adults who remember the advice and wisdom of their grandmother. Tone Hulbækmo plays Norwegian harp, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen plays various flutes and reeds, and Celio de Carvalho on rhythm instruments are the core ensemble, joined by accordion, pump organ, guitar, bass and more in both Norwegian folks songs and influences from around the world.

Arnt Haugen - Arnt Haugens reviderte
One of KKVs great classics is reissued on CD. The aim of the record was to show how well-loved Norwegian revivalist songs were perfect for the dance floor. This release will surely capture as much attention today as it did when it was first released in the autumn of 1982.`

Sinikka Langeland - Andreas Liebig - Stjerneklang
Sinikka Langeland sings folk songs and improvises with Andreas Liebig, who performs on the historic Wagner-organ (1741) in Nidaros Cathedral, in Trondhjem, Norway. They present Bach's organ chorales for Christmas in a unique and passionate way.

Braten-Berg, Mazur and Willemark - Stemmenes skygge
Norwegian Kirsten Bråten Berg (vocals, jew's harp), Sweden's Lena Willemark (vocals, violin, viola), and Danish percussionist Marilyn Mazur join together for is going to be one of the great Nordic recordings of 2005. 'Voices' Shadow' is a pure trio recording, unadorned and yet ornate in structure, deeply rooted in tradition and yet almost avant garde in performance, and a total joy to listen to.

Sinikka Langeland - Runoja
This album pushes Sinikka closer to modern jazz and the avant garde than her previous recordings. Using her voice and kantele, with her Norwegian and Finnish traditions as the starting point, she works with an ensemble of bass, percussion and trumpet to create a dynamic new sound for the runic songs that are at the heart of her work.

Terje Isungset - Hibernation
The 2009 edition of the Norwegian percussionist's "all ice" music, performed on ephemeral instruments made of ice. With Sara Marielle Gaup, Peter Paelinck, Eilif Gundersen

Ingebjor Sorboen - Fuggel'n
Young Norwegian hardangar fiddler Ingebjør Sørbøen is from the region of Hallingdal and she carries on the local traditions on a recording of solo traditional tunes and occasionally accompanied flute, accordion or voices. Pure and simple.

Harnihomba - Harnihomba
Modern folk from Norway, new ararnagements of traditional songs and original pieces performed with bagpipes, clarinet, fiddle, guitars, bass, percussion and saxophones.

Gjermand Larsen Trio - Reise
2013 release by the Norwegian fiddler with Andreas Utnem on piano and harmonium and Sondre Meisfjord on bass. English notes by Fiona Talkington included.

various artists: Norway - Norske Turdansar 5 - Turdansar Frå Trøndelag
performers: Einar Olav Larsen; Vegar Vårdal; Hilde Sørnæs; Geir Egil Larsen; Einar Olav Larsen Trio

Bukkene Bruse - Spel
Selected live recordings from the group's '03 Norwegian national tour features some guest appearances by the classical string quartet Vertavo, joining Lien and her ensemble in a new series of adventurous interpretations of traditioanal and original Nordic music.

Kirsten Braten Berg - Syng Du Mi Royst
Kirsten Bråten Berg's 2001 recording, 'Syng Du Mi Røyst,' is a contemporary work, with an ensemble of piano, percussion, guitar, bass (Arild Andersen), hardingfele, violin, viola d'amore and bouzouki. The roots are deep, but the sound is distinctly modern. Fans of Lena Willemark's jazz and modern recordings will find this irresistible.

Slattejazz - Slattehjerte
Slåttejazz is Helene Høye and Ole Sigvard Lunnan, and their 2011 release of duets, Slåttehjerte, brings traditional Norwegian music to life on fiddle and piano.

Gjermund Larsen Trio - Aurum
One of the young lions of Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, Larsen creates a folk-rooted but modern music. He is joined on this recording by Andreas Utnem - piano; and Sondre Meisfjord - bass. Larsen has composed all the songs, and although traditional music provides his main source of inspiration, he doesn't compose in a strictly traditional style, being influenced by Baroque music, jazz, contemporary music, pop, rock, bluegrass and other Scandinavian folk music.

Annbjørg Lien and Bjørn Ole Rasch - Come Home
With Lien on fiddle, hardanger fiddle and nyckelharpa (and a bit of vocal) and Rasch playing harmonium, the duo offers both traditional and original material on this 2010 release.

various, Norway - Norsk Brygg
A nice collection of "new routes" from Norway, some old, some new, from a 1979 chestnut to 2011 "up and coming" music. Valkyrien Allstars, String Sisters, Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag, Blåmann Blåmann, Tre Nyhus, Gjermund Larsen Trio, Dvergmål, Åse Teigland, Sven Nyhus Kvartett, Slinkombas, Bruvoll And Halvorsen, Bukkene Bruse and others

Gjermund Larsen Trio - Akomst
Gjermund Larsen on fiddle, Andreas Utnem on piano and harmonium, and Sondre Meisfjord on bass

Valkyrien Allstars - Valkyrien Allstars
Three Norwegian fiddlers join forces to bring the tradition to life - Ola Hilmen, Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen and Erik Sollid, joined by a full band, push the music into pop, rock, jazz and even some traditional folk songs. Listen and Listen

various - Bridges: Live In China
A cross cultural concert by Norwegian and Chinese musicians: Terje Isungset (Percussion, Ice Percussion), Unni Løvlid (Vocals), Frode Haltli (Accordion), Lu Yingmei (Vocals), Wu Chuan Ping (Vocals), Pan Xin Zhi (Vocals), Wu Anhua Dongliang (Vocal, Dong Pipe and Flute, Ox-bone Fiddle, Lusheng).

Turid Spildo - Nykkjen
Turid Spildo is best known as the vocalist and hardang fiddler from the Norwegian ensemble Dvergmål. Here she is in solo mode, singing songs from the West-coast of Norway, accompanying herself on hardanger-fiddle andorgan. The tunes were collected by a schoolteacher from Sogn og Fjordane, North-West in Norway: Olav Sande (1850-1927) in the period 1880-1904. 16 of the tunes, mostly ballads, keep the old tradition alive in this simple and lovely recording.

Anne-Marie Giortz - Pa Egne Vegne
With a stripped down ensemble sound (featuring marimbas, bass, percussion, banjo, keyboards and guitar), Norwegian composer and vocalist Anne-Marie Giørtz creates a completely unique recording, rooted in jazz, pop and folk, but beholden to none. Highly recommended!

Unni Lovlid - Rite
Norwegian vocal musc extraordinare. RootsWorld says: "Every once in awhile, an album emerges that is so singular that it appears to have dropped out of the sky like a diamond meteorite. Such is the case with the Norwegian vocalist Unni Lovlid's latest CD, Rite. In these days of post-folk, where bedroom laptop gurus deconstruct guitar chords and gauzy field samples, the human touch has migrated to anonymous microchip forests. Unni Lovlid's chief instrument, however, is her remarkable voice, as pure as a stream's refracted light and as lulling and seductive as a ripe moon. On Rite, Lovlid takes her voice into the dark organic wildwood of an imagination shadowed with possibilities: she gives birth to an art music of soothing strangeness."

Annbjørg Lien - Annbjorg
the first album by the Norwegian fiddler and her band

Skogumsbrorne - Slattespel fra Gudbrandsdalen
Norwegian ensemble Skogumsbrørne revives the music of some classic regional fiddle styles by the brothers Skogum on Slåttespel frå Gudbrandsdalen.

Isglem - Null G
Norwegians Terje Isunset (percussion, voice, drums) and Karl Seglem (saxophone, goat horm voice) in a 1993 recording of new routes in Norwegian rhythm and noise.

Skruk - Starry crowns in heaven
The Norwegian vocal group performs playful and exciting arrangements of American gospel and spirituals and has enlisted legendary conductor Samuel Carver Davenport from New Orleans to help refine and polish their performance of these songs. All the songs are for choir a cappella, and several arrangements are written by another legend of spirituals, Moses Hogan, a personal friend of Davenport. He writes in a dense and spectacular style, exploiting the many ways language can be used to help the music swing.

Schola Sanctae Sunnivae and Hartkeriana - Officium et Missae in Nativitate Sancti Ioannis Baptistae
A female choir from Trondheim, Norway and a male choir from Amsterdam presnt works inspired by a thousand years of church music traditions. These internationally recognized choirs have recorded a St. John's officium, a collection of a full days masses and hourly prayers on a double CD set, with music both for midsummer and the nativity. Music in the gregorian tradition, marvelously recorded (as all KKV recordings are), with great spacial presence and accuracy.

Anders Rogg, Audun Myskja - Videre (2 CDs)
Anders Rogg is an established Norwegian pianist, artist, musician, actor and composer, best known for his membership in the theatre/musical group Tramteatret. Audun Myskja is a medical practitioner who works in the area of musical healing. It all sounds a bit pretentious, but the music is rich and interesting, far from the sleepy yawns of most 'relaxation' music.

Jienat - Mira
An exploration of Sami roots that is totally non-traditional, completely global and thoroughly original. Composed, arranged and recorded by Norwegian musician Andreas Fliflet, the musicians and singers on this project explore the world to find new ways to express old emotions and ideas.

various - 4th International Jew's Harp Festival
2 CD set of performances from the 4th International Jew's Harp Festival in Rauland, Norway in 2002 features artists from around the world, from Norway to North America to Vietnam to Tuva and eastern Europe. Listen!

Odd Bakkerud - Hardingfele
A double CD of the music of Odd Bakkerud (1931-1989), most recorded between 1959 and 1971 by Norwegian national radio (a few were from private tapes or recorded live at competitions). The material is chiefly springars and halling-tunes from Hallingdal, but the second CD also includes some pieces from Telemark, Numedal and Valdres.

Vlada Kanic - En passent med aksent
Born in Belgrade and now living in Norway, songwriter and singer Kanic has made truly local music: he has taken his songs of war and peace in the Balkans and presented them to a Norwegian audience, in his adopted language. It's a bold move for an immigrant, but the songs carry a potency and the music accompanying them is superb. The Norwegian press has responded positively and so have audiences. Balkan music fans will find plenty to love in the musical accompaniment, too, with it's great sonic mix from a band of accordions, bass, guitars, cimbalom, violins and more.

Fri Flyt - Flyr Fritt
The Fliflet/Hamre gang from Norway returns with a new name but the same wild and wholly attitude... Blkan roots, Norwegian madness, humor and great musicianship... from the Oslo ranch where accordion is king!

Einar Olav Larsen Trio - Lysblain
A Norwegian repertoire based on elegant fiddling and restrained piano with acoustic bass. Einar Olav Larsen, Fiddle; Daniel Trostrup Røssing, Piano; Audun Larsen, Accustic Bass

Various Artists - Stjerner Lyser Hvite: The Songs of Jens Gunderssen
This double CD release marks the 100 years since the actor, director, theater manager, composer, singer and poet Jens Gunderssen was born. Jens Gunderssen became nationally known through radio, phonograph, live events and tours. His soft-spoken, warm and melodic folk songs, often to his own guitar or lute accompaniment, represented an almost separate genre when he came on the phonograph market in the 1940s.

Sven Nyhus Kvartett - Bergrosa: 40 ar med… (CD and DVD set)
40 years with the legendary professor of folk music, fiddler and "Commander of the Order of St Olav," Sven Nyhus. The DVD is a collection of 30 tunes, 90 minutes of music culled 4 decades of the archives of Norwegian national Broadcasting. The CD is a recording og a mid-summer concert and dance in the town hall of Sollia, Norway.

Halfdan Kjerulf - Songs From Norway
Maria Lindberg-Kransmo, vocalist and Stephanie A. Freeman, pianist.

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