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E.T. Mensah & The Tempos - King of Highlife Anthology (4 CDs and book)
The founding father of the most popular style of dance music in Africa, which spread like a bushfire across the continent and beyond during the 1950s and 60s, E.T. Mensah ‘The King of Highlife' is a true legend of African music. These classic tracks, 69 in total, many of which have not been available for more than 50 years, have been digitally transferred at the National Sound Archive with the cooperation of the Mensah family and estate. This 4 CD boxset includes a 64-page biography by Highlife expert John Collins, making it the ultimate music lovers compendium of one of the most revered of all African composers and band leaders.

Himmerland - The Spider in the Fiddle
The band calls it "New Danish music across styles, cultures and frontiers." A multi-culti band with roots in many parts of the world, they build a sophisticated sound with a small band. The members are Eskil Romme (sax), Ditte Fromseier (violin, vocal), Morten Alfred Hřirup (guitar, vocal), Andrzej Krejniuk (electric bass) and Ayi Solomon (percussion). This is the RootsWorld's Music of the Month selection for December, 2014. (This CD was donated by the band to help support the magazine and radio program.)

Bernard Woma - ..in Concert
Master Ghanaian xylophonist Bernard Woma captivates audiences through his performance of traditional Dagara Gyil music and inventive original compositions. A highly energetic and virtuosic live performance together with Mark Stone (percussion) and Kofi Ameyaw (xylophone, percussion).

Himmerland - New Roots Music from Denmark
Himmerland performs new Danish music composed by the five musicians of the band. These are some of the most experienced and traveling musicians from Denmark, all specialized in different genres like folk, world and jazz. All of the musicians are well-known in the Danish roots scene and play with some of the countries most respected groups including Haugaard and Hřirup, Habbadam, Fiolministeriet, Afenginn, New Jungle Orchestra and Kryss. The muscians are Morten A Hřirup (Guitar and Vocal), Ditte Fromseier Hockings (Violin and Vocal), Ayi Solomon ( Percussion), Andrzej Krejniuk ( Bas ), Eskil Romme (Sax)

Sweet Talks - The Kusum Beat
Sweet Talks were amongst the top five most popular bands in Ghana during the 1970s having recorded a string of hit albums. 'The Kusum Beat' was originally released in 1974 and became a household favourite with heavy emphasis on the 'Afro' through its traditional rhythms and motifs, blended together into a modern mix that combined highlife, funk and Afrobeat Like a small handful of seminal Ghanaian albums, The Kusum Beat has stood the test of time and sounds as original and unique today as it did back in 1974.

VA - Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70's Ghana
14 rare and unreleased tracks from Sweet Talks, African brothers, Black Star Sound, Ebo Taylor, and many others. Ghana Soundz is a painstakingly assembled collection of Afro-beat and Afro Funk, most of which has never been released outside of Africa and some of which is unreleased anywhere. This package will also appeal to collectors as it includes a full 16 page booklet highlighting the history of the Ghana recording industry and reproductions of original LP sleeves

Smilin' Osei - Wayo Tactics
The Ghanaian's new album boasts Malian guitarist Zoumana Diarra, Congolese bass-player Shaba Kahamba, Senegalese drummer Pape Seck and the horn section of the Amsterdam Klezmer Band.

Captain Yaba - YabaFunkRoots
James Brown's funky music meets highlife music in Captain Yaba. The young Ghanaian musician is a maestro of the two-stringed molo, an instrument made from skin covered gourd with a long girrafe-like neck. Captain Yaba who teamed with Francis Fuster the Sierra Leonian master percussionist, has produced a new sound that is both powerful, spiritual and highly danceable. From the opening tune to the last one, the molo sets the tone and the drums follow in flawless harmony. Moreover, the Captain's roughly hewed voice is captivating; it makes Tinanure easily the most innovative pop album to come from Ghana in almost a decade.' - Opiyo Oloya, RootsWorld

Ammasu Akapoma Group - The Music of Ammasu - Brong-Ahafu Ghana 1976
A musical portrait of the Village of Ammasu in the Brong-Ahafu region of Ghana. The Ammasu Akapoma Band is the hottest funeral band in the region and on this album you will find ritual and recreational drumming, singing in sorrow and happiness, children's music, a brass band and more. Includes a 28 page booklet with text and pictures.

Adesa - Akoma
The musicians of Adesa bring the Ghanaian korlegorno (lute), horns, flutes, water kalebasses and the balafon to compositions that lean not only on rural traditions but also on ritual and courtly music and their own experiences from their tours in Europe. This is an elegant yet rough-hewn musical experience from western Africa.

Ewe Drumming From Ghana - the soup which is sweet draws the chairs in closer
The Ewe people of Ghana and Togoare reknowned for their polyrhythmic drumming and beautiful call and response singing. Travelling through this region, one is struck by the way in which they have preserved their traditional music alongside the new cultural ideas brought by globalisation. The Dzigbordi group is a community dance drumming group that people from all age groups can join. On this CD they perform several classic dances from the Ewe repertoire before moving on to their own 'proprietary' dance - The Dzigbordi (Patience) Dance. Usually these dances are performed live at funerals and religious ceremonies, but for this recording, the group chose a secluded courtyard outside the town, resulting in a crystal clear sound that showcases both the drums and the songs.

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