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Kala Jula - Mande Kulu
kala Jula is a quartet with Samba Diabaté on guitar and ngoni, Vincent Zanetti on guiatar, harp-luth and percussion, Hélène Labarrière on bass, Jacky Molard on violin and alto. While the music is deeply endebted to the Mande tradition of Mali, this global quartet finds new ways to reach its spirit.

Maes, Martin, Gruel - Feule Caracal
Two great experimenters of the diatonic accordion, Frenchmen Christian Maes and Janick Martin, and the explorer percussionist Etienne Gruel. That's all there is. The accordions are both acoustic and run through effects, the percussion is mostly from the middle east, and with these simple tools and elements of jazz and rock, they push back the borders a few degrees.

uKanDanZ - Awo
They describe the sound as 'Ethio-Crunch' and it's clear from their sound and lineup - guitar, bass, drums and sax - that they're heavily inspired by Getatchew Mekuria's skronky improvisational work with The Ex. Awo is the group's second recording, after their 2012 debut Yetchalal, and it's heavy listening. Guilhem Meier's thunderous drumming, Benoit Lecomte's rattling bass, and Damien Cluzel's metallic guitarwork churn out a surprisingly nimble post-rock groove that begins somewhere between System of a Down and vintage Black Sabbath, and ends up in a much, much weirder place. But the real stars here are Lionel Martin's agitated sax improvisations and Guebreyes's plaintive Amharic vocals.

Ensemble Marani - Polyphonies de Georgie
An ensemble dedicated to the unique polyphonic singing of Georgia.The middle and high voices are sung by soloists. The bass is sung by several singers. They come together and sing these harmonies, sacred and profane, to perpetuate an ancestral culture.

Phillip Peris - Digeridoo
solo performances on digeridoo - 5 tracks, 68 minutes

Patrick Molard - Biniou Braz

ba.fnu and Yann-Fanch Kemener - YFK-2016
Czech band meets legendary Breton singer Yann-Fañch Kemener. The Czechs have an affinity for both Czech and other European styles, but especially Breton fest-noz tunes. Yann-Fañch Kemener supplies the Breton vocals distinguished by a call-and-response pattern, that accompanies dancing. The musicians largely work with tracks that Kemener collected, while three of the tracks feature modern lyrics. The whole work is conceived as a 'calendar' with songs and recitations for each month. (A RootsWorld selection)

Philip V. Bohlman and New Budapest Orpheum Society - Jewish Cabaret in Exile
Music By Kästner, Nick, Milner, Gebirtig, Eisler, Ellstein, Kreisler, Leopoldi, Katscher, Spoliansky, Schiffer, Ullmann, Tucholsky, Holländer. Includes extensive extensive essay, annotations, and bibliography. Performers: Stewart Miller, bass; Ilya Levinson, piano; Iordanka Kissiova, violin; Hank Tausend, drums; New Budapest Orpheum Society; Julia Bentley, mezzo-soprano; Stewart Figa, baritone

Tao Ravao and Thomas Laurent - Au Bout Du Petit Matin
Malgache string player and vocalist Ravao and French harmonica player Laurent offer a window into primarily Francophone and Francophone-associated tunes. Though a few tracks would be well known to even casual listeners of jazz, rock, and Afro-Latin styles, the way Ravao and Laurent capture their energy with only two performers is much more novel. Ravao plays both guitar and kabosy, a box-shaped wooden guitar common in musics of Madagascar, while Laurent sports a twelve-hole chromatic harmonica not dissimilar to the voice-like emotionality popularized by musicians like Toots Thielemans and Gregoire Maret.

Deltas - Ligerian Blues
Deltas, from Angers France, was formed by guitarist Vincent Erdeven and violinist/kora player Richard Bourreau (from Lo'Jo). They are now a trio with ngoni player/singer Andra Kouyaté, originally of Bamako. Thus, the imagery of the word 'Ligerian' (a seeming portmanteau of the Loire and Niger rivers) evokes a symbolic merging of the geographic and musical origins of the musicians themselves, while the group's name recalls the Mississippi delta, the hallowed source of the blues.

Serendou - Zinder
Breton flutes meet flutes and percussion from Niger in a unique new recording of cross-cultural music. Yacouba Moumouni (flute, vocals), Boubacar Souleymane (singer, percussionist, guitar and kountigui - a one-stringed lute), and Jean-Luc Thomas (ebony flute, electronics, vocals) are joined by a few guests on percussion, strings and tuba. This is a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' selection and your purchase goes to support the magzine and radio program.

Erik Marchand and The Balkanics - Pruna
In modern-day Bucharest, a type of light music known as manele is gaining a hold to the point of saturating the scene. This new genre created by Gypsy musicians and singers from the Banat region in Romania grafts the East-West modernity of popular music from Serbia onto a base of the old lautaresc style from Bucharest and the city suburbs. It can also include samples of modern turkish music and Balkan percussion imported from neighbouring Istanbul. Whether avant-garde, or the result of a natural opening-up of borders with the coming of the New Europe and the third millenium, Erik Marchand's music on Pruna uses the same geographical background; but gives a different result - no samples, no rhythm machine, no studio effects, nothing but highly talented human beings playing music - twelve musicians considered among the best in their respective cultures. Here is the music of the moment, utterly up-to-date and in harmony with its day and age, clearly asserting its diverse ethnic and historical origin

soundtrack - The Triplets of Belleville
When an album uses such devices as the spokes of a bicycle wheel and a vacuum cleaner to flesh out the backdrops of its songs, you know you're in for something interesting. Music from Sylvian Chomet's Academy Award-nominated animated film about a grandmother's search for her kidnapped grandson (with the help of the washed up Triplets of Belleville), the soundtrack echoes the film's quirky look at the roaring 20's. French-flavored retro-jazz and big band are the central influences across the album, which means plenty of horns, accordion and catchy rhythms. Throw a few more unorthodox instruments and you have a recipe for unusual vibes and smiles.

Bastien Lucas - Essai
The French singer, composer and musician is joined by a wonderful group opf musicians to present a strong recording of new French song. Musicians include Gabriel Yacoub, Aurélie Dorzée, Yannick Hardouin, Julien Biget and Sylvie Berger. Listen to "Sans rancune" and "Autant pour moi"

Gabriel Yacoub - je vois venir (2 CDs)
The 2004 release of a live recording on 2 CDs. Recorded live at the Théâtre de Cornouaille in Quimper, January 17th and 18th 2003, the album features the whole concert, no tricks! The recording features all new arrangements for this unique ensemble, with unreleased pieces, old memories, rarities, and, as the band says, the pleasure of playing and living together. That joy exudes through every minute of this performance.

Cie Montanaro - la polonaise
The artists say: 'The songs here describe the landscapes of Poland, the forests and the lakes, the town of Katowice, what one sees from the window on a train, the rumours of the streets, the heat in the homes these songs also describe inner landscapes, feelings, surges, restraints, feeding a shared but impossible love la polonaise unveils a rare aspect of Miquéu Montanaro's art, writer, composer and singer, for a sensitive and fine work, wonderfully served by Sylvie Berger and the production work of alchemist Gabriel Yacoub.' Other musicians include Yannick Hardouin (piano, bass), François Heim (diatonic accordion), Daniel Malavergne (tuba), Miquèu Montanaro (vocals, whistles, chromatic accordion) and Frédéric Paris (clarinet).

Brice Duisit - La Passion de Clermont: Hora vos dic vera raizun
The turn of the first millennium was experienced by people of that time not with fear that the world was coming to an end, but rather with hope that the world would be renewed, as 'the promise of a new Spring'. Thus, Christ's Passion came to symbolise the resurrection of the Church; a great reformation began. Seen in that context the lyric poem La Passion de Clermont takes on its full meaning. Brice Duisit performs vocals and vièle à archet.

Louis Sclavis and Quatuor Habanera - L'engrenage
The composers Alexandros Markeas, Alain Berlaud and Yassen Vodenitcharov, long-standing associates of the Quatuor Habanera, thought out a program of works that would enable the jazz clarinetist Louis Sclavis to contrast and compare his world with that of the Quartet. Each of the scores was created with the idea of enabling him to extemporize his part above those of the four saxophonists.

Drailles - Quintette De Violons
Music of the southern Alps from Dauphine, France

Duo Bertrand en Cie - Couleurs Racines
French traditional and new compositions from Brittany

various - Accordeon: Nostalgic Poet of Paris
Recordings from 1928 to 1944 by some of the greats of the romantic cafe accordion era includes performances by Maurice Alexander, Edith Piaf, Emile Vacher, Louis Vola, Fredo Gardoni and others

Gabriel Yacoub - The Simple Things We Said
A collection of songs, including 4 in English, some old and some new, plus some previously unreleased. All are new recordings made in Paris in 2001. The album is all acoustic.

various - Boombal Vol. 1
Live recordings of the Boombal, a live music and dance event spreading around Belgium, featuring some of the best dance bands in the country including Kadril, Goze, Follia, and many others.

Aranis - Roqueforte
The basic Aranis line-up is enriched with percussion. This gives the music a rough edge, but also adds a certain sens of beauty to it all. Dark melodies exchange with threatening rythms, raw solo pieces contrast with complex improvisations. With guest musicians David Kerman (percussion), Stefan Wellens (viola) and Pierre Chevalier (piano). For people who love classical, jazz, folk, world, film and rockmusic and everything in between, this ensemble offers adventure and confusion.

A.Attia, H.Désarbre - Jewish Liturgies
A special re-issue of Jewish liturgical chant sung by Adolphe Attia, the officiating Prime Minister of the Grande Synagogue de la Victoire in Paris. The role of the officiating minister, the chaliah tsihour, is basic in the synagogue. His song alternates with the rabbi's sermons and teachings. Attia is accompanied by Hervé Désarbre, playing the organ of Val-de-Grâce.

Various - Spring in Niavaran
During May and June 2004, everal concerts in Teheran focused on meetings between Iranian artists and European artists Bazar Bla (Sweden), Hamon Martin Quartet (France), Christophe Joneau Trio (France), Persiano (Iran, Norway). This recording features both indivdual works and jamm-session collaborations among the artists.

eLZef - Mais d'Ou Vient le Vent
Here is a carnival of sounds from France from a brass band with accordion that has some real bad atitude, some great humor and top-notch musicianship. This is tossed about with North African sounds, French chanson and musette, analog-electronic effects in what they call bidouillages. Unique and unclasifiable.

Freddy Eichelberger, Michel Godard and Ludus Modalis - Une Messe pour la Saint-Michel et tous les saints anges
This recording recreates the 'Ordinary' of a seventeenth-century Catholic Mass, during which the organ and the choir continuously respond, with parts entirely improvised by the choir as well as the organ.Freddy Eichelberger, orgue; Michel Godard, serpent and the vocal trio Ludus Modalis

Forabandit (Karpienia, Ozdemir and Chemirani) - Forabandit
Singer and mandole player Sam Karpienia is the co-founder of famed band Dupain. Forabandit is "a musical work bridging Occitan and Anatolian traditions" that combines the lyrical tradition of Occitanian troubadours with a contemporary approach. Singer and baglama player Ulas Özdemir perpetuates the song style of the Anatolian wandering troubadours while Bijan Chemirani's Persian rhythms subtly blend with the song of these new poets. Karpienia's deep, emotional, rasping voice and the soft, quiet voice of Özdemir reveal the living poetry of these pieces about love, commitment, and contest.

Lou Dalfin - Gibous, Bagase e Bandi
Originally released in 1995 Listen

Alain Brunet Didgeridoo Orchestra and Shargh Ensemble - Paris Tehran Project
The 21st of June is 'The Day of Music' in France, a phenomena that is spreading and now more than 100 countries are celebrating music on this special day. Hermes Records of Iran and the Cultural Center of the French Embassy celebrated by organizing a live concert at the Niavaran Cultural Complex in Tehran. This event offered a remarkable opportunity for these two ensembles to come together and share their cultures and talents, to make a whole new music full of rich drones, Persian percussion and strings, and European jazz.

La Bergere - Ouvarosa
The French singer Sylvie Berger and her ensemble, La Bergère, present a beautuful collection of original and traditional songs, all elegantly produced by Gabriel Yacoub (who also participates as musician and singer on a few tracks).

Malicorne - Malicorne 4
Also know as "Nous sommes chanteurs de Sornettes" originally released on SONY

John Delvarre - chant de guerre
The debut recording by a marvelous French champion of la nouvelle chanson française, accompanied by a great cast including Gabriel Yacoub (who also produced), Yannick Hardouin, Sylvie Berger and others.

Gabriel Yacoub - de la nature des choses
It took seven years for this French artist to compose and record an all new studio work, but the wait is always worth it when you have an artist of such high caliber. Joined by a wonderful ensemble (including Gilles Chabenat, Yannick Hardouin, Julien Biget and many more), his voice is surrounded by deep folk roots and modern sounds, all to the service of 14 rich and marvelous songs. As you might suspect from this description, it comes highly recommended!

Daniel le Noan and Alain Micel - an Eured
Here is the pace and rhythm of an crazy day, a wedding in central Brittany. In the morning, the two families measure each other up, reserved. Then comes the the sounds of the rite and the priest... At the precise time the bell ringers entone their calling, jubilation comes forth, the match approved. Then comes the union and dance, songs and laughter follow one another. Daniel le Noan (bombard), Alain Michel (biniou - breton bagpipes) and their friends have attempted to recreate the sound of the wedding. An Eured will plunge you into the heart of an old tradition, as if you had received your very own invitation.

Ti Jaz - Reves Sauvages
Starting with a band of bass, drums and accordion, this Breton ensemble have added the instruments of jazz: saxophones, and the instrument of ancient France: the bombarde, a raspy, woodwind with a bagpipe-like sound. So, too, have they melded these musical elements, the melodies and ideas of early French music with the improvisation of free jazz and the gut of rock. They pay hommage to the 'ideal jazz' bands of 1940s and players like Yves Menez, who used horns, fiddle, accordion and banjo to create a new French folk music. In that same spirit, Ti Jaz sprawl across the musical landscape, one minute a dark dirge on bombarde, the next firing off a slap bass and drum riff that would settle in nicely at The Knitting Factory. The eight instrumental works on Rêves Sauvages are sometimes chaotic, often lyrical and always challenging. They achieve power without electricity, a power intrinsic in the instruments and the source material.' - RootsWorld

Alain Genty - Une Petite Lanterne
Breton musician Genty (fretless and electric bass, voice, keyboard and guitar) is joined on this 2004 release by a stellar ensemble of Jean-Michel Veillon (flutes), Jacky Molard (violon), Patrick Boileau (drums), Laurent Genty (piano), with special guest vocalist Yann-Fanch Kemener. This is big, high-production music, using vague folk roots to create a broad cinematic sound. While it's not for folkies, these things actually work once in a while, and genty seems to have succeeded.

Malicorne - En Public

Emmanuel Pariselle - La Nonchalante
la bergere accordionist steps to the front, joined by his partners in the trio, Silvie Berger and Julien Biget, plus a few friends, for a unique recording of new music.

Malicorne - Malicorne 2
also known under the informal title 'Le Mariage Anglais'

Malicorne - Malicorne 1
also known under the title 'Colin'

Malicorne - Legende
Légende is a 15 track compilation that covers the second decade of this seminal French ensemble, from 4 of their most acclaimed recordings, a record of the band at its artistic heights.

Hughes de Courson and Patrick Modiano - fonds de tiroir [1967]
These two founding members of the seminal French folk-rock band Malicorne produced a recording of bitter songs with strange characters and daring, fresh arrangements by Bruno Coulais. In 1979 [the year Modiano wins the Prix Goncourt, France's utimate literature prize], the album is released with no succes at all... since then, fonds de tiroir 1967 has been a cult album, much coveted by French musicians, artists and the discerning public alike. Now it's here, and its quirky nature is yours to hear. .

Serguei - Revolucion Tanguero
Born in Buenos Aries and now living in Paris, Serguei is both a gifted tanguisto and an illustrator for the world's number one French language newspaper, Le Monde. He brings his music and vision together in this unique graphic package, Révolucion Tanguero.

Spontus - Spontus
Breton folk muic

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