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Le Vent du Nord - Les Amants Du Saint-Laurent
Traditional music from Quebec by one of the regions most respected ensembles, the quartet of Nicolas Boulerice (piano, hurdy-gurdy, vocal), Olivier Demers (fiddle, guitar, vocals), Benoit Bourque (dance, accordion, bones & spoons, guitar, mandolin, vocals) and Simon Beaudry (guitar, voice).

Ten Strings and a Goat Skin - Aupres Du Poele
From the Canadian Maritime province of Prince Edward Island, here is a band that plays fast and loose with the Scottish and Acadian traditions that permeate this part of the world, adding touches from Europe and beyond. The goat skin (and other percussion) of Caleb Gallant and the strings (guitar, fiddle) from Rowen Gallant and Jesse Périard (who also adds some pump organ) join their voices together in Auprès Du Poêle.

The Henrys - Quiet Industry
The 2015 release by Toronto legends, The Henrys. Led by kona-guitarist Don Rooke, with Hugh Marsh (violin), John Sheard (pump and electric organs), Andrew Dowling (acoustic bass), David Di Renzo (percussion) and vocalists Gregory Hoskins and Tara Dunphy. This one is heavy on lyrics and introduces a great new singer to the band. Highly recommended.

Maja & David - CPH-Cafe-Yul
The second meeting of the Danish and Quebecois fiddlers. After many return trips across the Atlantic Ocean between Denmark and Quebec, Maja Kjær Jacobsen and David Boulanger have merged their Danish and Quebecois traditional music syles into their own seamless blend of new folk music, using their fiddles, hardanger fiddles, foot stomping and harmonica.

Kiran Ahluwalia - Sanata : Stillness
In stillness, movement is not only possible, it is a promise. Indeed, Kiran Ahluwalia's new offering, Sanata: Stillness, is nothing short of a musical roadmap to personal and global transformation. At once contemplative and rockin', traditional and innovative, Kiran's hybrid of Indian and Pakistani grooves, Saharan blues and Western Jazz shows us that borders are meaningless in one's heart and on the world stage. Born in Patna, India, Kiran's parents survived the strife of political upheaval between India and Pakistan during partition, escaping the riots and warring factions to ultimately settle in Toronto where young Kiran was raised. Living proof that the heart can indeed show us the way, she met NYC-based Pakistani-American guitarist and arranger Rez Abbasi - a musical and marital partnership that transcends place, position, and politics. This CD was donated by the artist as generous support of RootsWorld.

Daniel Janke - In A Room
This North American kora player (based in Yukon, Canada, no less!) is one of the rare non-African musicians who has taken an African instrument and made it his own, by learning the traditional songs, then admitting who he is and moving on. His previous albums moved in more popular jazz circles, but In a Room moves him into blues and Asian music modes as well, allowing for lots of interpretation and innovation,while still staying acoustic and sparse.

Three Metre Day - Coasting Notes
Three Metre Day is an original, Canadian roots music trio whose members are violinist Hugh Marsh, guitarist Don Rooke and pump organist and vocalist Michelle Willis. This debut for the Canadian trio is warm, intense and complex, offering songs both beautiful and edgy. Fans of The Henrys, take note!

Sacha Silva - Anatomy of a Coup
An unusual ensemble mixes flamenco, Indian classical and modern music with heady questions of personal and political issues, music, as the band says, 'that reads the newspaper.' An original sound, adventurous but rooted in traditions from around the world, and not a hint of "world-beat' or 'world fusion.' Highly recommended

La Part du Queteux - Paye la Traite
Traditional music of Quebec. It's a lively, upbeat mix of chansons-à-répondre, reels, turluttes and called dances. The group is a combination of four talented musicians living in the Montreal area on guitars, bones, stepdancing, vocals, bass, mandolin, fiddle.

Joane Hetu; Jean Derome - Nous percons les oreilles
Two saxophones, two voices, two strange minds collide in new ideas and challenging music. Says Derome: "The basis of our work is made of songs and improvisation. Our songs speak of our life. They are ordinary (like us) but not easygoing (like her). We really love to improvise together. It is not easy to describe accurately what we do while improvising — it is very close to the human beast that we are."

The Henrys - Chasing Grace
Musicians: Don Rooke (kona, National tricone, acoustic guitar, hawaiian guitar, archtop), Monte Horton (guitar), David Trevis (bass, acoustic bass, electric guitar), Michael Billiard (drums, percussion), Michael White (trumpet, conch shell), Mary Margeret O'Hara (vocals), John Sheard (keyboards), Duffy Waldorf (house party).

Don Rooke - Atlas Travel
The solo release by composer, guitarist and all around swell guy Don Rooke from The Henrys is an exercise in sonic spaciousness, aural elbow room and capricious experimentation.

Joe Cormier - Chéticamp
Cape breton fiddler accompanied by guitarist Edmond Boudreau

Paris to Kyiv - Paris to Kyiv
Released in 1994, this recording can be described as Ukrainian soul music, Canadian Prairie style. It features Ukrainian jazz musician Sasha Boychouk, Carpathian Mountain violinist, Petro Iurashchuk and Canadian accordionist Nestor Budyk.

Paris to Kyiv - Fragmenti
The 2005 release by this Canadian based, Ukraine inspired global music ensemble. Marvelous music, a first rate ensemble of Julian Kytasty, Richard Moody, Paul Yee, Christian Dugas, Alan Schroeder and Rodrigo Muñoz and of course, the voice of Alexis Kochan.

Maja and David - Nord
Maja Kjær Jacobsen (Denmark) and David Boulanger (Québec) are folk musicians, each a specialist in the traditional music and singing of the songs of their respectable cultures. They combine the traditions, only with Maja on the fiddle, Hardanger Fiddle and voice, and David's fiddles, voice and feet on the tapping board to make the sound-scape, playing both new compositions and the traditional tunes in the style of Québec and Denmark.

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