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Andrea Capezzuoli / Francesco Nastasi - ...per far legria ai siuri de Milan
A long time ago, before the accordion spread across the musical landscape, the ancient duo of piffero and musa was the king of parties and folk dances in the area called “4 provinces” of Northern Italy. Now, for the first time in more than 50 years, Nastasi and Capezzuoli recreate the musical and emotional atmosphere that might have been enjoyed at a party at the beginning of the last century.

Philip V. Bohlman and New Budapest Orpheum Society - Jewish Cabaret in Exile
Music By Kästner, Nick, Milner, Gebirtig, Eisler, Ellstein, Kreisler, Leopoldi, Katscher, Spoliansky, Schiffer, Ullmann, Tucholsky, Holländer. Includes extensive extensive essay, annotations, and bibliography. Performers: Stewart Miller, bass; Ilya Levinson, piano; Iordanka Kissiova, violin; Hank Tausend, drums; New Budapest Orpheum Society; Julia Bentley, mezzo-soprano; Stewart Figa, baritone

Peter Stampfel and the Bottlecaps - The Jig Is Up
H.M. Rounder Peter Stampfel is back again, in a series of recordings made 19891999 with a host of different musicians, but all pulled together by his insatiable, exploratory lust for good songs, odd ideas and bizarre juxtapositions (and a Quicktime video clip, too!).

Paul Shapiro - Midnight Minyan
More Radical Jewish Culture: Paul Shapiro's fat tenor sound has graced the music of such diverse artists as Lou Reed, the Microscopic Septet and Brooklyn Funk Essentials of which he was a founding member. For his Tzadik debut, Paul has brought together a remarkable band of long-time associates to perform loungey, old-school jazz renditions of seven Jewish classics and two moody originals. Midnight Minyan is a treasure for young and old. Band includes Paul Shapiro, Steven Bernstein, Peter Apfelbaum, Brian Mitchell, Booker King, Tony Lewis.

Philip V. Bohlman and New Budapest Orpheum Society - Jewish Cabaret in Exile
Music By Kstner, Nick, Milner, Gebirtig, Eisler, Ellstein, Kreisler, Leopoldi, Katscher, Spoliansky, Schiffer, Ullmann, Tucholsky, Hollnder. Includes extensive extensive essay, annotations, and bibliography. Performers: Stewart Miller, bass; Ilya Levinson, piano; Iordanka Kissiova, violin; Hank Tausend, drums; New Budapest Orpheum Society; Julia Bentley, mezzo-soprano; Stewart Figa, baritone

Jarvalen Napparit - Hot Club of Kairela
The classic Kaustinen fiddle sound is performed to perfection on this 1993 recording. On this recording the young musicians of the town are joined by JPP's master musicians to perform the music just like you'd hear it in the village school or the main stage some Sunday afternoon at the Kaustinen Festival. Perfect!

V.Poulsens Kapel - Fanden er los
The 2005 release of Fanden er ls celebrates the 25th anniversary of this marvelous traditional ensemble of piano, fiddle, mundharpe and accordion. Simple, straightforward dance tunes from Denmark are the order of the day, with a side of Quebec and Cape Breton to keep it sprightly. Un-affected folk music for dancing and listening by the trio of Valdenar Poulsen (aka Jes Kroman), Vagn Poulsen (aka Sonnich Lydom) and Vera Poulsen (aka Malene Daniel Beck).

Budapest Klezmer Band - Train 7.40
Besides traditional Jewish compositions, the album contains pieces from the Budapest production of'Fiddler on the roof'.

Tapia eta Leturia - Ero
Tapia and Leturia are among the best known bands from the region. They are highly repesected as great traditional players, but when they perform as "The Band" they present a contemporary pop sound that still incorporates their Basque roots into a highly modern style.

Hank Sapoznik and the Youngers of Zion - The Protocols
Old time Yiddish music hot fiddle tunes, forgotten ballads, introspective instrumentals and snappy Second Avenue vaudeville songs performed with anmmediacy evoking the coziness of the parlor and the raucousness of the dance floor. Deeply rooted in traditional Yiddish music, the Youngers of Zion make it their own, playing with an easy sense of ownership and understated virtuosity. Singer and tenor guitarist Henry Sapoznik is joined by Mark Rubin on bass and tuba, and fiddler "Cookie" Segelstein in a 'live in the studio' recording of great energy.

Ivo Papasov - Fairground
The 2003 model by the Bulgarian wedding music king of clarinet is all one would expect after ten years of music making. Deep roots, edgy jazz, warp speed virtuosity all come together in a mature, briliant vision of what contemporary Bulgarian roots should be. Bulgaria only release!

Tapani Rinne - Silent Night
Nordic/Sami electro-pop artist takes on Christmas and winter songs familiar and unknown

Whapweasel - Pack of Jokers
The 2005 edition of English folk-rock dance band Whapweasel is as good as the last, a stacked deck of guitars, horns, melodeons, keyboards, fiddles, cittern, bass and drums. Again produced by Steeleye-er Rick Kemp (whose guitar is also in the mix), the 'weasels deal a trump hand that will get your feet moving and your head spinning.

Papa Noel / Bana Congo - Cafe Noir
Guitarist Papa Nol enters his fifth decade as one of the most popular African musicians on today's scene. Following the success of Bana Congo's first album, Papa Nol is back with a new album, bringing all the creative energies of African music and Cuban rumba into the 21st century. Joined by Cuban singer Ernesto "El Gato" Gatel Coto and legendary Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango, Caf Noir has already hit the world music charts in Europe.

Captain Yaba - YabaFunkRoots
James Brown's funky music meets highlife music in Captain Yaba. The young Ghanaian musician is a maestro of the two-stringed molo, an instrument made from skin covered gourd with a long girrafe-like neck. Captain Yaba who teamed with Francis Fuster the Sierra Leonian master percussionist, has produced a new sound that is both powerful, spiritual and highly danceable. From the opening tune to the last one, the molo sets the tone and the drums follow in flawless harmony. Moreover, the Captain's roughly hewed voice is captivating; it makes Tinanure easily the most innovative pop album to come from Ghana in almost a decade.' - Opiyo Oloya, RootsWorld

Pape Fall and African Salsa - Artisanat
From one of the Africando crew, a new recording of latin-Senegalese connections

Rosapaeda - In forma di Rosa
italy italian italia alitalia gypsy bari mediterranean

Rosapaeda - Facce
The ten songs in this recording make use of various dialects from Southern Italy (Sicilian, Calabrese, Greek from Salento, Neapolitan, from Lucania) to generate a musical fire in both traditional and original songs by singer Rosapaeda.

Paniagua, Mayoral and Sapricheff - Latidos de Al-Andalus
A concert of percussion from Moorish Andalusia and the Orient. A wide variety of rhythms and percussion instruments backed by melodic instruments create a musical dialogue. Eduardo Paniagua, David Mayoral and Serguei Sapricheff play the various types of basic percussion instruments in this musical tradition: tar tambourine, req, circular tambourine with jingles in the frame, derbuka, dumbek, sombati, doholla, tabla, bendhir, doira, daf, def, atabal, and naqqaras.

Apanui - E Tau Nei
fRoots says: 'What we have here is a beautifully subtle, understated (though often powerful, as on the war dance Taku Pu ) and very attractive blend of Maori traditional song forms, rhythms, oratory and harmonies with R and B, reggae, trip hop, garage and a whole mix of recent dance technology. That sounds like a familiar process with equivalents the world over these days, but this one mostly achieves that near-impossible melding where the elements accentuate each other rather than detract...'

Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles - Tierra
Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles is a Mexican musician who has lived in Belgium for more than 20 years. After playing and recording with different multicultural groups in a number of countries, Osvaldo composed original works for this first album, on the theme of the Earth living on borrowed time. The different pieces in which poetry intertwines with melodies are served by a range of instruments from diverse indigenous and Afro-Latin American traditions, blended with Arabo-Andalucian and Armenian tones. Osvaldo is accompanied by three musicians from very different backgrounds: Patricia Van Cauwenberge (Belgian) on different percussion instruments, including the Argentinean bombo, the Peruvian cajn, the Brazilian pandeiro, Venezuelan maracas, and so on. Karim Baggili (Jordanian-Serbo-Croatian-Belgian) on the Arab oud, the acoustic guitar and vocals. Vardan Hovanissian (Armenian) on the doudouk and different Armenian flutes. Listen

Vito Ranucci and Napoli Est - Il giardino delle delizie
Neopolitan arranger, composer and saxophone player Ranucci is joined by the large ensemble Napoli Est for his 2007 work.

Ammasu Akapoma Group - The Music of Ammasu - Brong-Ahafu Ghana 1976
A musical portrait of the Village of Ammasu in the Brong-Ahafu region of Ghana. The Ammasu Akapoma Band is the hottest funeral band in the region and on this album you will find ritual and recreational drumming, singing in sorrow and happiness, children's music, a brass band and more. Includes a 28 page booklet with text and pictures.

Di Naye Kapelye - Traktorist: Carpathian Klezmer
Di Naye Kapelye goes 50ies-socialism? After a lot of hunting the indefatigable fieldworker Bob Cohen researched a socialist build-up song in yiddish - the scrumptious "Traktorist", praising not only the tractor itself and the five-year plan performance, but also, if not to say mainly, the bigger chances of a tractor driver to hit on the girls. Again, Di Naye Kapelye reaffirms their outstanding role regarding Jewish music from the Carpathian Basin - authentic, rough and tender, danceable and soaked with a deep and true love for the heritage that's treasured by these passioned musicians ever since we can remember.

Napoli MandolinOrchestra - Serenata Luntana
Led by master musicians/composers Antonello Paliotti, Mauro Squillante and Leonardo Massa, this large string and percussion orchestra from Naples will absolutely surprise you with their strong and passionate mix of old and new, played out on a large stage with a lot dynamics and energy.

Berit Opheim, Sigbjorn Apeland - Den Blide Sol
Berit Opheim (voice) and Sigbjrn Apeland (church organ) present a series of traditional religious works

Appellation Controlee - Appellation Controlee
A trio of hudry-gurdys and accordion, Appellation Contrle plays contemporary music on instruments linked to ancient and traditional music. The hurdy gurdies provide an archaic soundscape: the strings struck by a wheel produce not only a melody but also a non-stop drone, a type of polyphony dating from the Middle Ages. The instruments used by this group are modern, electro-acoustic reconstructions of ancient originals.This subtle application of electronics is an integral part of their music.

Nikos Papazoglou - Haratsi
CD reissue of the 1983 recording by one of the most potent voices of contemporary Greek music. His unique, deep voice s known for its passion and idiosyncratic tone, and his mastery of greek poetry and tradition in the service of modern music is legend.

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