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Music from Central America

Just Like That...
- Leroy Young: The Grandmaster
- 14.99
Somewhere in the continuum between the Lost Poets and contemporary hiphop, Young and his rock solid, unmachined ensemble crank out hard, heavy rhythms, intense melodies and a stream of consiousness verbal onslaught of political, social and instrospective poetry from Belize. Highly Recommended!

- Lugua
- 14.99
Evangilisto Centeno, better known as Lugua, grew up in a small village on the coast of Honduras and in a household where the daily pulse beat to the rhythm and lyrics of traditional Garifuna music. His father, a well known Parrandero, and his mother, a Punta composer, instilled in their son a love for the distinctive music of the Garifuna, and the ability to feel and play it with deep emotion.

- Andy Palacio
- 14.99
Punta from Belize, recorded in Cuba in state of the art splendour, this represents the first truly international recording released in this small Central American country. Rich in the vocal and instrumental traditions of the region, it is infused with reggae (an absolute in this region), jazz, rock and Cuban music.

Flamenco de la Costa
- Juan Josť Carranza
- 15.99
Juan Jose Carranza performs his Flamenco compositions with an earthy vocal style and an innovative percussive right-hand guitar technique layered with new world rhythms. This collection of 11 original pieces includes two songs with words written by acclaimed Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca.

La Sandunga
- Lila Downs
- 16.99
Reissue of the 1997 recording by the Mexican singer and writer.

Festival of San Miguel Tzinacapan
- Various
- 16.99
Traditional,. local music from a Nahuat village situated in a lush, mountainous region in Puebla Stae, Mexico. The language spoken in this village is related to Nahuatl, a language more commonly known abroad under the exotic name "Aztec."In Nahuatl, Tzinacapan means "Bat Springs." As in all the villages in the Sierra Norte of Puebla, life in San Miguel Tzinacapan follows the agricultural rhythms of maize and coffee and the ebb and flow of the fog banks that relentlessly blot out and recreate its landscape.

Misa Criolla
- Ensemble Tierra et al
- 16.99
Ricardo Cabrera, Ensemble Tierra and members of the Philharmonic String Octet Berlin present a Latin American interpretation of the Catholic mass

Garifuna Traditional Music From Guatemala
- Ibimeni
- 16.99
Garifuna musicians and dancers from Livingston, Guatemala. Ibimeni, a term associated with childhood and youth, means honey or sweetness in Garifuna.This collection includes lullabies, festive chants, processional marches, and songs of religion and labor. Livingston is a small region located on the Caribbean coast at the mouth of Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Its isolation allows the conservation of many cultural elements, such as music and dance. Ethnogenesis and location of Garinagu: A series of villages inhabited by the Garifuna are located throughout the coasts of the Gulf of Honduras, (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and the Laguna de Perlas -- Nicaragua). The Garinagu are the Afro-Amerindian people with the most transnational presence in Central America. Music and dancing -- vehicles of religiosity -- are central in the Garifuna culture. This musical expression is based on the group of two, three, and even four drums, garaon (primera -- the high pitched and segunda -- the lowest), and sonajas sisiras that interpret rhythms accompanied by a solo singer and a choir that repeats a verse. The relationship between the primera drum-rolls and the dancer is that the dancer responds to the movements made by the drum as if it were a dialogue. In tandem to the polyrhythmic universe of Garifuna drums, they cultivate another intense field of musical expressions that plays an important role in society, most of the time of ludic and recreational character.

Music of Honduras 2: Garifuna Music
- various Honduaran artists
- 17.99

- Ellika Solo Rafael
- 17.99
Swedish fiddler Ellika Frisell and Senegalese kora player Solo Cissokho expand to a trio with Mexican percussionist Rafael Sida Huizar on their latest acoustic gem.

Music from Guatemala Volume 1
- Various artists: Guatemala
- 18.99
Indian traditional music, played on the flute, shawm, fiddle, harp and percussion instruments from a number of the country's many different native cultures, plus local wind orchestras. Marimba ensembles are a major feature, from the more traditional type used for the suggestive music played at the local dances, to the concert insrument that once gave the virtuosic, sophisticated music from Guatemala world-wide fame in salons and concert halls.

Music of Honduras 1
- various Honduaran artists
- 19.99

Musica Negra in the Americas
- Various artists
- 42.99
Musica Negra in the Americas is a journey of discovery along the dream roads of the Americas and the Caribbean to the different Black cultures and their expressive music. Christian Scholze of Network teamed up with American world music journalist Dan Rosenberg to travel through more than twenty countries in search of the best musicians and groups.

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