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Please note!
Most of our CDs have been imported from Europe or Asia. They are not all shrink-wrapped, and I am not going to con you by wrapping them here just to make you think they have been sterilized in America. I guarantee that the CDs and the contents are all brand new and in perfect condition. Whenever I can, I use recycled shipping materials. They may not look as pretty on the outside, but they save money and keep the trash dumps a little bit emptier.
Thanks- Cliff, cdRoots


  New titles

CD Rescue

Freshly baked to order, this is a series of CDs made right here at cdRoots, lost classics and hidden gems that need to see the light of day, even if the demand is small. These are CDR editions, in simple packages, of recordings I personally loved too much to see them marked "out of print" or "unavailable." Get them while they are hot!

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