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cd cover The Carthy Chronicles
Rare, Live and Classic Carthy
4 Cds with books, videos and more.

" a must-have for anyone who's ever enjoyed Carthy's previous work. He doesn't put on airs, or even take himself too seriously; he just plows his furrow, taking the music into directions that are in his head. Add an excellent book, and you have what must be one of the albums of 2001, dedicated to a giant of an artist" - Chris Nickson, GlobalVillageIdiot

"Each setting reiterates Carthy's influence in folk song, so that it becomes difficult indeed to imagine the revival without his presence and dedication. The Carthy Chronicles is a brilliant landmark, a labor of love, and probably the folk release of the year." - Lee Blackstone, RootsWorld

The set includes four themed CDs...
CD1: Classic Carthy
CD2: Carthy in Company
CD3: Carthy Contemporaries
CD4: Child:Carthy

This is the first in-depth anthology of Martin's music and career Music selected from over 1,000 tracks, from a wide range of sources The full extent of his career is covered and the set includes -