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halo de luz (produced by the artists)

The Argentine duo of Cecilia Zabala (guitar, requinto, charango, kalimba and voice) and Emiliano Alvarez (clarinet, bass clarinet and voice) offer music as bright as the album's name, in a series of duets that have folk roots but explore and expand them into new, unusual acoustic music. Their interplay is tight, intuitive, and often inspired. They are acompanied on only a few tracks by Gabriel Luchetti (djembé, udu drums).

Halo de luz

The artists say: "This record reflects searches and encounters, lighted secret places, where we face up to new and old truths about who we are, where we come from, and what our deepest desires are. It is that kind of sensation that emerges once in a while and awakens and makes us catch a fleeting glimpse of the reason of our intuitive way..."

About the artists:
The alvarezabala duet was created in 1997, in the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires.

Its musical proposal emerges from the need of expressing an artistic election, as unique as each human being. Original instrumentations, textures, impromptu performances, expression, atmosphere, energy are blended in it. It is the result of a constant inner search referred to our roots.

The pieces are individually created and grow throughout the rehearsals, where each member’s contributions and the impromptu performances generate a new music. They feed on the popular rhythms of our country and Latin America, ranging from the Argentinian folklore and tango to the contemporary music and jazz.

They achieve an intimate aesthetics, where the different instruments go on combining towards new tones that aim at blurring the conventional frontiers among the different styles of music.

Emiliano Alvarez was born in La Plata in 1976.

Emiliano At the age of thirteen he started his musical studies and has been devoted -even at present- to the clarinet interpretation, simultaneously to the musical composition and arrangements. From 2001 onwards he becomes devoted to the composition of incidental music for theater plays. From 1997 onwards he manages as a performer and arranger in the tango group MALA JUNTA, appearing in the Solo Tango channel, in different radio programs in the FM de la ciudad, in FM Continental, in the Tortoni Café and in different halls, and open-air concerts, in Buenos Aires. He also carried out tango arrangements for the Morón Chamber Orchestra.

In the orchestral music sphere he has taken part in different groups: La Matanza Chamber Orchestra, Junior Symphonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires, Mercosur Junior Symphonic Orchestra , as well as in different chamber ensembles, at halls in Buenos Aires. He has recently been chosen through selection process to join the Morón Symphonic Band.

He presented as a soloist several times, one of them in the Radio Nacional Auditory, with the Hurlingham Youth Orchestra. In 2001 he composed the original music for the play “Feve”, in the Andamio ’90 theater, and during 2004 he composed the music for the play “Night”, which is on at the theater El anfitrión, in Buenos Aires City.

During 2003, with the “alvarezabala duet”, he carried out the production of the disc “Halo of light” on a freelance basis. He graduated from Morón “Alberto Ginastera” Conservatory of Music, specializing in Clarinet.(2004) He attended different courses and seminars: “Tango: History and analysis”, “Improvisation and arrangements in jazz”, Chamber music, interpretation of “klezmer” music, theater music.

In composition he studied with Juan Schultis. He improved his studies in clarinet with Professors Néstor Carrasco, Carlos Céspedes, and, at present, with Marcelo Moguilevsky.

Cecilia Zabala was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1975.

cecilia She combined the music interpretation and creation, with guitar and voice throughout her whole career blending sensitiveness, expression, technique and intuition. Such different styles, as Argentinian folklore, the contemporary language of the twentieth century, jazz, tango and Brazilian music meet together in her music.

She takes part actively in the musical scene of Buenos Aires by her projects and performances as a performer, composer and arranger, either as a soloist or in different chamber ensembles, such as the guitar quartet “Cuatro en punto”, the tango group “Mala Junta”, the duets “Las Morochas” and the “alvarezabala”, the formation in which she carried out the production of the record “Halo of light” on a freelance basis in 2003. Also, as a composer and performer, she took part in the recording of the CD “Guitars in the World ‘96 Festival” under the record label EPSA, with own music.
She gave concerts at:
Morón University, as a soloist of the Morón Chamber Orchestra
Scala de San Telmo
Reggio Theater in the cycle “When art attacks”
“Guitars in the World ‘96” and “Guitars in the World 2002” Festivals (Hall AB of the General San Martín Cultural Center)
Colón Theatre in the city of Mar del Plata in the “Biennial Exhibition of Young Art ‘97”
La Plata Town Hall Golden Hall
Alberdi Hall of the San Martín Cultural Center in the cycle “Música maestro”
Renault Museum
International Foundation Jorge Luis Borges
Morón Theatre “Gregorio de Laferrere”
Economical Science Professional Association
Beaux-arts Museum

She graduated from Morón “Alberto Ginastera” Conservatory of Music, specializing in Guitar. (1998) She was granted a scholarship by the Antorchas Foundation to perform her project “Twentieth-Century Guitar Repertory” in 1999-2000.

She improved her instrument and composition through different musical styles with Quique Sinesi (1995-1997), Pino Marrone (1999-2000), Juan Falú (2002), Eduardo Isaac (1995 and 1999-2000), Eduardo Fernández (1997 and 1999-2000), Eduardo Eguez, Dolores Costollas, Claudio Schulkin, Rodolfo Daluisio (1993-1998), and Marcelo Moguilevsky (2003).

At present, she is a Guitar Professor in the “Julián Aguirre” and “Alberto Ginastera” Conservatories and in the “Leopoldo Marechal” Art School.

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