Alla Napoletana, Villanesche & mascherate - CD
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cd cover Suonare e cantare, Jean Gaillard
Alla Napoletana, Villanesche & mascherate
Gian Domenico del Giovane da Nola (1510-1592)
(Alpha Productions)

Inspired by the work of Gian Domenico del Giovane da Nola (1510-1592), organist and later master of the church of the Annunciation in Naples. In addition to a number of madrigals and motets, he left a rich collection of Canzoni Villanesche (1545). These Canzoni Villanesche (or Napolitane) were songs on popular themes, originally written for three voices in the Neapolitan dialect. The texts are characterised by their burlesque or erotic inspiration, usually containing metaphors, popular proverbs, malicious or saucy puns, distorted words and various types of comical or meaningless onomatopoeia. The programme is enriched by a selection of varied instrumental pieces, featuring not only instruments that were fashionable during the Renaissance (recorders, post horns, reed instruments, violas, luths, guitars, percussions and bagpipes), but also typical Neapolitan instruments as colascioni, tammorri, tromba degli zingari and more.


O belle fusa
Chi la gagliarda


  • 1. Piva 2’00
  • 2. O belle fusa 4’14
  • 3. Tri cechi siamo 2’56
  • 4. Madonna voi me fare una camisa 5’15
  • 5. Pavana « la morte della ragione » 2’53
  • 6. Madonna tu mi fai lo scorruciato 3’58
  • 7. Schiarazula Marazula 2’35
  • 8. Cingari simo 4’14
  • 9. Moresca 4a detta « la bergamasca » 1’15
  • 10. Chi la gagliarda 3’56
  • 11. Ga gliarda « La lavandara » 1’06
  • 12. O quant’amore t’ho portato 4’39
  • 13. Calata alla spagnola 1’43
  • 14. Le fave ch’o chiantate 3’30
  • 15. Madonna non e piu lo tiemp’antico 1’24
  • 16. Medici nui siamo 3’01
  • 17. Piva 3’17
  • 18. Saltarello de la preditta 2’22
  • 19. Boccuccia d’uno persico aperturo 2’55
  • 20. La paduana del rey 2’42

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