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Three Cane Whale : Palimpsest
A unique intstrumental trio from England features Alex Vann - mandolin, bowed psaltery, bouzouki, zither, banjo, dulcimer; Pete Judge - trumpet, cornet, dulcitone, harmonium, lyre, glockenspiel, tenor horn; Paul Bradley - acoustic guitar, miniature harp. You'll hear some strains of this music that will remind you of Spiro (with whom they share a member) or the late, great Simon Jeffes and The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, but there is a much wider, deeper range of music here, an original streak the evokes landscape and sky. This CD was donated by the artists to support the publication and broadcasts of RootsWorld, so all proceeds go to support the magazine and radio program.

Kandia Kouyate : Renascence
The Mandé art of jeliya carries a long and complex tradition of fine distinctions and endless debates about the qualities that earn its hereditary poets, musicians and soothsayers the highest accolades and honorifics. But on the great jelimusolu (female singers) of our time, there is near-unanimity regarding Kandia Kouyaté: she is a ngara. More than a skilled singer, a ngara is the extraordinary artist who possesses what many would say is a paranormal aura of majesty. Read more and listen.

Youssou N'Dour et le Super Etoile de Dakar : Fatteliku - Live in Athens, 1987
Youssou N'Dour and his band at their peak, from a live concert in Greece in 1987.Almost thirty years later, you too can now enjoy the young N'Dour, just 28 at the time and already and big star in West Africa, as he makes that final step towards international stardom. This is a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' selection.

Jansberg : Terra Nova
Danish fiddler Henrik Jansberg explores new territories with his self-named band. All tracks have been developed in close collaboration with producer Søren Brylle, based on Henrik Jansberg's strong melodies with roots in folk music. They move from traditional folk to modern turmoil, hard-pumped technobass to country-cruise reels, danceable ballads and even a tribute to Shetland.

Blink : Blink
Blink is four women from five countries who met at the Nordic Master in the Folk Music programme in Norway. Together they have travelled throughout Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland for almost two years, seeking out old traditions, creating new music, and exploring the sensitive and powerful constellation of the two strings and two voices of Johanna-Adele Jüssi (Estonia) on fiddle, vocals; Jullie Hjetland Jensen (Denmark/Norway) on vocals, autoharp; Charlotta Hagfors (Finland) on vocals, percussion and Emilia Amper (Sweden) on nyckelharpa, vocals.

Karl Seglem : Laerad
This is Karl's first goat horn (only) album, recorded over three years with a host of artists accompanying him on everything from ancient instruments to modern electronics.

Tazajo Tamboo : Suena mi Tamboo
Carlos Tález and Nestor Guitiérrez, founding members of venezuelan ensemble Huracán de Fuego present the Afro-Venezuelan drum on their first new duo project. Afro-Venezuelan percussion mixed with guitar,bass and piano, are focus on new forms without forgetting its roots. The deep voice of Carlos Tález and powerful percussion of Nestor Gutierrez lead the band through traditional sounds, melodic songs, drum fantazias and a little calypso, reggaeton and cumbia to keep things spicy.

Enrico Fink : Il Ritorno Alla Fede Del Cantante Di Jazz
'The Jazz Singer's To Faith' is an exploration into Italian Semitic tradition from a decidely modern viewpoint by one of Italy's premier Jewish musicians. With Amit Arieli,clarinet; Stefano Bartolini,saxophones; Arlo Bigazzi,bass, Percussion, programming; Enrico Fink, voice, flute, programming; Alessandro Francolini, acoustic guitar; Filippo Pedol, double bass; Guglielmo R. Gagliano, programming and featuring Orio Odori and la Banda Improvvisa.

I Wayan Sadra : Karya
New Music Indonesia Vol.III : I Wayan Sadra, one of Indonesia's most interesting and influential experimental composers. Working with musicians, dancers, poets and instruments from Java, Bali, Sunda, Sumatra and in the U.S.,Sadra combines a unique contemporary aesthetic with his early training in Balinese music and his knowledge of the varied regional traditions of Indonesia to create a compelling body of music that is both Indonesian and International.

Wai : Wai 100 Percent
Producer/musicians Mina Ripia and Maaka McGregor have produced a sound that features guest vocalists singing in traditional tone, vocal patterns and harmonies over a musical bed of organic, natural beats and rhythms (human breaths, insect, and bird sounds), indigenous percussion (poi) and action sounds (body slaps, haka stamping, etc). A variety of contemporary grooves complement the overall sound of WAI.

PONK : Postfolklor
This trio brings together Czech, Slovak and Moravian folk lore with a contemporary acoustic touch. At the heart of the band is the hammered dulcimer or zither known as the cimbalom, a tool common to many eastern European traditions. But musician Eduard Tomastík pushes the instrument into a new range of more modern sounds, carried by the vocals, bass and violin of bandmates Michal Krystynek and Jakub Nozicka. This is a RootsWorld 'Music of the Month' selection, and helps support the radio program and magazine.

Djessou Mory Kante : River Strings: Maninka Guitar
More than a decade and a half after his first international solo release, Djessou Mory Kanté returns with a collection of beautifully crafted instrumentals. Rooted in the Maninka traditions of Guinea and Mali, River Strings flows with rich melodic interchanges; like the Niger River which inspired these recordings. Younger brother of Les Ambassadeurs' guitarist Kanté Manfila and regular guitarist for such renowned singers as Salif Keïta and Sékouba Bambino, Djessou Mory Kanté's musicianship is gentle and understated and shows just why he is the guitarist to whom others turn. fRoots says: 'There are no vocals, no stunt guitar treatments, nothing to buttonhole the listener apart from the sense of all-rightness generated by faultless layers of guitar playing.' Cliff says: "the album is hitting many listeners, including me, like a gentle bolt of lightening. "

Anne-Mari Kivimäki : Lakkautettu kylä (A closed down village)
The third in her Suistamo series, A Closed-Down Village musically explores Finnish WWII evacuees, wartime, leaving one's home and the current reality in the Karelian village of Suistamo that used to be part of Finland but now belongs to Russia. The music has been inspired by the life and the stories told by the Karelian storyteller and accordion player Ilja Kotikallio (1894-1961). This was donated by the artist for RootsWorld's 'Music of the Month' series, and all proceeds from the sale support the magazine and radio program.

Geitungen : Langt Ute
Geitungen presents tunes that were once popular with party-goers in the hinterland of Rogaland county, tunes that were dance-floor favourites, the hits of yesteryear. Geitungen play the tunes in the rhythmic old style. The three musicians' fiddles, melodeon, mandolin, hardanger fiddle, mandola and guitars make an expression that is straightforward and the music ranges from cosy, warm mazurka to hot-headed hopsars and plaintive waltzes, sometimes with elements of more contemporary popular music styles in the arrangements.

Unaja (Jutta Rahmel and Maija Pokela) : Unaja
Rahmel and Pokela play the kantele, the Finnish folk zither than has over the years expanded into a large instrument for playing all kinds of music from classical to jazz as well as folk. Both women are members of the ensemble Kardemimmit, and this is their first CD as a duo. Most of these 10 tracks are voice and kantele, with occasional additional guests adding throat singing on one track, and percussion on 2 others.

Lamia Bedioui and the Desert Fish : Athamra
Bedioui and company travel the seas from Italy to Algeria, from Tunisia to Greece, from Marseilles to Sicily, in search of sounds from the tradition they can make their own.

Tancaruja : Isettande
This is music refreshing, rhythmically interesting and musically well played. This ensemble from Sardinia has found their path by abandoning the electronics in favor of more wood and sinew. It has one truly treacly moment, but otherwise, I think the music speaks strongly for itself.

Jonas Knutsson and Horn Please : Horn Please!
Swedish folk and horn music on six saxophones, bass and percussion.Led by saxophonist/composer/arranger Jonas Knutsson, some of the prominent younger Swedish folk musicians are presented in music that goes from the traditional to the newly composed, and from the strictly arranged to the wildly improvised. The horn players: Alexandra Särström, Å sa Johansson, Hanna Wiskari, Klas Toresson, Daniel Carlsson; plus Bengt Jonasson and Petter Berndalen on bass and percussion. Compositions by Knutsson and traditional music from different parts of Sweden and South India. Highly recommended

Doa : A fronda dos cervos
More than thirty years after their debut the legendary progressive folk and traditional music ensemble presents a new album devoted entirely to medieval Galician lyrics. Three of the founders of the original group: Xoán Piñón, Xaquín Blanco and Bernardo Martinez form the band. Each is a talented and versatile artists with extensive experience in the fields of experimental music, photography, painting, drama and poetry. A new member has been added to the group for this occasion, the hurdy gurdy player Oscar Fernández, one of the most important figures of the new folk scene and founder of the groups Os Cempés and Bonovo. Lastly, the prestigious soprano, Susana de Lorenzo, rounds out the group with her impressive singing technique full of emotion and varied harmonies. Listen

Ragnhild Furebotten : Never On A Sunday
In this solo project, the Norwegian fiddler joins together traditional music for fiddle with an ensemble of horn players in arrangements by two of the country's top jazzmen. Strong melodies and folk music create a combination of light madness, north Norwegian esprit and delicious Nordic melancholy.

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