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Most of our CDs have been imported from Europe or Asia. They are not all shrink-wrapped, and I am not going to con you by wrapping them here just to make you think they have been sterilized in America. I guarantee that the CDs and the contents are all brand new and in perfect condition. Whenever I can, I use recycled shipping materials. They may not look as pretty on the outside, but they save money and keep the trash dumps a little bit emptier.
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Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita
Clychau Dibon
From the RootsWorld review: "Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita connect two ancient musical traditions separated by a vast ocean on Clychau Dibon. Finch is an accomplished concert harpist who grew up on in a small village near Aberaeron on the shores of Cardigan Bay in Wales... Keita grew up in southern Senegal in the town of Ziguinchor on the Casamance River. His mother's family, the Cissokhos, are griots and his father is a descendant of Manding king Sundiata Keita... The interplay between both musicians is fascinating and remarkable... The cultures of Wales and Senegal may differ, but these artists share their musical histories with honesty and enthusiasm." The CD won numerous awards in 2013 and was worthy of them all. Highly recommended.


Faustino Santalices
Gravacions Historicas De Zanfona 1929-1949
Zanfona and bagpipe player Anton Seoane (of the Galician ensemble Milladoiro) put together this collection of historical recordings of the zanfona (hurdy gurdy). The album embraces all the work of Faustino Santalices and what he recorded from 1929 to 1949 including and two compositions that were only recently discovered.


Djanbutu Thiossane
Ass, Mass and Pap
Senegalese trio of singers Ass, Mass and Pap N'Diaye with a small ensemble


Pa vej
This Danish quartet plays in a Nordic style, but their influences are far ranging, with disparate roots in Scandinavia, North America, the Balkans and the Middle East. Using flute, vocal, violin, hardingfele, bouzuki, accordion, percussions, santur and joik, they create a new Nordic folk music.


Various artists
40 Years' Credibility: the history of KKV (4 CDs)
Norway's oldest and most influential independent label, KKV (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) celebrates its 40 years' anniversary by releasing a compilation of highlights from more than 5000 tracks of original recorded songs and compositions published throughout its lifetime; 4 CD's with 12 tracks from each decade. Artists include Bjørn Eidsvåg, Kari Bremnes, Sigvart Dagsland, Kenneth Sivertsen, Sondre Bratland, the choir SKRUK, Iver Kleive, Knut Reiersrud, Ketil Bjørnstad, Randi Stene, Ole Paus, Kata Cardenal (Nicaragua), Silvio Rodriguez (Cuba), Rim Banna (Palestine), Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat (Iran), Anita Skorgan, Povl Dissing (Denmark) and Carola (Sweden).


Arto Jarvela
On the Coast (Arto Plays the fiddle, Vol. 3)
The thrid in Arto Järvelä's series of fiddle solo recordings tracing the history of the music in Finland. 19 more tunes by the master musician. Notes in English as well as Finnish.


O Nino do Sol
The 2003 release by one of Spain's most influencial new roots ensembles continues their work of bringing the gaitas, zanfonas, harps, flutes, accordions, strings and percussion of their Galician tradition into the new century with style, grace and a fine ear.


Various artists
Real World 25 (3 CD set)
A RootsWorld Music of the Month selection, donated by Real World Records, and all proceeds go to suppport the magazine and radio program. 3 CDs, 38 tracks trace the rich and diverse history of one of the major 'world music' labels - from the polyphonic singing of Sardinia to the gospel music of Alabama; from modern Indo vocals experiments to the women of Finland, from traditional Tanzanian harps to global fusions fostered by Real World's studio encounters.


The second recording by this dynamic Danish roots mini-big band follows up their epic Hopsadaddy rather brilliantly, with more great brass, strings and reeds, some new attitude and solid musicianship, as expected.


Dwight Lamb, Jensen and Bugge
Live in Denmark 2013 (Part Two)
Since their first CD in 2010 the fairytale with Dwight Lamb has continued and has taken trio trio far and wide. Jensen & Bugge went to Quebéc to play at a festival and at a restaurant in town Mette started talking to a Scottish accordion player. He started telling her a story that he had heard at a festival in California: two young Scandinavian musicians found an old forgotten treasure of a folk music repertoire out on the Midwest prairie.


Rim Banna
The Mirrors of My Soul (US edition)
The Palestinian singer who gained global recognition as part of the Lullabies from the Axis of Evil project returns with a Norwegian band in a modern recording of Palestinian songs. It veers from emotionally charged, sparsely arranged songs to full-tilt pop-rock, and has the huge advantage of not allowing a drum machine within 4000 miles of the studio. As Arab pop goes, this is throughly unique.


YÖLARiiS is new folk music by Dan Svensson (percussion, melodeon, cittern, vocals, tenor banjo), Per Knagg (bass, vocals), Anna Elwing (vocals, fiddle, singing bowl) and Jens Ulvsand (bouzuki, vocals). Their music is defiantly modern and global, yet deeply imbued with the ancient melodies and rhythms of Sweden. highly recommended


Poetry and music of Ashiqs
Traditional music of Azerbaijan
Along with mugham, ashiq poetry and music constitute the major part of oral music heritage of the Azerbaijani culture. This CD represents some of the best of this music being made today. Your purchase of the CD supports RootsWorld, the magazine and radio show." It was donated by the label to help us ensure the futurre of both,


Les Ambassadeurs
Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako
A specially mastered double album compilation of the original 1975 - 1977 recordings by one West Africa's greatest bands, the one which first set Salif Keita on his road to worldwide success. Including tracks never released digitally or on CD before, also containing the first ever release of two recordings from the vaults of Radio Mali. The whole album reveals both the traditional and international side of this inspired band. In 1969 an ambitious army lieutenant, a key member of the new junta which had seized power only the previous year, decided that a band was needed to entertain customers at the Motel De Bamako, then a popular venue set in the shade of mango trees on the banks of the river Niger. With his patronage, a group coalesced and in 1972 it attracted guitarist Kanté Manfila, followed a year later by perhaps its most famous member, Salif Keita. The band took its job seriously. It is with great pleasure that Sterns are able to present this compilation of spe


Dino Saluzzi Group
El Valle de la Infancia
Argentine bandoneonist-composer-improviser Dino Saluzzi returns to his roots. Recorded in Buenos Aires, it's the first of his discs to feature his "family band" since 2005. Here Dino is heard with his brother Felix on tenor sax and clarinet, his son José María on guitars and nephew Matías on basses. Friends joining the party are 7-string guitarist Nicolás "Colacho" Brizuela and drummer Quintino Cinalli, brought in by Dino to gently expand the sense of freedom that informs his music. This is a RootsWorld Music of the Month CD donated by ECM Records. All proceeds go to suppport the magazine and radio program.


Ellika Solo Rafael
Swedish fiddler Ellika Frisell and Senegalese kora player Solo Cissokho expand to a trio with Mexican percussionist Rafael Sida Huizar on their latest acoustic gem.


Tales of Subliming
Somewhat of a departure from Zulya's previous albums, Zulya revisits the fairytales of her childhood, creating her most adventurous work to date. She explains, "Subliming has two meanings; turning from a solid into a gas instantaneously - like dry ice, or becoming finer, purer. There's often a transformation in fairy stories. They are about our journeys to achieve individuality in a symbolic form. Some say each of us identifies with our own fairy story or with a character from one. Tales of Subliming is a collection of vignettes from these characters' lives, little scenes from their journeys." Her vocals float above a musical backdrop that features brass arrangements (courtesy of newest band member Eamon McNelis); a Tom Waits inspired tuned and mallet percussion; plus newer sounds courtesy of percussion loops, manipulated piano tones and hurdy-gurdy. The end result sees Zulya breaking new sonic ground on her 2010 recording.


Stian Carstensen
Farmers Market
Norwegian, Bulgarian and Indian musicians find common ground in what they refer to as speed-Balkan-boogie.


Sofia Jannock
ᚚogáttis (by the embers)
The Swedish Sami singer will bring a number of references to mind, from the energy of Varttina to the jazzy sophistication of lena Willemark. But ultimately, she can stand on her own. This is her second recording, and its mix of sami roots, pop and jazz has many moods, from pure pop to complex new music. A fine singer, a great band and a willingness to experiement make this one well worth your consideration. Give her a listen.


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